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Speech: A Gathering for Freedom and Liberty
06-17-2009 7:31 pm – Wallace
Text of Speech by John Wallace – delivered at the Albany Tea Party’s “March on Albany” Rally, at the State Capitol in Albany, New York on June 16, 2009

I want to thank the members of the Albany Tea Party for giving me the opportunity to say a few words at this great gathering for Freedom and Liberty. Our country’s Founders told us that Governments get their just powers from the consent of the governed and whenever the government becomes destructive of these ends, it is not only the people’s Right, but it is their Sacred Duty to change the government, and that includes the dysfunctional New York State Government.

My fellow citizens, although some foreign countries and terrorists groups do indeed pose serious threats to our country and our state, in 2009 the greatest threats to our freedoms and liberties are not coming from them, but rather, they are coming from within our own country; from our federal government and from our New York State government, because they no longer represent us. That is why we have come here today from all parts of the state, from all walks of life and from all political parties and views: TO RECLAIM OUR FREEDOMS AND LIBERTIES.

The America people, including those of us who live here in New York State, are losing our freedoms and liberties because of corrupt politicians, political correctness, a lack of basic common sense by our leaders, as well as the negative influence of special interest groups who are pushing their questionable agendas upon New Yorkers and the rest of the American people from a hundred different directions at once.

In 1863, Abraham Lincoln, described our nation as “a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. I’m afraid that is no longer true. In 2009, we now have federal government and a New York State government of the special interest groups, by the special interests groups, and for the special interest groups.

To those New York State and federal elected officials who may be listening out there today, “We The People” have some demands to present to you today:

We demand FREEDOM FROM CORRUPT ELECTED OFFICIALS who accept millions of dollars in bribes from Special Interest groups every year.

We demand FREEDOM FROM THE INVASION OF ILLEGAL ALIENS that costs the American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars every year. We demand that New York State cut off the honey pot of welfare and free medical care that attracts illegal aliens to our State and is bankrupting us; that you mandate employers use an E-verify system in NY and we also demand that you never issue illegal aliens’ drivers’ licenses.

We demand FREEDOM FROM ELECTION FRAUD. We demand an honest and verifiable election process that produces a permanent, verifiable paper record of the peoples’ votes. We demand that the New York State Legislature repeal its motor-voter laws that enable non-citizens and illegal aliens to vote in our elections.

We demand FREEDOM FROM A MULTI-LINGUAL SOCIETY by passing legislation designating English as the official language of the United States and New York State with all official government documents, including ballots, printed in English only; for it is our common language that unifies us and will preserve us as one nation.

We demand FREEDOM FROM THE COLLECTION OF RACIAL AND ETHNIC DATA ABOUT US THAT IS USED TO SEPARATE US INTO GROUPS, (by NYS and the federal government) much the same as Hitler did in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. We no longer ask people about their religion; why do we still ask about their race and ethnic background? We the People should not longer be classified as white-New Yorkers or black-New Yorkers: for We are just New Yorkers; We should no longer be classified as black-Americans or Hispanic Americans; for We are just Americans!

We demand FREEDOM FROM THE ATTACKS ON FAMILY FARMERS and private organic food growers through heavy handed overregulation of our water and food supplies for the benefit of big corporations who for some reason remain exempt. We do not need a National or a New York State Animal Identification System and the use of GROWTH HORMONES and GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS should be BANNED IN NEW YORK and the rest of the country because they are Dangerous to our health.

We demand FREEDOM FROM DESTRUCTIVE INTERNATIONAL TRADE AGREEMENTS like NAFTA AND CAFTA that have resulted in the loss of many thousands of jobs in New York State and millions of jobs across the country. These agreements have destroyed the once strong manufacturing base in New York, and the rest of America as well.

We demand FREEDOM FROM THE ENDLESS CYCLE OF WAR. Only Congress has the Power…To declare War,” but no Congress has declared war since December 8th, 1941, the day after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. The U.S. Congress did not declare war on North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Grenada, Lebanon, Somalia, Haiti, Panama, Serbia or Bosnia. Since World War II, over 115,000 U.S. military personnel have died and many hundreds of thousands more wounded in undeclared wars and so-called peacekeeping missions to enforce mandates of the United Nations.

