New Book On USS Liberty Due For Release





A new book, “Ship Without A Country” co-written by Mark Glenn and Victor Thorn of American Free Press Newspaper is finished and is off to the printers as we speak. It features interviews with over half a dozen of the survivors as they tell their harrowing tales of what took place that day as America’s only ‘ally’ in the region–the Jewish state–attacked the defenseless ship and murdered 34 of her sailors. Details on how to acquire the book will be forthcoming.


Dr. Manouchehr Ganji to PM Erdogan: Come Clean on the $18.5 Billion U. S. transferred to Turkey from Iran


August 1, 2009, 10:51

shirinneshatsarbazan01In the Name of My Father:

Dr. Manouchehr Ganji’s letter of July 31st to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, chronicles a most interesting event on the Iran/Turkish border, involving the Turkish customs authorities.

It seems that on October 7th, 2008, trucks containing $18.5 billion dollars/U. S., in one hundred dollar bills and 20 tons of gold, were delivered to the Ankara Customs Office.  The largesse was in transit from Iran through Turkey to a destination yet publicly unknown. 

Turkish independent television station Kanal D quotes Turkish lawyer Senol Ozel as stating that the $18.5 billion is legally owned by an Iranian named Esmael Saffarian-Nessab. Ozel describes his client as a “respected Iranian businessman [who] has transferred the money to Turkey through legal means.” 

Obvious questions abound.  Who really is Esmael Saffarian-Nessab?  Who is he working for?  Whose money is really being transited out of Iran?  For what final destination?  And what do Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and Turkish attorney Senol Ozel really know about all of this?  How many players are there, really, in the transfer of $18 billion U. S. across the Iranian-Turkish border?

http://mark1shirin1.wordpress.com/2009/08/01/dr-manouchehr-ganji-to-pm-erdogan-come-clean-on-the-18-5-billion-u-s-transferred-to-turkey-from-iran/   More


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Letter Written by: Mel Mason                                           13687-0801072759-Comply
Date of Letter: 2009-08-01
Subject: GovernmentIn the absence of any ability on the part of the congress people or the administration  to understand that they are restrained  by natural law as defined in the Constitution, and seeing as they are much more motivated to serve their masters than to serve the people, I feel we need to stop arguing with them, stop educating them on how to do their job and explaining to them that the law does not permit them to make decisions infringing on our liberties, that our bodies are our own, that our pursuit of happiness outweighs their greed for power, and they have no authority to violate our constitutional rights by imposing compulsory vaccinations, among many other things, and we stand in million part harmony , a single voice, a simple message, clear, concise and unmistakable, WE WILL NOT COMPLY! 


The Jackasses did it……HR 2749 the Seizure of the US food supply and production passed the House

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hungryman_deesThis is an original article: posted July 31, 2009

By Marti Oakley  https://ppjg.wordpress.com

Despite some really eloquent speeches to the contrary, our “for sale” House of Representatives passed the Food Fascism Act….euphemistically called a food safety act, by a margin of about 140 over the naysayer’s. 

True to form, Rosa DeLauro spoke about things she knows nothing about and couldn’t care less;  Rosa just loves her some Monsanto! 

And that exclusion for farms???  Gone!  And that includes you organic idiots who thought you had kissed enough behinds to have your industry excluded.

The newly revised bill that appeared overnight after the original was defeated 29th of July, now includes all those farms we were told would not be affected by this legislation.  Of course those big agri-corporations made out like bandits.  Biopiracy is going to have a profitable future thanks to the political whore’s in congress we call our representatives.  More

The Mujahedin-e-Khalq: The Peril of Paradox in American Middle East Policy

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by Mark Dankof


     One thing is abundantly clear about American policy in the Middle East–it is based on a series of paradoxical, internally contradictory goals and alliances which typically end in tragic results for friend and foe alike.

     Nowhere is this conundrum clearer than in the present U. S. quandary over the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK), or People’s Holy Warriors, as chronicled by Ed Blanche, Beirut correspondent for The Middle East, in that publication’s June 2009 issue.

     As Blanche capably summarizes what is known of the MEK, the organization was formed in Iran in 1965 by leftist students, subsequently adopting a “bizarre ideology that embraced by Islam and Marxism.”   The ideology soon became linked to urban revolutionary guerrilla violence.  In the final years of Pahlavi Iran, the MEK conducted a series of attacks and assassinations on American military and diplomatic personnel, as it sought the overthrow of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi.  

         The MEK joined forces with Khomeini’s revolutionaries in this ultimately successful effort, only to be expelled by the IRI regime itself in Tehran once its usefulness had expired after the Shah’s departure.  The MEK began to conduct guerrilla operations against the Mullahs as they had against the monarchy previously, with considerable success.  But the Mullahs applied a level of retaliatory force the “Islamic-Marxists” could not endure.  They fled to France, and later joined forces with Saddam Hussein against Iran in the 1980-1988 war between the Gulf rivals. More

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