Bribery: Co-operative Agreements funding

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Whenever some unelected bureaucracy is attempting to circumvent state or federal constitutional protections and rights, it is always done using some form of [co-operative agreement].  What this amounts to is a bribe paid to state officials.  Usually these agencies, answerable to no one….(they all have rule-making (law-making) capabilities) are intending to pass laws which will violate civil liberties.  The money, usually in the millions, is used to coerce elected officials at the state level into passing what would otherwise be untenable.  More

NAIS temporarily unfunded while USDA plans next assault

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It almost sounds too good to be true, probably because it is just a temporary  stall out in the planned National Identification System (NAIS).  DeLauro of Connecticut who helped pen the infamous HR 875 Food Traceability Everywhere Act of 2009, has removed funding for NAIS sighting a failure on the part of USDA to sell the gestapo law to farmers and ranchers who it turns out, are not quite as stupid and gullible as many thought. 

Don’t get excited and think you’ve won the battle.  This is a temporary stumbling block on the road to codifying into US law the Codex Alimentarius.  USDA and congress has until December 31, 2009 to come into full compliance with CODEX and these laws which are constitutional violations on both the state and federal level are meant to make legal these assaults on freedom and soveriengty.

While DeLauro stalls for time, USDA continues to promote its talking points by saying that almost 1/3 of farms and ranches are already voluntarily signed up.  The truth is only about 8% are, and many of them were signed up unknowingly.  USDA also needs time to fall back and regroup and plan its next attempted coup on American agriculture. 

Here’s what I believe we are in for:

Sometime in the next few months I believe a planned attack on the US food supply will occur as a result of USDA actions.  In my opinion, I believe USDA will stage a contaminated food attack which will be used much as 9/11 was to frighten people into complying with forfeiting even more of their rights and which will be the catalyst for forcing us into NAIS.

I could be wrong……but I bet I’m not. 

Marti Oakley 


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