An Open Letter to a few of the declarers of sovereignty in Minnesota;

Dear Sirs:

In the recent past all of you publicly announced you were putting forth a declaration of sovereignty to protect the people of Minnesota from further federal government encroachment and rolling back the attempts to increase federal power on every level.  What has happened to that effort?

I ask because as a country we are facing the greatest coup against the people by the federal government in the attempts to establish the Animal Identification System and the accompanying Premises ID.  These systems are nothing less the overtaking of farming and ranching of small family and independent producers, making it so costly and so burdened with hyped up regulations and reporting demands, most family and small producers will not be able to survive financially.  But, while they are being driven out of business these same producers will be forced to bear the costs of their own demise while industrialized corporate producers are given a free ride and special provisions relieving them from any costly fees.

Both NAIS and Premises ID are the programs necessary to facilitate the implementation of various international agreements, none of which are recognized by our Constitution.   These agreements are not treaty’s as specified in the Constitution.  These agreements are corporate agreements between corporate entities operating as governments.

In 2005 the state of Wisconsin accepted a 35 million dollar bribe from USDA (euphemistically called a “co-operative agreement”) which resulted in the passing of NAIS legislation.  Sold to the public as a voluntary system, it became readily apparent that the law was anything but.  Article 95 of the NAIS legislation in Wisconsin declares the right to assess massive fines, property forfeiture and imprisonment for failing to comply with NAIS.  Senators Obey and Kohl then surreptitiously had the files in the Oracle data base moved off American soil into Canada for storage, making them totally unavailable under a FOIA request.  This was done so as to make the personal files unavailable until a provision could be slipped into the 2005 Farm Bill declaring the files unavailable to FOIA requests.  It has just been very recently that Senator Feingold from Wisconsin had the data base returned to US jurisdiction but Wisconsin residents still cannot gain access to the data base containing information concerning their property or its status or to have any right to know how this information was obtained. 

If HR 814 is put into law it will drive an estimated 50% of herding and ranching operations out of business in the first year.  These will be replaced by CAFO’s (concentrated animal feeding operations) which are known to be cesspools of disease and so inhumane to the animals.  Many of these animals will be slated for export and fully loaded with toxic levels of antibiotics, vaccines and growth hormones.  As we no longer produce enough beef or vegetables to feed the US population alone, why would we be concerned about exporting any of our food supply?

HR 814 also calls for the mandated administering of growth hormones alleged to be causing the early onset of puberty.  Maine has just recently outlawed the use of rBGH (another Monsanto creation) when it was discovered that the 20% increase in milk production was the result of mastitis in the cows causing the milk to contain up to 20% pus.   Antibiotics, vaccines and other harmful toxins will be forcibly administered under NAIS and all of these toxins will remain in the meat and milk and of course all of these will be supplied by none other than Monsanto, Syngenta, ADM and a host of other bio-pirate companies who concern themselves not with food safety but corporate profits at any expense.  And this is supposed to make our food supply safe?

If HR 875, or 795 is passed, farms which previously grew grain crops will be totally converted to the production of genetically modified patented seed crops now being exposed for their loss of productivity and the over use of toxic chemicals, herbicides and pesticides.  Information is being gathered now showing evidence of harm and damage to the human body and internal organs from the ingestion of gmo tainted foods.  Monsanto in particular has stated its intentions to own all seeds including the patented “terminator” seeds co-developed and patented by the USDA.

While Monsanto continues its practice of genetically altering and patenting life through the sale and ownership of seeds, as soon as it is feasible, Monsanto destroys heritage or traditional seed stocks so that only its bastardized version is available to growers. 

While all of these bills are being sold as “food safety” or “animal disease” tracking, the real intent is to subject the US food sources to global markets and at the same time to reduce standards around the world with an eye on reducing the competition to third world countries said to be disadvantaged by these markets.  Even this is a lie.  The intent of these bills is to bring the US into compliance with Codex Alementarius and the Trans Atlantic Agreement signed by Bush in 2008.  Codex is mandated to be in full force by December 31, 2009 by all countries who signed onto it.  We are one of those countries. 

Codex is a system of control for everything from vitamins and minerals to farming practices.  In Uruguay the implementation of NAIS (the first test run) decimated and wiped out the family and independent farms and ranches.  In Poland, once this program was implemented using NAIS, 80% of farmers and ranchers were driven off their land within two years.  Agriculture was quickly taken over by bio-pirates such as Monsanto, Syngenta and ADM.  China under Codex direction just made illegal things such as ginseng, turmeric and several other spices used for thousands of years by the people and known to have beneficial affects.  The EU, under the same direction just outlawed herb gardens.  These and so many other harmful and oppressive things are headed our way and all of them will come into force with the passage of any of these bills and the compliance to Codex.   

There is far more to all of this than I can list here.  As our elected representatives I cannot help but believe you are aware of far more than I would know.  

Our state is on the verge of losing the mainstay of our economy which is agriculture of all kinds.  As I write this I cannot help but to experience a sense of disbelief knowing these things are about to befall us and not one of our legislators has stepped forward to defend and protect the state and its people from this corporate coup being facilitated by federal legislators. 

Why have none of you come forward with bills to prohibit the implementation of NAIS/Premises ID?  Why have none of you stood up and denounced the fake food safety bills now in the federal congress: each one of them dedicated to nothing more than the creation of another police state bureaucracy which will devote more than half its manpower and financial resources to [enforcement].  In the most recent house hearings, the head of the FDA requested 440 additional personnel for enforcement purposes. 

NAIS/Premises ID would be a violation not only of the US Constitution but also the Minnesota state Constitution which provides for allodial (absolute ownership) of property.  Premises ID is a voluntary conveyance of property to the control and use of the USDA acting as agent for the Federal government although the individual is not apprised of this change of property ownership and is falsely led to believe it is simply a registration number.   

Collin Peterson (D) MN, Head of the House Agricultural Committee declared after the March 11, 2009 Ag hearing that he intended to see NAIS made mandatory and fully implemented by the end of 2009.  Just in time to meet Codex compliance.  Rep. Peterson is conspicuously absent from the state and refuses to acknowledge any communications regarding this matter from any person outside of his trusted inner circle.

I have to ask again…….why have none of you stood up to address these issues?  Surely if those of us out here who are fighting to prevent these things from coming into force and who realize these bills and programs are meant to overtake the agricultural sector and to do us harm… could you.  Why are you silent?  Why will you not stand up to protect our state from what are laws and programs meant not to help us and make us safe, but rather to promote industrialized farming and ranching and to force us into compliance with international trade agreements which have shown themselves to be so detrimental to the country. 

I will be posting this open letter to you on my site and various other places.  All of us are hoping for some kind of positive response, although I must admit that if your response contains affirmations of the necessity of these programs when we know this not to be true, we would be highly disappointed.

Marti Oakley

Sent to these Representatives: 

Leadership position: Minority Leader                                                            
267 State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155
651-296-5374 or 888-234-1242       

Rep. Dean Urdahl (R) District: 18B   

Rep. Steve Gottwalt (R) District: 15A

Rep. Steve Smith (R) District: 33A         

Rep. Dan Severson (R) District: 14A 

Rep. Bob Dettmer (R) District: 52A  

Rep. Steve Drazkowski (R) District: 28

Rep. Greg Davids (R) District: 31B    

Rep. Morrie Lanning (R) District: 09A

Rep. Bruce Anderson (R) District: 19A