Adam Kokesh……Who will Stand with us?

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The candidacy of Adam Kokesh……..A glimmer of hope in New Mexico.


What More Proof Do We Need That the NRA Isn’t What it Claims to Be?

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I have been writing, for some time, now, on Second Amendment issues and, in particular, about the fact the National Rifle Association (NRA) is a Trojan horse organization that has no interest in protecing the Second Amendment. I have presented a solid case here, before, that shows the NRA has, for seventy-five years, not only refused to call for the repeal of all existing gun laws (which is the only way to truly save the Second Amendment from further infringement), but that they have, in case after case, actually backed more gun control laws.

Usually, though, the NRA will attempt to disguise their actions by occasionally appearing to oppose some new gun law, now and then, just to keep up appearances. This is usually enough to fool their supporters who blindly continue to believe that the NRA is fighting for their rights. Funny thing, though; if that’s what the NRA is truly doing, then why are our Second Amendment rights almost gone now, as compared to decades ago?

Well, in yet another moment in its history in which its members should be finally made aware that the NRA is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the NRA has mysteriously remained mute on the appointment of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. Sotomayor, a gun rights opponent, has ruled, in lower court cases, that the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to the states, for one thing. Need I remind Ms. Sotomayor that the Constitution – of which the Second Amendment is a part – is the law of the land and overrides all other laws? No state, according to their constituional limitations, may pass laws that are in violation of the Constitution, anymore than the federal government may do so.

While, supposedly, Senate Republicans were hoping that the NRA would have something to say about Sotomayor’s appointment to the Supreme Court, strangely enough (or not), the NRA has stayed out of the issue, claiming it’s waiting for the Senate confirmation hearings. This should be interesting. I’ll wager right here and now that Sotomayor is appointed to the court no matter what the NRA may have to say about it. It’s already a done deal behind closed doors.

Coming soon to a table near you….gm Rice

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GM rice…..the governments choice. 

FCC claims the right to enter your home…without a warrant

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c/o Wired Magazine’s THREAT LEVEL

You may not know it, but if you have a wireless router, a cordless phone, remote car-door opener, baby monitor or cellphone in your house, the FCC claims the right to enter your home without a warrant at any time of the day or night in order to inspect it.

That’s the upshot of the rules the agency has followed for years to monitor licensed television and radio stations, and to crack down on pirate radio broadcasters. And the commission maintains the same policy applies to any licensed or unlicensed radio-frequency device.

“Anything using RF energy — we have the right to inspect it to make sure it is not causing interference,” says FCC spokesman David Fiske. That includes devices like Wi-Fi routers that use unlicensed spectrum, Fiske says.

The FCC claims it derives its warrantless search power from the Communications Act of 1934, though the constitutionality of the claim has gone untested in the courts. That’s largely because the FCC had little to do with average citizens for most of the last 75 years, when home transmitters were largely reserved to ham-radio operators and CB-radio aficionados. But in 2009, nearly every household in the United States has multiple devices that use radio waves and fall under the FCC’s purview, making the commission’s claimed authority ripe for a court challenge.

“It is a major stretch beyond case law to assert that authority with respect to a private home, which is at the heart of the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable search and seizure,” says Electronic Frontier Foundation lawyer Lee Tien. “When it is a private home and when you are talking about an over-powered Wi-Fi antenna — the idea they could just go in is honestly quite bizarre.”


George Washington University professor Orin Kerr, a constitutional law expert, also questions the legalilty of the policy.

“The Supreme Court has said that the government can’t make warrantless entries into homes for administrative inspections,” Kerr said via e-mail, refering to a 1967 Supreme Court ruling that housing inspectors needed warrants to force their way into private residences. The FCC’s online FAQ doesn’t explain how the agency gets around that ruling, Kerr adds.

The rules came to attention this month when an FCC agent investigating a pirate radio station in Boulder, Colorado, left a copy of a 2005 FCC inspection policy on the door of a residence hosting the unlicensed 100-watt transmitter. “Whether you operate an amateur station or any other radio device, your authorization from the Commission comes with the obligation to allow inspection,” the statement says.

The notice spooked those running “Boulder Free Radio,” who thought it was just tough talk intended to scare them into shutting down, according to one of the station’s leaders, who spoke to Wired.com on condition of anonymity. “This is an intimidation thing,” he said. “Most people aren’t that dedicated to the cause. I’m not going to let them into my house.”

But refusing the FCC admittance can carry a harsh financial penalty. In a 2007 case, a Corpus Christi, Texas, man got a visit from the FCC’s direction-finders after rebroadcasting an AM radio station through a CB radio in his home. An FCC agent tracked the signal to his house and asked to see the equipment; Donald Winton refused to let him in, but did turn off the radio. Winton was later fined $7,000 for refusing entry to the officer. The fine was reduced to $225 after he proved he had little income.

Administrative search powers are not rare, at least as directed against businesses — fire-safety, food and workplace-safety regulators generally don’t need warrants to enter a business. And despite the broad power, the FCC agents aren’t cops, says Fiske. “The only right they have is to inspect the equipment,” Fiske says. “If they want to seize, they have to work with the U.S. Attorney’s office.”

But if inspectors should notice evidence of unrelated criminal behavior — say, a marijuana plant or stolen property — a Supreme Court decision suggests the search can be used against the resident. In the 1987 case New York v. Burger, two police officers performed a warrantless, administrative search of one Joseph Burger’s automobile junkyard. When he couldn’t produce the proper paperwork, the officers searched the grounds and found stolen vehicles, which they used to prosecute him. The Supreme Court held the search to be legal.

In the meantime, pirate radio stations are adapting to the FCC’s warrantless search power by dividing up a station’s operations. For instance, Boulder Free Radio consists of an online radio station operated by DJs from a remote studio. Miles away, a small computer streams the online station and feeds it to the transmitter. Once the FCC comes and leaves a notice on the door, the transmitter is moved to another location before the agent returns.

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EU to Require RFID Card for Gasoline Purchased at the Pump After 2009


From my source in Switzerland comes the revelation that the EU is planning to institute, effective after 2009, a law that would require all EU citizens to pay for their gasoline with an RFID card. No card, no gas.

