Will Arizona’s HRC2014 Really Protect Anyone from Nationalized Healthcare?

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In reading about Arizona’s new HRC2014, which would allegedly protect Arizonans from being forced to accept nationalized health care, it occurred to me to check the verbiage of the actual bill as introduced into the Arizona state legislature.

The actual wording of the bill seems innocuous enough on the surface, but there is one troubling word in it that keeps nagging at me: “lawful.” In the original text of the bill are the words “lawful healthcare services,” which the document fails to define. More

What Alex Jones & Infowars Don’t Want You to Know About the “Sovereignty Movement” – Addendum


In yesterday’s article, exposing the deliberate policy of Alex Jones and Infowars to promote the phony “sovereignty movement,” I said that I would show you links to my Infowars comments, but for the fact that they’d been deleted.

Well, this morning, I made screen captures of a conversation I had begun last night with another commenter to the article on Sarah Palin and the Alaskan “sovereignty” resolution, which concluded this morning with some very revealing comments that prove the points I made in my article that (1) Jones and crew regularly practice censorship on the comments sections and that (2) others are in agreement with me on the “sovereignty” issue and they have been silenced by Infowars, as well.

Here are the screen captures, showing the relevant posts in the conversation. There is some overlap of the images, in order to get it all in and maintain the proper context. Meanwhile, for those who would rather see the actual article on Infowars and read everything that was said there, here is the link to that, as well.

Screen Capture #1

Screen Capture #2

Screen Capture #3

Screen Capture #4

Screen Capture #5

Marti Oakley, a guest on Truth Farmer with Doreen Hannes

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 This week on Truth Farmer, with Doreen Hannes, we’ll try to get through what I was hoping to get through last week, that being the facts versus fiction and the real truth on HR 2749, which is the Food Safety Enhancement Act offered up (truly) by the same Congressman who brought you the Cap and Trade Act, Congressman Henry Waxman of California.

 Our guest for the trip through this legislation is going to be Marti Oakley, who has gone through the bill and all the statutes that it proposes to amend so that she has a true understanding of the ramifications and points of concern about this bill. Marti has been a very active and vocal opponent of all things Big Brother and has a website just loaded with information and her articles. You can go to http://www.ppjg.wordpress.com/> and spend a month or so there!

Please do join us and feel free to call in to (646) 727-2652 after the first half hour as we welcome all input and discussion about  the destruction of this nation and how we can go about reclaiming and standing for our Freedom.

 Click on the links below to hear Truth farmer on Tuesday from 12pm CST to 2pm CST:



Feel Free to call in! The number is (646) 727-2652. Thank you!

Doreen Hannes

Also check out http://www.newswithviews.com for my articles on the National Animal Identification system and from other excellent researchers on many topics affecting your freedom…also my blog,


“It’s dangerous to be right when your government is wrong”==Voltaire

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