Well, folks, it has finally happened. I have been undoubtedly banned from posting comments on the articles at Alex Jones’ Infowars.com website! I was wondering when this would happen. Lately, I have noticed some of the comments sections on particular articles have been closed completely, right from the moment the articles are published. This has been happening with greater frequency, lately, and this follows only a month or so after Alex Jones said, on his radio show, that “…we just might have to do away with the comments altogether.”

As you can see by the screen capture I made, if you’ve been banned, when you attempt to post, you will get a little message telling you “failed to add your comment.” As you can see, I had tried to add a comment under another article before trying again on this one. I got the same result on both, proving that it’s my particular email address that is triggering the “failure.”

Now, what you need to ask yourself is why is this happening? Why would Alex Jones be banning people from posting in the comments sections and closing some articles (like the recent one that was nothing more than a video of himself interviewing George Noory) to comments completely?

According to Jones, he “might have to do away with the comments” because he’s tired of the Secret Service allegedly coming to his office and harassing him about some of the comments posted. The trouble with this claim, though, is that no one, save for Alex Jones and his own staff, has any idea whether the Secret Service has actually been bothering to send agents to Alex Jones’ studio, in the first place. The only information we have on this is hearsay from Alex Jones himself.

Secondly, Jones claims these Secret Service visits are in response to comments about violent acts aimed at specific people, like President Obama. I find that a bit hard to believe, as I have never seen one such comment posted on Infowars by anyone in the last two years or so and I’ve been a fairly regular reader of all the articles there. I find it absolutely incredible that J.T. Coyote (not his real name), Alex Jones’ “moderator” and webmaster is able to delete these posts before they appear on the page when I have, myself, managed to post comments that expose Alex Jones as a fraud and these comments have somehow remained long enough to be seen by thousands of people before being deleted.

Censorship on the comments sections at Infowars has long been a complaint of many readers of Infowars.com and one of the common complaints has been the arbitrariness of the censoring. Even the most innocuous posts get deleted, sometimes, while posts containing the worst profanity remain. In fact, profanity and attacking other posters doesn’t seem to be criteria for being deleted at Infowars. Posting messages that counter the claims made in some of the articles, however, will definitely get your words deleted. I have had this happen to mine repeatedly, especially when I have posted comments exposing the fraud behind the phony “sovereignty movement” or the NWO shill Ron Paul. I’ve even had posts that I wrote exposing Lou Dobbs removed from articles that Infowars has posted in praise of Lou Dobbs. So, I know the deletions are political in nature and are not based upon profanity, “flaming,” or any other sort of behavior that would get one banned from other websites.