The original story on this appeared on the German website Die Goldseiten.de (The Gold Site, a financial news site) this morning. My source informed me that the site is copyright protected (you can’t right-click copy any of the articles), so he had to re-type the entire article into Google Translator for me and it came out rather garbled, but the gist of it was fairly clear.

Among the provisions of the draconian development is a plan to eliminate the practice of shopping for the cheapest gasoline by going to where it is sold cheapest. This is to be eliminated altogether and all gasoline across Europe would be priced the same and available only to RFID card holders.

You may wonder why you should care about what the Europeans are having to put up with, but consider that what is happening now in the United States was happening in Europe a decade or more ago and the pace at which it is happening, both in the EU and here is now accelerating almost daily. Eventually, the same restrictions to your daily life will begin to appear here at home.

The Future of Our Food with Marti Oakley

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The Future of Our Food with Marti Oakley

Join Sean Croxton for an interview with activist Marti Oakley about NAIS, current “food safety’ legislation, and Premises ID. Just how far have the government and corporations gone to take over our food supply? Find out!



Click here:


11. Jeff Smith — The effects of genetically modified foods

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The FDA has no requirements for the safety of gmo foods.  44,000 documents released by the FDA and produced by Michael Taylor from Monsanto show that gmo is harmful and toxic.  This is the same Michael Taylor that Obama wants to appoint to a “food safety” office in the White House.

The Health Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods

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Jeffry Smith on genetically modified foods, knowing which foods are modified and what these foods will do to the human body.

The genetic conspiracy…about Monsanto

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Germany: Demonstrators watch as fields are destroyed containing gmo.  Allergies, insufficient testing, disregarded data, misinformation……testing that is totally inadequate.  No one can produce proof that gmo is harmless.  Super weeds are developing; people are getting sick. 

Monsanto Indian Farmer Suicide….Another Monsanto disaster

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Monsanto’s toxic crops are exceeded only by their lack of morality and lust for profits.  Bt crops require 2 to 3 times the water than heritage crops and excessive amounts of herbicides and pesticides.


USDA employing Delphi Technique: Prepare to be Delphi’d!


 I have concluded the USDA and its henchmen really do believe we are all stupid.  I have come to this conclusion after months of reading the misinformation, the disinformation and the outright lies the USDA has put forward in an attempt to force the implementation of the National Animal Identification system and the companion land grabbing piece, Premises ID. 

Maybe Tom Vilsack and those conducting these bogus listening sessions believed no one would take the time to actually read, research or comprehend the intent of these bills.  Its possible Vilsack & Team USDA figured if congress didn’t read the bills, we probably wouldn’t either.  Wrong!

As every state in the Union mounts a campaign to halt the implementation of any of these international agreements and Codex Alimentarius mandates, rules and regulations, USDA was forced to conduct a “listening” tour.  Of course…..there was never any real intent to listen to anything.  These are staged meetings where control of the crowd, content of the dialogue, is all determined before hand.  At least that’s what USDA team leaders thought would happen.


I believe it must come something of a surprise to find out not only did we read the bills, we printed them off…went over them line by line and realized NAIS, Premises ID and the fake food safety bills were nothing less than a coup meant to destroy and overtake the agricultural system in the US, replacing it with corporate industrialized farming and concentrated animal operations.  We aren’t about to let that happen.

As with any unelected bureaucracy, USDA decided all on its own that NAIS, Premises ID was a done deal.  Oh! The arrogance of these little agency dictators in waiting

To make sure (they thought) they could limit the commenting, limit the statements and prevent most of the audience from participating at all the USDA employs the Delphi Technique.  This is the technique of dividing and conquering.  Simply put, every one who attended the Harrisburg meeting was handed a folder with a colored dot on it.  When the break-out sessions started……anyone attending was more than likely separated from those they came with and sent to a room with a corresponding color coding. 

The break-out sessions are nothing more than the Delphi Technique revisited and a means to divide the attendees and diffuse the conversation.  Who ever might be in opposition to the conclusions, policies, or programs the facilitator is advancing is quickly singled out and actively shunned. 

The biggest goal of the facilitator is for him/her to be perceived as part of the group.  Once this is done, the facilitator asks for ideas and opinions, leading the group carefully to the pre-determined conclusions and leaving them believing it was all their idea.  Only it didn’t work this time.  The farmers and ranchers, the cattlemen and horse people stood their ground.  The only people shunned and shut out of the meetings were the facilitators. 

It would seem we are not all quite as stupid as the USDA wants to believe we are.  We don’t need or want NAIS or Premises ID.  And we will not stop until this horrible program is done away with altogether.  Then on to the fake food safety bills!

Grab your butt Mr. Vilsack…its on!

© 2009 Marti Oakley

Never anticipating the monumental backlash, Rep. Collin Peterson (D) from Minnesota declared after the March 11, 2009 Agriculture hearing that he intended to see that NAIS was fully implemented by the end of the year.  As I am from Peterson’s district in Minnesota I would like to declare that I intend to see him fully recalled from office at the same time, if it is passed.

Bailouts for trucking companies?


D o w n s i z e r – D i s p a t c h

Quote of the Day: “Security is mostly superstition.” — Helen Keller (1880-1968)

Subject: Bailouts for trucking companies?!!!

When we predict bad results from new government programs some people tell us our fears are exaggerated, or misinformed. It happened when we opposed the Iraq war with our “Truth About War” website, and dared to claim that Hussein had NO weapons of mass destruction.

But we were right.

Recently, many said we were wrong to oppose the TARP bailouts. It was a crisis after all. Sadly, our fear that TARP would be the proverbial camel’s nose in the tent, seems also to be coming true. Get this…

A trucking firm, YRC Worldwide, has applied for a TARP bailout (see the third item in this linked blog post).  

Will they get the $1 billion they’re asking for? Many say no, but we’re not so sure. Here’s why…

YRC’s problem is its union pensions, not its trucking business. The Wall Street Journal says “roughly half of YRC’s contributions to a multi-employer union pension fund cover the costs of retirees who never worked for the Overland Park, Kan., company.” This matters because…

The Democrats, like the Republicans, work for big special interests. Unions are among the most important clients Democratic politicians have. So you can expect the Democrats to bailout unions, just as the Republicans wanted to bailout banks.

