By Ruthie Hendrycks

Once again, we again are faced with proposed legislation on Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Talks are scheduled next week in Washington – but instead of the open transparency promised by the current administration – these talks are behind closed doors. The question is why the secrecy/seclusion – so much for yet another campaign promise now thrown out the window.

These talks will no doubt make the same old tired promises that we were promised in 1986 with the IRCA Amnesty and that the previous Administration were making with the same old results, which will results in the same old lies, which Americans have soundly DEFEATED.

There are many issues within illegal immigration – but the top two are cheap labor and future votes. Setting aside the voting for a moment – what would be the consequences of a comprehensive immigration reform/guest worker “amnesty” legislation to Big Business?

To understand exactly where I am heading with this, one only needs to know the fact, that our unemployment rate is currently at 9.4 percent, it is increasing with future predictions leading to double digits, putting more Americans out of work.

Criticism of the previous Administration for supporting Big Business always seemed to lessen when it came to businesses employing illegal aliens for cheaper labor costs, and it appears not much has changed with regards to the current Administration. But with so much attention being broadcasted by those – in what used to be a fair and balanced media – on the fact that Obama is the first BLACK President – why is it that we are not hearing criticism of the Big Business cheap labor practices and the negative unemployment statistics for the Black American, actually for Americans period, no matter what their race, religion or ethnicity?

However, it is the end result of a Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation/ Amnesty, if ever passed, that Big Business should be rethinking and addressing. Animosity is growing and legislation that grants Amnesty to those illegally in the Country while disregarding the current law, and their fellow Americans, will provide some serious and tough questions for big business.

For Example:

How long do you believe it will take for advocacy groups for the newly donned, Amnesty Aliens to start advocating for equal rights and pay? If you were to guess awhile – you would be wrong – it is already taking place. In this scenario – what exactly will Big business do?

This would, in essence – eliminate their cheap labor. Of course there are those who will continue to work for slave labor but the majority are going to demand what they have no right to – the rights of Americans.

What will big business do for future cheap labor – wait and advocate for the next wave of illegal immigration, (already on their way) which will drastically increase the current unemployment rate, while we continue to hear of border security but with no reality?

Maybe the new Pay Administrator (czar) will dictate what salaries will be and if in doing so – how would this scenario play out? Will, Big Business continue to hire the Amnesty Alien, over their friends, families and neighbors – while they struggle with double digit unemployment subsequently losing many of the financial dreams they worked for, and continuing to be asked to make even more sacrifices?

What will smaller businesses do? Those who have skirted the law and hired illegal aliens – claiming lack of workers (even with the current conditions) or they needed to hire illegal aliens in the hopes of not raising consumers prices, once these demands of equality are a reality?

Is Big Business underestimating the American people, their will and patriotism? Will Boycotts of certain businesses grow, like past boycotts of Bank of America and others or current calls by some to boycott McDonald’s, for their financial support of LaRaza, continue to grow?

With the majority of Americans demanding border security and an end to illegal immigration, at a time when our financial stability is seriously in question and millions of Americans and Legal Residents are unable to secure employment – while would this Administration even considering a Comprehensive Immigration.

Reform/Guestworker = Amnesty Bill? Most likely for those votes we set aside before. And, just how are many of those Big and Smaller Businesses, who to this point have thrown the American Worker under the bus – really are supporting Amnesty and how are they going to address the ever growing frustration?

Ruthie Hendrycks:

President and Founder of Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform


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