Think you can trust the government to protect you from bioterrorism?  Watch this video, loaded with facts and documents showing nothing could be further from the governments intent. Read the timeline provided for the video to see what has and is happening under the guise of “government protection”.   Marti


timeline of content

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In lies we trust – video by Dr. Len Horowitz

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11:48 New wars on diseases and terrorism provides economic stability without traditional war.

New wars keep growing populations manageable and large corporations in business.
Functions of war are necessary for political, economic, and social progress.

13:30 Report from Iron mountain (Henry Kissenger and David Rockefeller):

“The functions of war are essential to survival of social systems we know today”

“A viable political substitute for war must posit a generalized external menace to each society of a nature and degree sufficient to require the organization and acceptance of political authority”

14:00 Substitutes for war and population control:

A way to control populations without destroying expensive infrastructures, as in past world wars.

The Iron mountain report suggested economic substitutes for war:

A comprehensive social welfare program, and a giant open ended space research program.

An omni-present international police force (united nations), and the global war on terrorism (including a fictitious enemy)

Social control through a modern sophisticated form of slavery.

Ecological bio-terrorism, and human genetic destruction, was also recommended in the report by the think tank (Henry Kissenger, David Rockefeller).

“A comprehensive program of applied eugenics” Genenetic Culling and Killing.

16:04 Jim Marrs – Corporate control of the state. Socalism and Facism to benefit corporations. “National Socialism” (facism is corporatism).

27:10 Cancer viruses in Vaccines kill slowly and result in costly pharmecueticals and health care (very lucrative and profitable).

GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) are another vehicle to make the population sick (and generate business for the medical industry).

28:25 Biological weapons (weaponized viruses) used as cover.

Chemical and biological intoxication allow for plausible deniability.

27:40 Command and control warfare (C2W).

The use of new methods of control may run contrary to American values. The media has been used to change those values; to accept new wars and methods of conducting war.

Biological weapons are key to plausible deniability.

33:00 Medical professionals part of C2W without even knowing it.

Hazing process by medical schools (called professional training), where medical interns are deprived of sleep, is a standardized mind control technique.

This results in a high trauma stress-based training process for medical doctors.
Interns become highly trained “EGO-centric” professionals

33:39 Medical doctors indoctrinated through the mind control technique of sleep deprivation. i.e. 48 hour shifts while in medical training.

35:00 Rockefeller monopolized American medicine and public health by the 1930’s.

In 1940Abraham Flexner “Autocrat of the moneybags”( time magazine) worked for the Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations in an effort to extend their medical monopoly in .

35:40 In 1940 Rockefeller sets out to eliminate alternative practioners (competition) such as naturopathy, chiropractic, massage, etc.

36:00 Control over medical education
summary – how the Pharmecutical industry took control of health care.

37:30 Historical American government medical experimentation on its own people without their knowledge or consent.

Example shown: Rockefeller Institute’s Puerto Rican Cancer experiment. Subjects were injected with cancer viruses.

38:25 Vioxx – Merck – resultant deaths

39:00 History of Fort Detrick and current role. Fort was a major biological research facility which created thousands of mass produced bioterrorizing cancer causing viruses and germs for the burgeoning cancer industry.

40:22 Document: List of cancer causing viruses and germs produced at for the cancer industry.

40:36 The first Polio vaccines produced in contaminated (with the cancer causing SV-40 virus) monkey kidney tissues were being injected into millions of people worldwide.

The SV-40 virus was known to cause cancer into every species which injected.

41:18 SCVP – Special Cancer Virus Program established in 1962.

41:27 Document: List of cancer viruses and other viruses developed by 1971

42:15 President Nixon announces that the bio-weapons reasearch facility would be shut down.

Nixon lied .

The budget for this facility was actually increased and weapons were not destroyed as promised. The public was misled regarding the risks surrounding .

44:00 Dr. Cono (government media spokeswoman) is shown to be part of the misinformation program used today.

46:15 New field of Retrovirology – Aids like and Cancer viruses developed.