We’re not taking sides. Many bad decisions have been made by all the BIGS — big business, big labor, and big government, but . . .

YOU shouldn’t have to pay for any of those mistakes! Instead…

The politicians need to let the bankruptcy process do its curative work. This process wouldn’t necessarily . . .

* Close a company or a union, or . . .
* Leave anyone holding an empty bag

The bankruptcy process works because it restructures payments and/or distributes assets to creditors in a fair manner. It also gives people an incentive to be careful in the future. 

Businesses and/or whole industries routinely survive bankruptcy to become stronger than before. This happens because the bankrupt companies improve or get purchased by better firms. For instance, as Professor Mark J. Perry points out on his excellent Carpe Diem blog . . .

564 American car makers have either failed or been purchased by other companies over the past 100 years. This process of supposed destruction has been highly creative, making the auto industry stronger, not weaker. Imagine where we’d be if these companies had been bailed out, or allowed to use tax money to avoid being purchased.  

Failure, mediated by the bankruptcy process, is an ESSENTIAL part of a vibrant healthy economy. We need to purge the toxins from our economy, not perpetuate them. We need to end TARP, and all other bailouts. Let’s cut off this camel’s nose before the whole beast comes in and topples the tent.

Please use DownsizeDC.org’s quick and easy Educate the Powerful System to tell your Congressional employees to oppose bailouts.

Use your personal comments to specifically oppose applying the TARP program to YRC Worldwide, and for TARP to be repealed.

Our goal this month is to pound Congress with  more than 31,730 messages. That means we must hit Congress with x,xxx messages today.

Thank you for being a part of the growing Downsize DC Army. To see how much we’re growing please check out the Keeping Score report below my signature.

Jim Babka, President
DownsizeDC.org, Inc.

Keeping Score

We’ve grown again, by 59 net new members over the weekend, and by 991 net new members so far this year. The Downsize DC Army now stands at 25,340 — 34% of the way to 26,000!

YOU can make the army grow even faster by following our quick and easy instructions for personalized recruiting.

Lost Lives – The Continued Illegal Immigration Saga


By Ruthie Hendrycks

May 17, 2009

The frustration and animosity concerning illegal immigration – continues to rise.

An example is the most recent case in Nebraska of little Josie Bluhm, age four, whose life was snuffed out May13th, 2009 by an illegal alien with four previous DWI’s – three in Nebraska and one in Kansas, who entered the US illegally approximately 14 years ago


Remember the “Cottonwood Four” of Minnesota who also lost their lives at the hands of an illegal alien behind the wheel. I hesitate to mention them – not with regards to the fury of emotions it brings back with regards to the issue of illegal immigration – but with respect of the families and friends of those lost, and maybe that is the problem.

Many columnists and writers continue to write on such incidences because we are disturbed and angered by the violence we see happening all around us – but, we also hesitate to continually hit home on one particular incident with compassion for those left behind. Compassionately speaking – it is a wrong if you do and a wrong if you do not situation.

Sadly, these tragic accidents could have been avoided and the simple fast that Little Josie and others may be alive today – cannot be denied, if only our immigration policies were enforced. Cases, such as the two mentioned above are not rare – there is case after case to report, but at what cost to the grieving loves ones?

This double standard of non enforcement of certain laws – immigration enforcement- for a select group of individuals – while others, such as Americans and legal residents are expected to conform and follow the law – can only lead to Anarchy – a term I assume Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano would possibly refer to as “Man made Frustration”.

As frustrations continue to grow with these senseless crimes by someone who should bot have been in the country to begin with – we witness nothing by many of our elected officials in the form of addressing the issue. This is compounded with efforts by the mainstream media to put a human side to those who are here illegally committing crimes. When will the mainstream media stop the never ending hug tugging bias reporting of these deaths and elected officials wake up and take action?

Why would such a position be taken by those who were elected to provide for our safety? With regards to the two major parties ( there are more than two parties in this Country)? One party is falling all over themselves to pander to the illegal alien for future votes and funding. While the other party now finds itself dually split, with one side praying for the return of the Grand Old Party and the other attempting to take a middle road of pandering but try as well to retain remnants of what their positions were – not realizing that those they are attempting to pander to – would most likely not switch sides, because of the excessive pandering taking place by the first party.

While we wait for real leadership on the issue of illegal immigration – an issue that elected officials and politicians avoid like the plague – it is the lives of innocent children, of average Americans and legal residence, that are felling and living with the realities of illegal immigration.

And for what? – with the current population of the US at approx 306,000,000 and the estimated population of illegal aliens at 12 to 30 million – this would equal a percentage of 10 percent – at best. So, in essence we have pandering of illegal activity for a small minority of the population and again … at what cost?

Maybe what is really needed is answers to several tough questions…………….

What is the worth of a child’s life? How many votes and to what level of cheap labor, do we allocate for the death of our youth and other as well? What is the price for a diverse nation – no matter what race, color or creed one may be without enforcement of our laws? And truly how important is the rule of law? When will those who are elected to work on behalf of American citizens and to protect and defend – start pandering to Americans and legal residents versus illegal aliens?

We hear discussion after discussion of reform – and that is specifically where both sides – those for and those against illegal immigration – lose ground. What is needed is not reform of our immigration laws, rather ENFORCEMENT. Combined with a resigned commitment for a sensible immigration policy that benefit’s the United States of America, that demands of those wishing to share in the American dream to do so legally – with an understanding of compliance for our language – English, our laws, our cultural aspects and for our Flag – that no other flag may fly above.

Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform
Independent Minnesota Minutemen

State Chapter for FIRE Coalition
Restore Order Secure Our Border

Minnesota rejects REAL ID

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May 18, 2009
1:14 PM

Minnesota Rejects Real ID Act Of 2005
23 States Push Back Against Unfunded Mandate To Create National ID

WASHINGTON – May 18 -� Minnesota Governor Timothy Pawlenty signed legislation on Saturday that prohibits his administration from turning the state driver’s license into a national identity card and from imposing new burdens on taxpayers, citizens, immigrants and state government. The state legislature overwhelmingly endorsed the bill with a unanimous House vote and a 64-1 vote in the Senate. Minnesota becomes the 23rd state to reject the Real ID Act of 2005, raising the question of why Congress has not repealed the law.

