I have concluded the USDA and its henchmen really do believe we are all stupid.  I have come to this conclusion after months of reading the misinformation, the disinformation and the outright lies the USDA has put forward in an attempt to force the implementation of the National Animal Identification system and the companion land grabbing piece, Premises ID. 

Maybe Tom Vilsack and those conducting these bogus listening sessions believed no one would take the time to actually read, research or comprehend the intent of these bills.  Its possible Vilsack & Team USDA figured if congress didn’t read the bills, we probably wouldn’t either.  Wrong!

As every state in the Union mounts a campaign to halt the implementation of any of these international agreements and Codex Alimentarius mandates, rules and regulations, USDA was forced to conduct a “listening” tour.  Of course…..there was never any real intent to listen to anything.  These are staged meetings where control of the crowd, content of the dialogue, is all determined before hand.  At least that’s what USDA team leaders thought would happen.


I believe it must come something of a surprise to find out not only did we read the bills, we printed them off…went over them line by line and realized NAIS, Premises ID and the fake food safety bills were nothing less than a coup meant to destroy and overtake the agricultural system in the US, replacing it with corporate industrialized farming and concentrated animal operations.  We aren’t about to let that happen.

As with any unelected bureaucracy, USDA decided all on its own that NAIS, Premises ID was a done deal.  Oh! The arrogance of these little agency dictators in waiting

To make sure (they thought) they could limit the commenting, limit the statements and prevent most of the audience from participating at all the USDA employs the Delphi Technique.  This is the technique of dividing and conquering.  Simply put, every one who attended the Harrisburg meeting was handed a folder with a colored dot on it.  When the break-out sessions started……anyone attending was more than likely separated from those they came with and sent to a room with a corresponding color coding. 

The break-out sessions are nothing more than the Delphi Technique revisited and a means to divide the attendees and diffuse the conversation.  Who ever might be in opposition to the conclusions, policies, or programs the facilitator is advancing is quickly singled out and actively shunned. 

The biggest goal of the facilitator is for him/her to be perceived as part of the group.  Once this is done, the facilitator asks for ideas and opinions, leading the group carefully to the pre-determined conclusions and leaving them believing it was all their idea.  Only it didn’t work this time.  The farmers and ranchers, the cattlemen and horse people stood their ground.  The only people shunned and shut out of the meetings were the facilitators. 

It would seem we are not all quite as stupid as the USDA wants to believe we are.  We don’t need or want NAIS or Premises ID.  And we will not stop until this horrible program is done away with altogether.  Then on to the fake food safety bills!

Grab your butt Mr. Vilsack…its on!

© 2009 Marti Oakley

Never anticipating the monumental backlash, Rep. Collin Peterson (D) from Minnesota declared after the March 11, 2009 Agriculture hearing that he intended to see that NAIS was fully implemented by the end of the year.  As I am from Peterson’s district in Minnesota I would like to declare that I intend to see him fully recalled from office at the same time, if it is passed.