Technological shift in production from infectious diseases to immunological attackers using cancer viruses manufactured in labs (around 1969) for warfare and population control.

47:00 William C Patrick – Anthrax developer and propagandist exposed.

48:23 Possibility of spraying infectious diseases on populations a reality.

49:00 In 1971 becomes the head of the National Cancer Institute in . The Headquarters for the war on cancer. The most lucrative war ever.

50:00 Documents: Never declassified congressional records.

In 1969 the Department of Defence requested 10 million dollars to create viruses which were identical to HIV\AIDS descriptively and functionally.

This was 15 years before the contested discovery of the aids virus by Dr. Gallo.

51:00 In 1969 Dr. Gallo oversaw Litton Bionetics, the United States Army’s 6th leading bioweapons contractor.

Litton Biontecs is a subsidiary of Litton Industries.

Litton Bionetics oversaw all administration for the National Cancer Institute (NCI) programs at .

52:02 Bioweapons could be made to target specific races and ethnic groups

52:09 ’s Sudden cancer focus was part of a depopulation plan.

52:25 In 1969 Litton Industries received contracts to develop AIDS like and EBOLA like viruses.

Dr. Gallo claimed to discover the Aids virus in 1984, even though he developed it in 1969.

52:58 Dr. Gallo created the AIDS virus 15 years before being credited for its discovery in 1984

53:12 CBC Canada interview of Dr. Len Horowitz (by reporter sounding like Barbara From)

55:27 Confrontation of Dr. Gallo by Dr. Len Horowitz at an AIDS conference being held in .

Documents shown onscreen to discredit Dr. Gallo’s responses (lies) at this conference.

59:55 Documents showing how Aids emerged on two far removed continents in Black Africans and gay New Yorkers by 1978.

These were precisely the same populations that received the first Hepatitis B vaccines. These vaccines were produced in Litton Bionetics chimpanzees just 4 years earlier.

1:00:18 Dr. Johnathan Mann (The Aids Czar for the World Health Organization):

Just after Dr. Horowitz confronted Dr. Gallo , Dr Mann quit his position at the World Health Organization and stated:

“Far more than a medical problem, Aids is a socio-political imposition”

1:00:45 Dr. Horowitz: “ generally trusted vaccines; the sacred cow of public health; given mostly to our nations youth; said to have contributed most to conquering infectious diseases; are alternatively the world’s worst curse and nightmare”.

101:11 NCI (National Cancer Institute) traded bio-weapons technology to Russians for Cancer induction etc.

103:00 Serge Popov (former Russian scientist) is interviewed . “turned immune system into a killer”

107:30 Symptoms of disease are untraceable to designer viruses.

109:00 Anthrax. Bio-terror propagandist Ken Allibek(not sure of spelling) A.K.A Dr. Lebekov (not sure of spelling) writes books to spread fear.

110:00 150,000 soldiers vaccinated with the Anthrax vaccine.

In the 1980’s the department of commerce authorized the transfer of Anthrax to via the American Type Culture collection corporation, part of the Carlyle group (Donald Rumsfeld).

1:11:25 Weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and coverup:

The military did not “just suspect” that possessed biological and chemical WMD, they knew possessed these agents because they were shipped from the by the Carlyle group.

1:12:53 General Schwarzkopf denies any knowledge of biological or chemical weapons in .

1:13:17 General Schwarzkopf then contradicts himself and lies about munitions found in bunkers in .

1:14:10 Video footage taken by soldiers in of munitions found in bunkers.

Munitions, biological and chemical weapons shown clearly labelled in English with source of origin in , , and .

The soldiers were ordered to destroy the bunkers to remove any evidence that international laws were broken.

1:16:57 The only soldiers not forced to take the anthrax vaccine cocktail were the French soldiers by order of the French Commander-in-chief.

Not one French soldier suffered from Gulf War Syndrome.

1:17:59 American soldiers were used for experimentation with the anthrax vaccine.

1:18:07 Respiratory illnesses are spreading across the globe due to an agent called MYCOPLASMA.