“23 states have now sent a clear message to Washington that they will not submit to wrongheaded federal mandates that waste state tax dollars and put privacy at risk,” said Christopher Calabrese, Counsel of the ACLU Technology & Liberty Program. “Congress should take notice and repeal the Real ID Act so that effective driver’s license security policy can be developed.”

As part of creating a national identification card, the Real ID Act of 2005 also mandates that states hold all Americans’ private information in a single database that is accessible to federal and state officials – the cost and security of which is unknown. Consequently, the National Governors Association and the National Conference of State Legislatures have expressed strong opposition to the Real ID Act.

Since its enactment – as evident by the rejection of 23 states — Real ID has faced significant resistance on the state level. During her January confirmation hearing, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano called for a review of Real ID, saying the states were not consulted enough in its creation and that the initiative is a fiscal burden on the states. Before heading up DHS, Napolitano was Governor of Arizona, where she enacted legislation prohibiting her state from complying with the requirements of Real ID.

Because Real IDs require significantly more background information than a driver’s license, privacy experts fear that the government will now have access to an unprecedented amount of highly sensitive information about citizens and that there will be an exponential rise in identity theft from the database where the information is stored.


Keep Calling your Legislators folks and remember to keep calling the Governor of Missouri.� We can win this battle in NC, TX, and PA if we keep up the good fight.

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The Secret to Compliance the Regulators Don’t Want Us to Know About; Slumbering with Regulators

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Saturday, May 16, 2009 at 12:51PM

The agriculture regulators who work so hard to prevent us from obtaining raw milk, or try insanely to register every chicken, goat, and horse in the country, like to think they hold the power to make us follow whatever crazy rules they come up with.

To a certain extent they can, but underneath their bravado, the regulators are well aware of an important truism: the public must be in general agreement for their regulations to work. Or, put another way, if those being regulated disapprove, they will find all kinds of ways around onerous regulations.

The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is a case in point. The fact that the all-powerful U.S. Department of Agriculture, with the help of its lap dog state ag friends pushing as hard as they can, has been able to only gain one-third farmer compliance after five years of intensive effort on NAIS is testimony to the farm community’s resistance.

The reason USDA is suddenly pushing so hard on such things as “listening sessions” isn’t that the agency wants to gain feedback from farmers–it knows full well how much most hate NAIS–but rather the agency hopes to fool farmers into thinking they have a say. The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund reported in a press release that at the first such listening session in Harrisburg, PA, Friday, 27 of 36 individuals who testified spoke against NAIS. I’m not going out on much of a limb to predict this effort will fail as fully as previous such efforts.

The real message here is that USDA is very worried that NAIS could collapse of its own unnecessary weight, and the active refusal of farmers to participate.

Implicit in comments from Sylvia Gibson and Hugh Betcha on my previous post, individuals are increasingly looking for ways around, between, or outside the regulatory meddling. They want to establish their farms and raise their herds and quietly market their raw milk or cheese or grass-fed beef outside the view of nosy and interfering regulators.

Last week, Lykke wondered if “farmers starting-up a raw milk business have adequate information from the various sources (government, university extension, farm advisors, advocacy groups). I hunt around the web and find so little about the process, best approaches (including how to navigate through the regulations, private lab tests, government testing programs, etc.).”

The obvious answer is that the establishment organizations don’t want farmers to have such information, since raw dairy production may offer them a way to raise themselves by their bootstraps, and Big Ag wouldn’t want that. But even if the USDA and state ag agencies decided they really wanted to economically help their constituencies, I venture it would take a lot of outreach to convince farmers to participate. Given the current regulation-happy approach, farmers are doing everything they can to stay off the radar screen, for fear of being registered, or even noticed.


Speaking of regulators, thanks to Amanda Rose for her offer last week to host a book reading/slumber party at her place in California in early October in honor of my upcoming book about raw milk. And to Lykke and Concerned Person for offering support.

We should have some early copies of the book available. I’d like to second Amanda’s encouragement to the regulator types to partake. Despite all my tough talk, I don’t bite. And the book portrays some as real people with real concerns. Besides I can’t wait to see regulators in pajamas.



Why Farmers Aren’t Buying Into the “Sky Is Falling” Hype About NAIS, and Other “Traceability”– Initiatives

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Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 09:31PM

As long as we’re discussing our fear-based culture, I should mention the National Animal Identification System (NAIS).

A dairy farmer wrote recently to gently remind me I hadn’t written much of late about NAIS, and to urge me to do so because it’s back in the news. I was so preoccupied over the last ten months or so with writing and researching my book about the politics of raw milk (due to be published next fall) that I have neglected to provide updates on NAIS. Over that time period, we’ve had an election and a new administration take office.

So when I went to update myself on what’s happening, I found that, despite all the political shuffling, the government and agriculture trade group rhetoric on NAIS hasn’t changed a bit. The most notable additional development may be a worldwide effort to broaden animal tracking to include “traceability” of all food ingredients back to their producers.

On the NAIS front, the latest wrinkle is a series of U.S. Department of Agriculture “listening sessions” around the country about NAIS. In announcing the sessions, the secretary of agriculture was quoted as suggesting NAIS is inevitable: “USDA needs to hear directly from our stakeholders as we work together to create an animal disease traceability program we can all support,” Tom Vilsack.

Ready to fan the fear flames are organizations like the American Veterinary Medical Association. One of its top officials told a Congressional committee, “The U.S. cannot afford to wait for a crisis to make a mandatory animal identification system a reality.”

Amidst all the rhetoric, the most revealing facts about NAIS may be that the USDA has been attempting to sign up farms and other production facilities for five years now, and over that time span, has succeeded only in attracting about one-third of all facilities. For all the chicken-little rhetoric, farmers seem to appreciate better than the general population that NAIS is just another outgrowth of our culture of fear.

