The federal government in an open war against Americans


copsoldiers_deesIt’s all there at every turn.  Bills to overtake the food supply and production.  Bills to put a kill switch on the internet. Bills to make our thoughts “crimes”.  More bills to take away our right to bear arms.  Bills to tag and track us like animals.  Bills to seize control of the water supplies.  Bills forcing us into compliance with illegal trade agreements.  Bills, bills, everywhere bills……and all of them dedicated to the overthrow of the Republic and the subjugation of the population.  If any of us had any doubts, surely in light of these assaults on liberty, the attempts to seize control of the food and water supplies and to deem any one of us as “domestic terrorists” for dissenting, these should wake us up to the reality of the future we all face. More

Is Big Business Really Supporting Amnesty

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By Ruthie Hendrycks

Once again, we again are faced with proposed legislation on Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Talks are scheduled next week in Washington – but instead of the open transparency promised by the current administration – these talks are behind closed doors. The question is why the secrecy/seclusion – so much for yet another campaign promise now thrown out the window.

These talks will no doubt make the same old tired promises that we were promised in 1986 with the IRCA Amnesty and that the previous Administration were making with the same old results, which will results in the same old lies, which Americans have soundly DEFEATED. More

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