To feed our future, we will need to produce more food with less natural resources.  Some point to the technology of the nano and say, “Salvation is on the way!”  And so we ask… 

Can nanotechnology feed our future? 

This Saturday at 9am Pacific, Michael Olson’s Food Chain Radio hosts Shane Journeay, Ph.D, CEO of Nanotechnology Toxicology Consulting and Training, for a conversation about nanofood.


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Topics include a brief survey of nanotechnology; how this technology will be used in the production and processing of food; and whether the nano will enable us to feed our future. 

Show #628: FEDERALIZING OUR FARMS – 14-03-2009 (8.71 MB) 

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Guests:Pete Kennedy, Acting President of the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund
Subject: They tell us it is for our own good, that they are simply trying to help, that we should trust them to do what we cannot do for ourselves. They lead us to ask… Will House Bill 875 federalize all farms and ranches in the USA?
Topics include how HB 875 would place every farm and ranch under the direct supervision of a new federal Food Safety Administration (FSA); how the FSA would have the power to access and inspect every farm in the United States, as well as the customer list of each of those farms; and whether the federalization of the entire food chain would make for a safer food supply.