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“We have an opportunity with this bill…….”  says Rosa DeLauro

And here’s the opportunity she is really speaking about:  The bills DeLauro supports or has authored do absolutely NOTHING to secure our food supply.  What she is really advocating is the creation of a police state agency given the right to circumvent the Constitution and its protections and civil liberties.  These bills are nothing more than a legislative land grab and the overtaking of US agriculture to benefit multi-national corporations and international agreements that are neither Constitutional nor legal.  What Ms. DeLauro makes clear in this interview is that her loyalties lay in places other than the US. “


She cites  “$134 million food center field activity (enforcement) is being spent.”

DeLauro claims there is a food safety crisis……….she never mentions that crisis occurs in processing, imports that go uninspected and the failure of either USDA or FDA to meet even their most minimal basic functions according to the inspector general’s report.  She does however mention the spinach contamination but never mentions the USDA showing up at those farms delaying shipment of the spinach resulting in the product exceeding its shelf lfe.  No reason given.

She mentions the peanut debacle but fails to mention that the head of Georgia Peanut Co. was a sitting member of the USDA peanut quality control board. 

She brings up the jalapeno pepper contamination but never mentions that these came from Mexico and that USDA, nor Ms. DeLauro made any move to quarantine or halt any further imports from Mexico or that the federal FDA was unable to pin down the source of the contamination.  That contamination was identified by Minnesota.

And of course…CHINA!  China is never mentioned although the list of contaminated and lethal products the US has received and distributed from China, all without inspection…..fills page after page.  Not one word about blocking imports from China, or penalizing them in any way.

DeLauro and Collin Peterson, (according to DeLauro), are intending to make NAIS madatory.  Quoting the skewed and manipulated USDA report figures, DeLauro claims increases in profits of up to 214% for producers.  This claim is nothing less than created statistics that have no relevance or resemblance to the truth.  These bills will cost small producers and growers while pandering to corporate industrialized farms and CAFO’s.  

From the report:

Given the USDA’s own finding that costs increase as herd size decreases, the study’s choice of categories obscures the real costs to small operations.

The USDA’s recently released cost-benefit analysis contains numerous gaps, false assumptions, and misleading tactics that severely underestimate the costs of NAIS to small farmers, individuals with a few animals, and taxpayers. The study also improperly compares the benefits that will accrue to a small handful of corporations to the costs that will be borne by millions of individuals.

  1. The study manipulates the categorizations to disguise the costs to small farmers, homesteader, and other individuals with a few animals. For example, in estimating the costs for beef cattle, the study uses six categories, based on the number of cattle on the farm, and estimates the costs for producers in each category.8 The first category includes operations that have anywhere from 1 to 49 head of cattle, and encompasses 585,050 operations, or 77% of the total number of operations. There is no valid statistical reason to create a single category with that many operations, while dividing the remaining 23% of operations among six different categories. Moreover, this approach is not consistent with the USDA Census, which separately counts operations with 1-9 head, operations with 10-19 head, and operations with 20-49 head. In other words, the research team had the data available to estimate costs for smaller categories and simply chose not to. (end)

DeLauro says she is in the business of protecting the industry.  She also claims that failing to comply with NAIS or the fake food safety bills will result in countries NOT accepting imports from the US. 

This is good news!  The US does not currently produce enough beef to feed the people of the US…..why in the world would we be exporting any food product that is needed here? 

DeLauro inaccurately assumes that since she is a globalist and a promoter of global economics, we must all be.  She seems not to realize that out here on Main Street, we already figured out that globalism does nothing but destabilize our economy, destroy our manufacturing base, decrease wages, and reduce the quality of life for all of us.  And now they are after our food production and supply.

I personally do not care if other countries won’t buy our beef or other products…..we dont’ need them…they need us.  The idea they would not accept exports from us unless we submit to this globalist plan for eradication of American agriculture is ludicrous. 

Ms. DeLauro needs to find a new source of employment.  I hear Monsanto is always looking………………..

(C) 2009 Marti Oakley