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Michael White



A friend sent me a copy of this book which I just finished reading.  The book gave me chills.  Reading about Monsanto’s war against the American farmer in its attempts to overtake seed ownership and supply, I had to wonder who Monsanto owns in our government?  How is it that the courts render dicisions that are irrational and against any rational application of law?

Mr. White was a seed cleaner in Alabama.  Like Steve Hixon of Illinois, another seed cleaner,  Monsanto came after White with a vengence. 

Read Michael White’s account of his three year battle with Monsanto and the painting in the courthouse that prohesied his battle there.  This book is inspirational and a warning of what is to come for all of us.

New Land Grab website….from GRAIN

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New from GRAIN

3 June 2009

NEW LAND GRAB WEBSITEhttp://farmlandgrab.org. This new site is an improved version of the site initiated by GRAIN last year, which provides an open, up-to-date and easy to search library of over 800 articles, interviews and reports on farm land grabs around the world published since the outbreak of the food crisis in 2008.http://farmlandgrab.org


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