11. Jeff Smith — The effects of genetically modified foods

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The FDA has no requirements for the safety of gmo foods.  44,000 documents released by the FDA and produced by Michael Taylor from Monsanto show that gmo is harmful and toxic.  This is the same Michael Taylor that Obama wants to appoint to a “food safety” office in the White House.

The Health Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods

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Jeffry Smith on genetically modified foods, knowing which foods are modified and what these foods will do to the human body.

The genetic conspiracy…about Monsanto

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Germany: Demonstrators watch as fields are destroyed containing gmo.  Allergies, insufficient testing, disregarded data, misinformation……testing that is totally inadequate.  No one can produce proof that gmo is harmless.  Super weeds are developing; people are getting sick. 

Monsanto Indian Farmer Suicide….Another Monsanto disaster

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Monsanto’s toxic crops are exceeded only by their lack of morality and lust for profits.  Bt crops require 2 to 3 times the water than heritage crops and excessive amounts of herbicides and pesticides.


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