Israeli Government Trolling Anti-NWO Websites


For those who are regular readers of the Proud Political Junkie’s Gazette, seeing occasional comments on the articles from Pentagon trolls and other government stooges assigned the task of counteracting our efforts to inform you of the NWO is nothing new.

Not seen as much, until recently, are trolls from the Israeli government. One, in particular, calling himself “Mr. Geltschmidt” has attacked me recently on the comments sections of Infowars.com and has apparently tracked me down here at PPJG, where he has recently posted more of his signature comments in an odd and indecipherable mix of English and Yiddish, sometimes just Yiddish.

At first, I was tempted to dismiss “Mr. Geltschmidt” as a harmless crank, but it has been confirmed that his comments are being sent from a server at the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor, which, interestingly enough, is located in an office on Bank of Israel Street in Jerusalem. How fitting that they are located near Israel’s central bank (their equivalent of our Federal Reserve).

“Mr. Geltschmidt” is apparently an employee of the Ministry’s Investment Promotion Center, yet no such name appears on the list of the center’s staff.

Even more interesting is the fact that the Israeli Investment Promotion Center appears to have connections to Israel’s Economic Minister to North America, who is headquartered in New York City, as well as Israel’s Commercial Attache’ in Washington, D.C., the Israeli Consul for Economic Affairs in Houston, Texas, the Israeli Consul for Economic Affairs in Chicago, and the Israeli Consul for Economic Affairs in Los Angeles, as well.

While it is intersting that the Israeli Investment Promotion Center appears to be just a trade organization on the surface, one has to wonder if their “Mr. Geltschmidt” is merely an employee having a little illicit fun on his lunch break, or if he’s part of a deliberate program of internet intelligence gathering, hacking and cyberbullying being carried out with the full blessings of the government of Israel and perhaps Mossad, as well.

In my quest to determine the answer to that question, I found a January 19th Infowars.com article by Paul Joseph Watson that clearly shows there is exactly such a program established by the Israeli government to “set up an army of bloggers” who will “represent” Israel on “anti-Zionist blogs” in English, French, Spanish and German. I guess they left out Yiddish.

Gary Rea (C) 2009

Corps used the internet to attack its critics

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  Brasscheck TV        news@brasschecktv.com

Thousands of people – mostly children, elderly, the handicapped, and those who stayed behind to look after them – were stranded for a week exposed to the elements for a week without food, water, or medical care.


The Times-Picayune which was aware of the real identity of the people making these attacks permitted them to go on and is now helping shield the Corps by refusing to turn over its Internet logs.

I guess this is what they call a “government-private sector partnership.”

Hard to believe, but it’s all documented


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All oligarchs, Government agents or those embedded there who manipulate them, please avert your eyes.  This is a shill, whatever that is, and is not for your eyes.

 Posted by: flakstopper | June 19, 2009


For the last four or five years to my knowledge, and perhaps for years before, the ‘message details’ of all my incoming emails carried the coding –

Return-Path: <service@stumbleupon.com>
Received: from IMPmx4.adm.correo ( by ems4.backend.correo (7.2.078)
        id 4A2D6886002860D4 for amazin at terra.es; Sat, 13 Jun 2009 12:06:26 +0200
Received: from smtp2.stumbleupon.com ([])
 by IMPmx4.adm.correo with BIZ IMP

The 7.2.078 bit is an abbreviation of the previously full code that with, say, a .0 added, reveals it to belong to –

OrgName:    DoD Network Information Center
OrgID:      DNIC
Address:    3990 E. Broad Street
City:       Columbus
StateProv:  OH
PostalCode: 43218
Country:    US

Those of you will laser-like minds may recall that I vouchsafed these facts to a fear-filled world on OEN some two or three years ago, though of the hundreds of thousands of ardent readers of that time, not even one has ever admitted to sharing the stigma of my shame. More

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