chickenlittleI have seen a rise in the number of elected officials, especially those in Congress, who seem to think only those in their district should be contacting them.  With feigned politeness many have been informed that due to “professional courtesy” Her Royal Hiney Representative So & So, or his Imperial Majesty Senator I’m So Damned Important, cannot possibly respond to your email, fax or phone call because you do not reside in their district.  It wouldn’t be proper.  Not polite.  It’s not done.  What would their distinguished friend across the isle think if they knew the representative or senator was speaking to someone in their district. 


Well I got news for all you boys and girls out there in the District of Criminals…….when you cast that vote on those bills you didn’t even bother to read, claim you don’t know what’s in them and you can’t possibly be held responsible…….that vote affects ME.  As long as it does, you will speak to me, correspond with me and give me your full and undivided attention.  After all, you just voted in my name without even discussing the issue with me before hand.  The least you can do is talk to me after the fact.  In the instances when you did bother to acknowledge the opposition to what you were voting to implement, you still voted against our best interests, and quite frankly it would seem, in your own. 


When you royal asses write bills that are arbitrary to the Constitution and my rights, I have a right to demand an explanation from you and I don’t give a flip what district you are in. 


When you are plotting and planning the overtaking of the agricultural system in our country so that you can hand it over to your parasitic corporate buddies and subject the country to illegal agreements that will destroy us all, you can bet you are going to hear from me.


When you continue to bail out one corrupt bank or insurance company after another and not one of these crooks, liars and thieves has to forfeit one thing while me and millions of ordinary people lose our jobs, homes and any future we may have had, you can bet a note from me will be on its way.


I understand some of you are now referring to any communications from anyone who doesn’t support your un-American activities as “harassment”.  Really?  So now its harassment to have to accept correspondence from people whose lives you have dicked up, or are about to?  Are you really thinking you are that special?


Just so I know that I have this all right, lets review!


  • You don’t have time to read the bills.  (Part of your job)
  • You vote on bills you admit you know nothing about.  (dereliction of duty)
  • You write or vote to pass bills that are unconstitutional.  (treason?)
  • You entertain lobbyists and accept gifts.  (bribery?)
  • You vote against your constituents and your country, violate your oaths of office
  • Bail out your wealthy corrupt friends and business associates with our money
  • And then tell us we are harassing you if we contact you about your failure to act to protect the public and the Constitution you swore to uphold?


Have I got all of this right?  Did I forget the part about where some of you royal jokesters are now claiming that these communications represent a threat?  And what would that threat be?  Since when does a citizen communicating with a government official about government actions constitute a threat? 


Of course, what with the fake food safety bills, NAIS, the internet kill switch, Smart grid, and various and sundry other laws that were previously passed that assaulted not only our rights, but also our right to be left alone by government, I could see where you might feel a little shaky, maybe even a little paranoid.  Get over it.  We’re out here.  We’re watching, listening and in many cases doing your job for you.  We’re not going away. 


Glenda O’theast