Since the program has been billed as “voluntary,” the one thing that can doom the entire effort is lack of effective farm participation. (There are many opponents who argue that NAIS becomes less and less “voluntary” as times goes on, and states push ever harder to help USDA achieve its signup goals…which makes the relatively small percentage of registrations all the more remarkable.)

In addition,the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund is fighting the USDA in federal court, but it will likely be many months, and possibly years, until its case is resolved.

It’s important to understand that NAIS and similar animal tracking programs in other countries aren’t isolated phenomena. They are part of a larger worldwide effort to trace ALL foods, including fruits and veggies, back to their producers. As part of that effort, technology companies with all kinds of new bar codes and other tracking devices are springing up, with backing from government agencies around the world.

It may be too late to keep all these new bureaucratic efforts from establishing deep roots. But defeating NAIS would send a strong message that small farms in particular don’t need more layers of bureaucracy to encourage them to produce safe foods.

Minnesota Democrats and Republicans ready to seize medical files for rationed care

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NOTE #1: There are 7 hours left of the Minnesota legislative session. HF1341—the health department’s bill to grab baby DNA and repeal genetic privacy—is on the Calendar in the House, but no word yet.


NOTE #2:  We will continue to deliver petitions against HF 1341 to the Governor until the legislature adjourns without passage of the bill (or similar language elsewhere)..or the Governor signs or vetoes the bill.

MN State Capitol at Sunset (TB)

CCHC Legislative News!

  • Your Data — Their Control
  • MN Meddling: New Law Expands Government Interference
  • Medicare:  Bad New Could Be Good News
  • ObamaCare Master Plan – More Data; Less Care

    Your Data, Their Control
    Republicans should take a lesson from Hong Kong’s Sir John Cowperthwaite. As former Financial Secretary, he refused to collect data to prevent the bureaucratic impulse toward central planning.  By refusing to collect economic statistics about Hong Kong during his tenure, he helped usher in the island’s unprecedented growth into an international financial center. “I did very little,” Sir John once said. “All I did was to try to prevent some of the things that might undo it.” That would be statistics.On July 1, 2009, medical records data from all Minnesotans will be shipped electronically by insurers to a data warehouse in Maine. No consent is required. The Minnesota Department of Health will own the data and use it to monitor and analyze physician treatment decisions and patients…and eventually ration care by statistical renderings of “cost-effectiveness.” The cost of the collection and analysis program is more than $5 million over the first three years. Health officials have no idea how to do what they want to do (see MDH Request for Information) but the likely impact will be punitive bureaucratic controls…and less access to care.Too many Republican leaders fail to understand that government data collection is tied to government control. Legislation at the state and federal level supported by Republican lawmakers and free market groups is chock full of new registries, repositories and electronic data sharing. Specific collections include patient outcomes, treatment patterns, and “quality” of health care. Report cards on doctor “performance,” and payment penalties will follow.

    Rationing of health care is enabled by such government data collection, analysis and payment schemes. Supporters of a  national interoperable online medical records system expect to use the system to nationalize health care—and the data to rationalize rationing of medical care. See “Evidence Based Medicine: Rationing Care; Hurting Patients, a paper written by CCHC’s president Twila Brase, and commissioned by the American Legislative Exchange Council, 12/2008.

    MN Meddling: New Law Expands Government Interference
    Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty may have line item vetoed some of the money in the health and human services bill (HF 1362), but a full-sized veto was warranted. The legislation extends to new heights government interference in health care. The list of troubling items in the bill (beyond the eligibility and spending increases) that we provided to legislators during the House floor debate include the following (with page and line #):•  Electronic prescribing mandate that will allow government tracking of your prescriptions and pharmacy choice. (62.4 )
    •  Electronic prescribing mandate allows pharmacies access to medical record information without your consent. (62.8 and 61.34)
    •  Nationalized medical records—by requiring conformance with federal sharing/reporting in Econ. Stimulus. (HITECH) (52.9)
    •  No payment for treating hospital-acquired conditions. Can hospitals and doctors prevent these various complications? (76.13)
    •  Government to establish performance thresholds for health care provider for “combined cost and quality.” (78.8)
    •  Health Services Policy Committee will track provider practice patterns. (93.19)
    •  DHS authorized to use “any other means available to verify family income” (to keep children on MinnesotaCare). (133.28)
    •  Collection of statistics on asthma hospital admissions. (151.6)
    •  Huge government-endorsed research project on patient “health care outcomes and treatment effectiveness.” (151.24)
    •  Substance abuse tracking system. (174.31)
    •  Data sharing/exchange on individuals authorized between 3 Departments (Health, Human Services, Mental Health). (198.1)

    medicare screenshotMedicare:  Bad News Could be Good News
    The future of Medicare is bleak—and that’s good news if you look at it the right way. The entitlement program’s expected demise is an opportunity to take strong steps now to free current and future senior citizens from the evolving life-threatening rationing strategies in play today and impending in the near future.Medicare will become insolvent in 2017, according to the latest Trustees report released May 12, 2009. In 2008, they reported insolvency by 2019. One year later, the date is 2017. Next year’s announced date of demise could be be 2015. Summary: “The Medicare Report shows that the HI Trust Fund could be brought into actuarial balance over the next 75 years by changes equivalent to an immediate 134 percent increase in the payroll tax (from a rate of 2.9 percent to 6.78 percent), or an immediate 53 percent reduction in program outlays, or some combination of the two.”Liberals will look at Medicare’s impending insolvency as rationale for a national health care system. Conservatives should look at the Medicare crisis as rationale for bringing freedom and free markets to the fastest growing segment of our population, people over the age of 65.  See CCHC paper: “Medicare: Need an Escape Plan, not a Rescue Plan”

    ObamaCare Master Plan – More Data; Less Care
    Peter Orszag is President Obama’s director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, and Obama’s chief health care strategist. He was also the person who put the $1.1 billion “comparative effectiveness research” (rationing) initiative and the national health data system into the Economic Stimulus bill. In 2007, as head of the Congressional Budget Office, he said in a presentation that electronic medical records not used for data-based controls on care will not save money. Thus, here is what he wrote in The Wall Street Journal on May 15, 2009:

“…How can we move toward a high-quality, lower-cost system? There are four key steps: 1) health information technology, because we can’t improve what we don’t measure; 2) more research into what works and what doesn’t, so doctors don’t recommend treatments that don’t improve health; 3) prevention and wellness, so that people do the things that keep them healthy and avoid costs associated with health risks such as smoking and obesity; and 4) changes in financial incentives for providers so that they are incentivized rather than penalized for delivering high-quality care. [CCHC NOTE: incentives for one thing tend to mean penalties for the other]

“Already, the administration has taken important steps in all four of these areas. In February, the president signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which is providing resources for electronic medical records, patient-centered health research, and prevention and wellness interventions so that we have the infrastructure in place to lower health spending in the long run….”