We demand FREEDOM FROM THE UNITED NATIONS AND FROM THOSE WHO ARE PUSHING FOR A NEW WORLD ORDER, who seek to destroy our national sovereignty through international treaties and agreements. We not only demand that America get out of the UN; we also demand that the UN get out of New York and America.

We demand FREEDOM FROM UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND EXCESSIVE TAXATION at all levels of government. Its time to repeal the unconstitutional Income tax as well as the outrageous School Taxes in New York.

We demand FREEDOM FROM OUT OF CONTROL GOVERNMENT SPENDING. Its time that our New York State and federal governments do what the rest of us have to do: Don’t spend more than you take in.

We demand FREEDOM FROM THE INCESANT ATTACKS ON OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS including recent attacks right here in Albany County. Thomas Jefferson told us that the main reason for the people to keep and bear arms was not to defend themselves against some foreign power, but to protect themselves against tyranny by their own government. Law abiding American citizens have a right to keep and bear arms. It is a fundamental, individual Constitutional right that we will defend with our lives. YOU WILL NOT TAKE OUR GUNS!

We demand FREEDOM FROM ATTACKS ON OUR INDIVIDUAL PRIVACY AND FROM A REAL ID CARD. We do not want the New York State government, in the name of security, to imbed radio frequency ID chips in our driver’s licenses to tag and track us like animals.

We demand FREEDOM FROM THE DRUGGING OF 6 MILLION OF OUR CHILDREN EVERY DAY FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY. 10% of all 6-18 year old boys in the United States are currently on psychotropic drugs like Ritalin for attention deficit disorders, despite the fact that there is no independent, scientifically accepted valid test for these disorders.

We demand FREEDOM FROM AN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM that de-emphasizes academic knowledge and has dumbed-down our children to a point where many of them can’t find America on a world map, but they know how to put a condom on a cucumber. The present system in New York State, and the rest of the country, is designed for INDOCTRINATION, not EDUCATION.

Here in New York, the parents need School Vouchers, School Choice and Homeschool support to ensure that our children have a better chance to learn and become more productive members of society. We give the unconstitutional Federal Department of Education a failing grade of “F” and demand that it be abolished. And to the NYS Department of Education: We are putting you on notice.

We demand FREEDOM FROM THE PRIVATE CONTROL OF OUR NATION’S MONEY SUPPLY. In Our Constitution, the people of the United States granted Congress the power to coin Money and regulate its Value. We never gave a private group of international bankers on the Federal Reserve Board the constitutional power to print Trillions of dollars of worthless, fiat money, backed by absolutely nothing that is destroying our economy, putting our country and New York State into bankruptcy and making debtors of our grandchildren and great grandchildren before they are even born. Thomas Jefferson warned us that a private central bank (like our Federal Reserve) which issues the public currency is “a greater menace to the liberties of the people than a standing army.” We agree. The Federal Reserve should not just be audited, it must also be abolished.


In 1776, our Founders stood up, put their lives and fortunes on the line and declared their freedom and independence from the chains and shackles of the King of England. In 2009, Americans must once again be willing to stand up and publicly declare their Freedom and Independence, not from the King of England, but from the chains and shackles of our own government and from those traitorous individuals and organizations who pull the strings of the politicians and the media like puppet masters from behind a curtain of secrecy, bribery and deception.

The fight for our freedoms and liberties must begin here and now. We must put aside those minor differences that have separated us in the past and unite as one strong political force to restore our Freedoms and Liberties now. We must recruit more freedom loving Americans into our ranks and grow our numbers by the millions.

The road ahead will not be easy and the traitorous enemies within our own country are very cunning, unscrupulous and have unlimited resources. But they are no match for an army of united and determined citizens like us who are prepared to fight the hard battles that lie ahead, as our Founders did 233 years ago, and we WILL Prevail.

Let the word go forth that the year 2009 will mark the beginning of a journey that will leave future generations of Americans a legacy of individual freedom and liberty, a first class education system, a clean environment, a strong and sovereign America with an honest, limited government that will offer unlimited opportunities for their future. For there is no doubt: WE WILL PREVAIL!

Thank you all for coming here today and may God Bless a Free and Sovereign America!