Chronic fatigue, low body temperature, and recurring flu like illness are symptoms.

Mycoplasma is a patent agent , which was patented by the United States Armed Forces Institute of pathology .

1:18:38 Document: Mycoplasma contaminated the anthrax vaccines given to the soldiers

1:19:00 Experimentation on prisoners with biological agents including mycoplasma by the of medicine. George H.W. Bush was on the Board of Directors.

1:21:08 The terms Vaccination and Immunization successfully confused by government and industry.

Health officers and professionals acting as propagandists want the public to think that vaccinations prompt natural immunity.

Immunizations and vaccinations are not the same.

Immunizations are the body’s response to natural exposures to foreign proteins.

Vaccinations are injections of foreign DNA, RNA, and proteins that may prompt allergies and autoimmune diseases from bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, bovine fetal serum, monkee kidney tissues, toxic metals, mercury and aluminum, MSG, and corpse preservatives formaldehyde and formalin.

1:22:27 The side effects of vaccines

1:22:50 Dr. William Patrick 3rd and Dr. Levekov profiled (anthrax propagandists)

1:23:25 An ABC news broadcast dealing with public fears about anthrax was just an infomercial for CIPRO.

CIPRO was produced by Bayer, and the FDA only endorsed CIPRO for treatment against anthrax even though many other antibiotics could be used.

At the time, Bayer was on the verge of bankruptcy. After the ABC news broadcast , sales of CIPRO were enourmous.

1:25:19 Approximately 30,000 people in the area purchased CIPRO after viewing the news report on ABC.

Within 6 months, 90% of people who took CIPRO suffered brain damage. Some irreversibly.

1:30:58 Bioport was found negligent in vaccine quality control in anthrax vaccine production. Bioport has banking and terrorist ties and is untrustworthy.

1:32:29 “Bio-terrorism used to generate fear and financial rewards”

1:32:57 “This reality check implicates our governments most powerful agencies in a conspiracy to commit murder, treason, military industrial sabotage and bioterrorism. A profitable media supported form of genocide”

1:33:21 Dr. Conno’s (Government spokeswoman) primary expert testimony on the history of bioterrorism comes from the two men most suspiciously linked to the deadly anthrax mailings.

1:36:15 National security memorandum #46

A specific genocidal campaign administered by the CIA to target black nationalists and other target groups, not “terrorist groups” in .

Part of the Kisinger/Rockefeller population policies

137:18 Eugenics – a population control protocol funded by anglo-american ruling elite.

1:39:30 Document: A biological weapons experimentation license granted by the American congress to researchers under contract to a military or intelligence organization, including the CIA and DARPA.

The only thing required to conduct offensive biological warfare experimentation on the public without informed consent ; is the secret notification of Congress in a classified report, along with a civilian official sworn to secrecy.

1:40:00 History of tests carried out in the 1950’s and 1960’s on populations in the San Francisco, New York , Pennsylvania areas and elsewhere.

Targeting of black people.

1:42:31 Major epidemics and outbreaks and recent avian flu frights, are always linked to major socio-political upheaval.

“These are socio-political impositions not nature’s curses”

Today, cancer and aids epidemics, obesity poisonings, explosive diabetes and heart disease rates are all man-made, politically contrived, financially triggered and sustained.

1:43:10 “ When you gain your intelligence from mainstream news sources, this mainly results from news tips or news sources generated by people or companies in business aiming to make a profit from each fright.”

1:43:42 The avian flu fright most benefited Donald Rumsfeld, secretary of defense, and Chairman of

Gilead Sciences inc. which developed and now licenses TAMIFLU.

Rumsfeld is also CEO of Searle, which is the producer of aspartame, controversially approved by the FDA.

1:46:00 The inherited all of ’s bio-weapons secrets at the end of World war 2.

Kuru (mad cow disease virus) was one of those agents, and was listed on the National Cancer Institutes studies list. Kuru was later renamed Prion.

1:46:35 Carltton Gajusek was credited with isolating Kuru. Prion (renamed Kuru) was responsible for mad cow disease.