This is a plan for centralized control, based on a national health surveillance system. Orszag can’t take full credit for this idea. Hillary had it in her plan first, along with “quality” monitoring (Title V, Clinton Health Plan).

– CCHC –

Citizens’ Council on Health Care supports freedom for patients and doctors, medical
innovation, and the right to a confidential patient-doctor relationship.


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For Immediate Release Please

From: Darol Dickinson
740 758 5050
May 14, 2009


The first listening session hour began with a power point as USDA leaders spoke on the many theories of NAIS.
The first listening session hour began with a power point as USDA leaders spoke on the many theories of NAIS.

Neil Hammerschmidt, believed to be the driving force behind NAIS, carefully articulated virtues and protective benefits for livestock producers.
Neil Hammerschmidt, believed to be the driving force behind NAIS, carefully articulated virtues and protective benefits for livestock producers.

Security guards were on duty at all times during the listening sessions.
Security guards were on duty at all times during the listening sessions.

The head table featured l to r, Neil Hammerschmidt, Jeri Dick, and John Weimer.
The head table featured l to r, Neil Hammerschmidt, Jeri Dick, and John Weimer.

Security guards were alerted to possible disturbances among farmers with planned dispatching.
Security guards were alerted to possible disturbances among farmers with planned dispatching.

USDA's Larry Miller led one of 3 break-out afternoon sessions.
USDA’s Larry Miller led one of 3 break-out afternoon sessions.

Extra security guards were on site in case of a major problem with livestock producers.
Extra security guards were on site in case of a major problem with livestock producers.

The furthest attendee was from Oregon. Speakers were provided 3 minutes to present their concerns.
The furthest attendee was from Oregon. Speakers were provided 3 minutes to present their concerns. 

Harrisburg, Pa—the first of a series of NAIS Listening Sessions was held today at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center, Harrisburg, Pa. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack stated, “I encourage individuals and organizations to voice their concerns, ideas and potential solutions about animal identification.” And—voice concerns they did!

The Pennsylvania location was a choice spot for this first national effort by USDA. The Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture has been mellowed by USDA with $2,127,411 of cooperative agreements directly for the purpose of NAIS property enrollments. The state’s generous grants were successful in energizing one of the highest percentages of farm enrollments of any state, not counting Massachusetts, who according to USDA records have a 227.1% enrollment.

Pennsylvania should have a very high percentage of favorable NAIS listening session enrollees, but it didn’t happen.

Those responding to the invitation to “voice their concerns” requested formal speaking time up to 2 weeks in advance and signed up a second time this morning on arrival. Each hopeful speaker got to speak up to 3 minutes if their name was drawn. A total of 187 people requested to speak and 36 actually were successful.

The beginning agenda allowed for senior USDA staff to cajole the perceived merits of NAIS for a scheduled one hour period. Staff members Jere Dick, Neil Hammerschmidt, and John Weimer defined the goals and theory of the troubled program.

Crowd control was a consideration. Due to the “touchy” nature of this USDA effort up to eight law enforcement officers were positioned on perimeters of the Expo meeting room. Farmers and ranchers are normally law abiding country folk, so fortunately no arrests or altercations took place. USDA staff member and blue group leader, Larry Miller, requested speakers have a “respectful attitude” at all times during the process.

As approved presenters rapidly verbalized their three minute allotment, USDA staff were true listeners with seldom if any comment. Their reaction was somber regardless of the charged efforts of livestock producers, with many far from polite, and seasoned with colorful barn yard vernacular in many cases.

A large Amish delegation were represented offering passionate pleadings against mandatory NAIS. Others of faith expressed major concerns. Two livestock producers from Ohio attended, one lady from Oregon and most from within a five hour drive of the eastern Pennsylvania area.

Of the successful speakers, 27 were clearly opposed to NAIS and 4 spoke in favor. Three indicated they were enrolled in NAIS without their knowledge and one indicated they had enrolled by mistake and wish they had not. One lady said her husband enrolled against her will and now he understands.

Afternoon attendees were divided into three break-out groups with the assignment from Secretary Tom Vilsack (not present) “discussions will be less about concerns and more about ideas and solutions to create a NAIS that we can all live with.” Each group was to study seven questions and focus to identify workable solutions. The seven questions centered around, cost, impact on small farms, privacy and confidentiality, liability, premises registration, animal ID, and animal tracing. These are considered the most concerning objections to NAIS.

The three break-out groups recorded the following concerns:

  • “There is no problem that NAIS will fix.”
  • “Drop the program.”
  • “Don’t use the word premises. I own property, not a premise.”
  • “Trace only international imported and export animals.”
  • “It is obvious enforcement is big with USDA by the looks of the police guards present here today. We are scared of your enforcements of NAIS mandatory on our farms.”
  • “Leave us alone! I am just here to say, NO!”
  • “We don’t trust USDA.”
  • “USDA has a tarnished reputation of raiding family farms without cause. NAIS is designed to make farm raids more prevalent.”
  • “If a government program isn’t worth doing, it is not worth doing right.”
  • Statement to the break-out moderator, “Thank you for listening. The longer you listen—NAIS won’t be mandatory.”
  • “NAIS is OK with me except for just one part—–MANDATORY.”
  • “You have not been honest with us about the enrollment numbers for NAIS.”
  • “USDA are amateur liars. I like to be lied to professionally.”
  • “NAIS has a trust issue. We don’t trust NAIS.”
  • An R-CALF USA eight point proposal for an alternative animal health program was recommended six times during the break-out session. (It was the only alternative solution offered.)
  • “The country is in serious economical trouble. It is not the time to add more costs to farm production.”
  • “Over 90% of farmers are opposed to NAIS. Will you still demand mandatory NAIS regardless of listening session results?
  • “The USDA animal health program currently is effective, NAIS is not needed.”
  • “Don’t call me a stakeholder. I am a land and horse owner. I am insulted by calling me a stakeholder. I am not holding the stakes for others.”
  • “USDA should be working on vaccines to prevent disease instead of NAIS trace back.”

