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In the new and expanded edition of  Professor Michel Chossudovsky’s international bestseller, (The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order) the author outlines the contours of a new World Order which feeds on human poverty and the destruction of the environment, generates social apartheid, encourages ethnic strife, and undermines the rights of women. The result as, his examples from all parts of the world show so convincingly, is a globalization of poverty.


This book is a skillful combination of lucid explanations and cogently argued (forceful and convincing to the intellect and reason) critique of the fundamental directions in which our world is moving financially and economically.


In this second edition, which includes ten new chapters, the author reviews the causes and consequences of famine in the third world, dramatic meltdown of financial markets, the demise of state social programs and the devastation resulting from corporate downsizing and trade liberalization.


A lucid perception of his rationally persuasive logic should convince the reader, regardless of educational achievements, that the Global Bankers in control of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the various institutions of the Bretton Woods System have in fact constructed a global oligarchy of gigantic proportion and power.


Their amazing success has produced billions of people that are unaware of being unaware, and therefore intellectually impotent to construct a workable solution.


Since every thought, word, and event, previous to the present moment is history, it stands to reason that a lucid perception of history is a necessity for the cogent construction of productive corrections; consequently those who are unaware that some people have implemented events that are preventing previously profitable production and distribution methods from remaining profitable, are doomed to continuously pursue bankruptcy and more loss of freedom out of ignorance.


Ignorance is the natural state of not knowing something, and is preventable when reason is present. Therefore, deductive reasoning should precede action, and will enable an experienced person to construct a more applicable plan of action. The above has been learned by those who have studied the art of warfare, and proves that the enemy cannot be defeated without first knowing what he is doing.


Now, when the above is applied to the existing condition of the majority being unaware of the activities and plans of the global oligarchy, and their continued participation in unprofitable enterprise proves they are lacking in knowledge, one can only conclude that the greatest need at the present time is a global education program designed to expose who the real enemy is, and what they are doing.

The same solution is applicable to those citizens who continue to support the existing system of governance in America by their participation in voting.


Voting for representatives that represent the enemy has become a ludicrous admission of ignorance and a total lack of reason by those who participate, and prevents the construction of a workable solution to America’s problems. We simple cannot continue on the present course without becoming permanent economic slaves to the International Bankers Multi-National Corporations, as those who have absolute control of currency, commodities, the means of production and distribution, and global armies to enforce their laws, will forever remain in complete control of all real wealth, and therefore prevent any possible resistance.


Who can deny this condition is fast approaching the line of no return without making their ignorance known? The facts are undeniable, and in reality the uninformed are even aware they need more information, but don’t know where to find it, and lack the courage to look for fear of being accused of being un-American. How much closer could the total loss of freedom be, than to be afraid, and refuse to protect and preserve it?


Have we become so soft and inconsiderate of our children, that we are even afraid of becoming informed? Are we blind to the fact that the lifestyle we are willing to be slaves to preserve, are no longer obtainable, or sustainable?




There are presently hundreds, maybe thousands, of people working day and night on the internet with no other objective in life than to present information that is shamefully absent in the main-stream news media, without which few will ever figure out what is really happening in America, but alas they are unorganized and only keep the nation divided or confused. Each according to their separate view, are patriot’s to the core, but lack the humility to work together and correlate the result of their research into a sequential curriculum that is necessary to produce undeniable facts and easy comprehension.


There is also a sizeable amount of people with the objective of profiting by subscription in order to read their information, and their shame goes unnoticed. In addition, there are some of the most ignorant whackos on the internet; it’s embarrassing to call them citizens. However, there are also many who have intellects as high as heaven, research knowledge that is inexpressible and reading speed that is unbelievable. Sadly, most of them are subject to the same problem of lack of humility, and are unwilling to be part of a group dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of fact and fiction, then constructing a sequence of information that will enlighten the former residents of the land of the free, and of the home of the brave.


Dear readers, if you still believe that freedom is not free, and are willing to learn what happened to your beloved Nation, I will give you the addresses to find the truth, but believing it is up to your ability to compare what you learn, to what you can plainly see, and those who won’t try, will never be a real American.

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