(Al Bawaba URL post on Corsi/Dankof appearance on Ariamehr TV (Los Angeles) on June 21st.  Photos included.)

Dr. Jerome Corsi and Mark Dankof will be the guests of Sarbazan’s Shirin Neshat on the Los Angeles-based Ariamehr TV show.
The telecast will air live on Sunday, June 21st, on the  Internet television network.  The broadcast time is 11 am to 1 pm Pacific/1 pm to 3 pm Central/2 pm to 4 pm Eastern time.
Dr. Corsi has an earned Ph. D. from Harvard University, is a correspondent with World Net Daily, and has authored the best seller Atomic Iran.  Mark Dankof is the host of Mark Dankof’s America on the Republic Broadcasting Network, and is an occasional guest contributor to the American Free Press.  A past activist in the Republican Party, Mr. Dankof was the Constitution Party’s candidate in the U. S. Senate race in Delaware in 2000.  His father, the late Colonel Karl E. Dankof (USAF-ret.), was a director of logistics for Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi’s Imperial Iranian Air Force in the 1970s