USDA’s John Weimer was asked about the results of the letter writing effort to USDA with a designated comment period about NAIS several months ago. Where were the results published? He did not recall the comment effort and did not know what happened to the hundreds of communications USDA received.

In the blue break-out group all speaking participants (43 total) were clearly opposed to NAIS. USDA’s group leader Larry Miller continued to redirect the emphasis from NAIS concerns, over to solution issues to make mandatory NAIS a palatable program. One dairy farmer said, “We have answered your questions. You are not listening. There is no way NAIS will work. No part of it will work. All seven questions are not solvable. Any people who want to do NAIS should be able to volunteer, but mandatory NAIS will cause bloodshed in the streets. We will refuse to surrender.”

Future USDA listening meetings on NAIS will be held at Pasco, WA, Austin, TX, Birmingham, AL, Louisville, KY, Storrs, CT, and Loveland, CO. Comments for those who may not be able to attend should be sent to the Federal eRulemaking Portal.

The battle against NAIS rages on!



  farmer_s                                                                                                                  http://www.petition2congress.com/2/1903/veterans-against-nais/

“Now recently comes this program called National Animal Identification System (NAIS). Born of greed for more profits from big businesses and crammed down the unsuspecting throat of every person who owns one livestock animal, even one chicken, one horse or one goat, NAIS would subject millions of farmers and ranchers and tens of thousands of veterans to the biggest intrusion of privacy and violation of private property rights in the history of mankind. By forcing every veteran who owns even one animal to register their premises and report every movement of every animal they own to the government within 24 hours, NAIS would subject veterans who raise even a backyard flock of chickens to more government surveillance than illegal aliens, terrorists, and child molesters. If you support our veterans, you should be outraged.”

Sign the petition and give your comments here:   http://www.petition2congress.com/2/1903/veterans-against-nais/

Staged hearings are happening again today in the House.  Dr. Acheson from the FDA revealed that he has requested 440 new personnel to conduct enforcement.  So if I understand this correctly…….there will be no effort to penalize China for sending us contaminated food, medicine and products: no attempt to halt importation of cattle from Mexico infected with bovine tuberculosis……no attempts to reign in unsanitary industrialized processors who cause 95% of all food borne illnesses because of the filthy conditions in their facilities……..instead the FDA wants to expand its dysfunctional agency and send 440 more people out to terrorize and harrass family farmers and ranchers. 

Keep in mind that 50 % of all money spent by the federal government goes to enforcing police state regulations in every industry.




Although this news report states that parts of the law allowing secret testing on US citizens was repealed (HR 2977) Space Preservation Act) about nine years ago, the reporter fails to mention that Rumsfeld in his 2003 DOJ regulations revisions, claimed the right to test on anyone, anytime, without informed consent or without prior or subsequent knowledge.  Rumsfeld even went so far as to specifically site women, pregnant women and minorities and of course anyone in the military.   

News report from Southeastern Arkansas.  Man collects samples and finds high levels of barium and arsenic. 

Leave our food alone!!

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Its sad to say but Collin Peterson will not listen to anyone who does not agree with him.  He’s known as the invisible man here in Minnesota.  He’s also known for becoming red faced and bug eyed and quite testy  if confronted about the falsehoods and out right misrepresentations of these bills.  If you were to confront him right now his stock answer would be “How come I don’t know anything about that”?  “I never heard of that”……and this is how he side steps the actual question by making it appear that the person posing it has somehow lost their minds.  If you persist it is apparent he becomes enraged.  That was very apparent in the March 11 AG hearing when opponents of NAIS stated facts that refuted the stage show put on by the government.  It looked like Peterson was going to explode.    Marti



Congressman Collin Peterson, Chairman
House Committee on Agriculture
1301 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Subject: An Open Letter and Petition to House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson

Dear Congressman Peterson:

Your committee is currently reviewing H.R. 875, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009. We, the undersigned, are members of America’s agricultural community and friends of farmers, hunters, gardeners, and all those who work to feed our country and its people. We believe that H.R. 875 is a bad bill which would make a worse law, and we urge you to reject this bill and the many errors about the direction of American agricultural policy it embodies.

  1. This bill places the food-producing activities of ordinary American families under the control of an ill-defined and expensive bureaucracy – a bureaucracy which ignores the century-plus history of the FDA as the primary regulator of America’s food safety on the national level in favor of creating “czars” and working groups under the direct control of the White House.
  2. This bill places intolerable burdens on small organic farms and alternative agricultural producers, requiring them to do business under the very methodology that many of them were founded to avoid. We agree that nobody should be permitted to market unsafe or dangerous foods, but this bill goes much too far in attempting to standardize and regulate the production of food by small operators. America has a long and proud tradition of innovation and experimentation in the production of food – a tradition which has led our country to its current position as the most food-secure nation on Earth. This bill would discard that proud tradition in favor of bureaucracy and government control.
  3. This bill creates regulatory and administrative hurdles that seem specifically designed to choke the economic life out of small producers in favor of the major corporations which can better afford to adapt expensive regulatory regimes. Again, we agree that regulation and oversight are important tools for the government to use in ensuring that America’s food supply is safe- but we do not believe that these tools must be deployed in a one-size-fits-all solution that ignores the wide diversity of American agricultural production.

