Rep. DeLauro…..please go away

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hr_dees  Holy vultures!  I just listened in to this interview by DeLauro on this Agri-pulse site.  It occurs to me the people running that outfit believe the same things DeLauro and a bunch of these other fascists believe…..they think we are all too stupid to figure out what they are up to.

Don’t we have some kind of laws to protect us from these people?  Who the heck is in charge here?  Us? Them?  Seems only the Dark Shadow knows for sure!

Gave myself nightmares last night by reading through HR 875……DeLauro’s pet project.  Whose side is that woman on?  Then, in what had to be some subconscious act of masochism…..I read the new Dingel/Waxman bill HR 2749.  The only question that came to mind was, “Why do these people hate us and our country so much???”

As someone far more knowledgeable than me said once upon a time…………”I have seen sh** loaded on wagons, spread on fields and shoveled out of barns and I always knew I was looking at sh**.”  

I feel the same way……I knew reading through those bills I was looking at huge mountainous, steaming, reeking piles of sh**. 

I can only wonder now……do we actually pay these people to do this stuff to us? 

Glenda O

Rosa DeLauro……A staged interview on Agri-pulse



Scroll to the bottom of the page to hear DeLauro in her canned interview at the above listed link.

“We have an opportunity with this bill…….”  says Rosa DeLauro More

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