This agent (kuru) was created in , and was later studied by the National Cancer Institute (see document shown); and now has become part of a worldwide plague.

1:48:00 Labratories developing bio-weaponized diseases are operating secretively, with minimal security and inadequate safety procedures within populated centers.

1:49:32 Government propaganda insinuates that a plague affecting the general population should be expected soon. Terrorists will be blamed.

The government expects you to get vaccinated. The government is pinning the responsibility for disease prevention on the public, by taking profitable and risky vaccines.

1:50:00 The politicians are turning a blind eye to serial slayings, mass murder, and have set nearly everyone up to be ill, or killed.

1:50:16 Documentation showing leukemia virus developed and tested by the National Cancer Institute; which can be distributed via aerosol.

“The laws relating to the release of such agents don’t really protect you anymore from experiments…”

1:52:18 FEMA guide to citizen preparedness.

Dr. Horowitz: “ Getting vaccinated against a bio-weapon not yet known to exist, and not yet released is not prudent, or even reasonable”.

“These recommendations are insane.”

1:53:00 History of Smallpox used as a weapon.

1:55:09 “contrary to popular belief…, the smallpox vaccine did little to eradicate smallpox worldwide”

The smallpox sham has been documented by the Vaccination Liberation Organization. This document is called Smallpox Alert, and can be found online at

The same officials and private industry interests that promoted the anthrax vaccine, tried to corner the market on smallpox.

1:56:07 HHS (United States Department of Health and Human Services) secretary Tommy Thomson(at that time) collaborated with the profiteers , by making the smallpox vaccine required by every American ; starting with health care workers and emergency responders.

There was no scientific justification the vaccines would be effective against any modern form of genetically engineered smallpox.

1:57:00 Smallpox vaccines are made using cow puss as the active ingredient.

1:57:17 Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers.(cause internal and external bleeding).

1:58:14 These viruses Subject of much filming and bio-terror hype.

1:59:18 “The mother of the Ebola virus is the Marburg virus, that first “broke out” in three vaccine production facilities, in three different parts of the world simultaneously in 1967”.

1:59:35 The monkey supplier for the vaccine production facilities was Litton Bionetics, a leading bio-weapons contractor for the military and the CIA by 1969 (see document).

1:59:51 Litton Bionetics negligence and liability for any outbreak was not addressed due to the firm’s military and whitehouse influence.

2:00:22 – 2:09:13 Voice of Dr Maurice Hilleman (Merck Company chief) in a censored interview with Dr. Edward Shorter at the public broadcasting station WGBH. Voices and comments of production staff can be heard in the background.

2:02:14 Hilleman: “I brought African greens (monkeys) in. I didn’t know we were importing Aids virus at the time”

2:02:21 Production Staff: “It was you who introduced Aids virus in the country”

2:02:29 Production staff: “this is the real story”

2:02:31 Production staff: “What Merck won’t do to develop a vaccine”

2:03:18 Subtext: All vaccines contain foreign DNA, RNA, and proteins that may prompt allergies and autoimmune diseases from bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, bovine fetal serum, monkee kidney tissues, toxic metals, mercury and aluminum, MSG, and corpse preservatives formaldehyde and formalin.

2:04:21 Subtext: Hilleman realized the discovery of these “vaculating viruses” by Bernice Eddy and Sarah Stewart foreshadowed pandemic cancer.

2:05:00 “Doing massive field trials”

2:05:05 Subtext: Initally millions of Russians, later millions of Americans, were infected with cancer viruses contained in polio vaccines.

2:06:10 Subtext: quoting Hilleman: “There were 40 different viruses in these vaccines” not all inactivated.

2:06:27 Hilleman: “ Yellow fever vaccine had leukemia virus in it”

2:06:40 Hilleman: “ This virus may have some long term effects…Cancer”

2:06:51 Dr. Shorter(laughing): “I love it”

2:07:00 Subtext: This initiated the global cancer pandemic more than anything else.

2:07:14 Hilleman: “We would win the Olympics because the Russians would all be loaded down with tumors.” “This is where the vaccine was being tested.”

2:07:22 Subtext: This is the Original soundtrack. Laughter(heard in background) not added.

2:07:38 Dr. Shorter (conducting the interview) is currently Chairman of the Department of Medical History at the University of Toronto.

2:07:54 Hilleman: “We had no press release on it. Obviously, you don’t go out [ to tell this truth.] This is a scientific affair within the scientific community.”

2:08:20 Archive footage showing the media hailing the polio vaccine as a medical breakthrough.

2:08:49 Dr. Albert Sabin (polio vaccine pioneer): “There was too much of a show, too much , too much exaggeration…. The impression given in 1954 was that the problem had been solved, that polio had been conquered.”

2:09:00 Hilleman: “ We knew [SV40] was in our [vaccine culture] seed – stock….it was good science at the time”

SV40 is a cancer virus.

2:09:13 Subtext: Conflicting interests: The Merck Drug Company received a lion’s share of the Nazi warchest at the time company president, George W. Merck, was America’s biological weapons industry director.

2:09:27 Horowitz: “Despite Aids and Leukemia suddenly becoming pandemic due to “wild viruses” , Hilleman said “this was good science at that time.”

2:09:45 Horowitz: “So imagine, what bad science might lead to. Science directed for profit and population control, by the military, medical, petro-chemical, and pharmaceutical cartel.”

2:12:13 (misleading media) The bestselling book: :” The Hot Zone” by author Richard Preston.

Richard Preston was paid by the Arthur Sloane foundation;(among the cancer industry’s largest benefactors, intimately tied to the Rockefeller family’s influence) to present easily proven deceptions.

In Preston’s book he states that Ebola emerged and developed from a deep dark cave in southern .

The fact is that this location was very close to where Litton Bionetics labs operated testing these precise agents on native Africans.

2:13:02 Document: Experiments by Litton Bionetics starting in 1965 and ending in 1970; precisely timed for the first Marburg virus outbreak.

Infected monkeys were used to produce vaccines leading to the outbreak.

Since that time every or Ebola virus outbreak has been associated with bio-weapons lab accident or intentional release for terrorism’s objectives: political or financial gain.

2:13:52 (misleading media) In the book “The coming plague” the author neglects Litton Bionetics links to disease and dismisses the CIA biological weapons contributions(as though on the Rockefeller payroll).

2:14:34 The genetic sequence of the 1975 strain of the Marburg virus outbreak was essentially identical to the 1968 strain, causing many scientist to suspect foul play by the CIA.

2:14:52 (misleading media) Steven Segal produced the movie “The Patriot”.

This movie intentionally misused Dr. Horowitz’s information published in his books, and confused the public’s perception of Dr. Horowitz; by spinning his character with an admitted CIA operative named Larry Wayne Harris.

Larry Wayne Harris was exposed by Dr. Horowitz in the late 1990’s as a bio-terrorist threatening the public’s health. Harris was later arrested for acquiring anthrax spores.

2:15:40 urged by government to produce patriotic war movies shortly after the attack on pearl harbour on December 7, 1941. This was to encourage the public to fulfil their duty to the country.

2:16:10 Movies were used as a propagandist tools;To impress upon the soldiers what they were fighting for. Special camps were set up for soldiers where they could view these movies 24 hours a day.

2:17:07 Official Hearing on communisum in Hollywood.

2:19:50 A new global religion: “Hollywoodism”

2:20:20 “Hollywoodism is the ruling idealism of our culture”

2:23:17 Horowitz: “So if the goal is to reduce excess populations, as foreign affairs journal advertisement says; (then) we need more wars, including our government’s war on terrorism. We need to inject more people, especially black people with infectious diseases.”

This is why they equate vaccines with high quality health. Why they plug CIA agents as health experts.

Why they (Human and Health Services, government, pharmaceutical industry) need to reinforce, reiterate and convince you that they are an accurate and reliable resource, when it is precisely that they are not.