All Americans agree that food safety is a vital issue for our country, and we applaud you and your committee’s tireless work to ensure that America’s food supply remains safe and secure. However, H.R. 875 does not advance that goal – it harms it, by placing far too much power in the hands of unelected officials, and removing responsibility from the farmers who have fed this country, and the world, for more than two centuries. We urge you in the strongest possible terms to reject this bill and prevent the destruction and disruption that it would create in our nation’s most critical economic sector.


The Undersigned

www.LeaveMyFoodAlone.org   sign the petition here

Oathkeepers: Orders we will not obey…..

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Oath Keepers.  Maybe there is hope for us.

Another anti-gun bill from the anti-gun extremists HR 2159

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free-men-own-gunsHR 2159

Another anti-gun bill from the anti-gun extremists

by David S
Saturday, May 9, 2009

HR 2159 is another bill from the anti-gun extremists. It says;


“The Attorney General may deny the transfer of a firearm pursuant to section 922(t)(1)(B)(ii) if the Attorney General determines that the transferee is known (or appropriately suspected) to be or have been engaged in conduct constituting, in preparation for, in aid of, or related to terrorism, or providing material support thereof, and the Attorney General has a reasonable belief that the prospective transferee may use a firearm in connection with terrorism.”

In other words if the Attorney General suspects that you are a terrorist then he can deny you the right to buy a gun. There is no trial and no due process of law. So not only does this bill violate the second amendment, it also violates the fifth and sixth amendments.

The author of this bill and the cosponsors all took an oath to support the constitution. And yet here they are happily proposing to violate it left and right. In my opinion that should be ample reason for removing them from office.

But there are other troubling aspects to this bill. If second amendment rights can be removed in this manner what about other rights. Could your first amendment right of free speech be revoked because you might be using it to conspire with others to commit acts of terrorism? Could your fourth amendment right to privacy be taken because you might have something dangerous on your person or your property?

This bill stinks to high heaven. All Americans should contact their representatives and tell them this bill must not pass.

Codex Alimentarius and FAKE Food Safety Bills HR 875

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Codex Alimentarius……..the greatest threat to our country……..if you discount the federal government.

The “Campaign Against America”


deesdeocbirdsWhat was begun and partially implemented under the Republicans is now being finished by the Democrats.  If the majority of us have not understood by now that there is only one party in the District of Criminals, and that both factions of this party of controlling elites is dedicated to ending our sovereignty and thoroughly trashing our Constitution to meet that end, there is no hope for us.

Although most of the country heaved a sigh of relief when Bush 2 left office, taking with him the most corrupt cabinet and administration ever in our history, that relief was short lived.  It quickly became apparent that there would be a continuation of the “Campaign Against America” so successfully waged by the Bush Republicans.

When the Democrats assumed power many assumed there would be a reversal of all the egregious legislation that was neither Constitutional nor conducive to a free democratic society.  In that moment when we had to decide which lever to pull in the voting booth, which button to push many of us hoped this simple act would magically change the nightmare that has become our “government”. 

We voted for change.  The Democrats who promised change are fulfilling that promise with speed.  Here’s the change we can believe in:

  • HR 814 National Animal Identification System (NAIS)

The theft of real livestock property from individual owners and producers creating a burdensome regulatory system with massive costs to family and independent producers while providing loopholes for industrialized corporate animal production; a known source of food contamination.  This program will do nothing to halt or track disease in livestock that isn’t already being done without it.

  • HR 875, the Food Safety and Modernization Act and a host of other like-bills. 

Euphemistically referred to as “food safety” bills.  Dedicated to centralizing the food supply in the hands of industrialized corporate farming and ending family and independent farming and ranching.

These bills create a police state bureau which will be empowered to act outside the Constitution and not constrained by constitutional provisions or rights.  Each of them includes the Premises ID which empowers the government to seize and control previously owned individual property. 

These bills are dedicated to the takeover of all food production and supply in the US.

  • HR 759 The Food and Drug Administration Globalization Act of 2009

This bill will facilitate the full implementation of Codex Alimentarius a world wide effort by the UN to seize control of food production and supply by forcing all nations to adhere to a contrived “harmonization” of laws.  Codex is set to be fully implemented by December 31, 2009 but without passage and adoption of Codex through legislative action, this would be an act of treason to subject the people of the US to non-US laws and regulations.

  • S 787 :The Clean Water Restoration Act

              which is nothing more than the federal government seizing control of the US water supply from any source whatsoever.  

  • S 773  The Cyber Security Act of 2009-10   

         This fine piece of fascist work includes a “kill switch” provision allowing the government at will, at its own determination to shut off all or   parts of the internet.  And of course there is s 778 which establishes a new office in the executive branch dedicated to doing this very thing.

 PS: On this kill switch issue they also want one on planes, and a “kill switch” is included in SMART GRID that ever expanding plan to dictate how much energy you can use with the capability of shutting down entire sections of the country……or just your house…..whatever suits their needs at the moment.

 With just these five bills our government is poised to;

  • take over food production and supply and hand it over to their corporate handlers
  • force family and independent food and livestock producers to “voluntarily” abandon their property rights and forfeit them to the federal government
  • establish another police state bureaucracy whose main mission will be enforcement of this part of the police state
  • seize control of the entire water supply allowing it to be converted from one of human right, to a tradable commodity for sale to the highest bidder and which will necessitate the creation of yet another bureaucracy to enforce this takeover
  • Shut down all internet access and phone service at will to end the alternative sources of news and communication by the public to be enforced by another newly created bureaucracy located in the White House.
  • Shut down all electric service either individually or by region or area which of course will require another unelected bureaucratic enforcement agency to be created.

Not one of these bills or programs will make us safe from terrorist attacks or do anything other than diminish our standing as a free people.  Each of these items is designed to lessen our freedom, to subject us to police state powers enforced by multiple police state enforcement agencies. 

 As for the “national security” claim and the threats of being attacked; we would be far better off to keep an eye on the Washington District of Criminals.  It is from the “district” that the greatest attacks on our freedom and liberty are being waged. 

(C) Marti Oakley 2009

Germany joins five other European nations banning Monsanto MON 810 gm corn

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Seeds Of TruthBy Sheila Samples
May 09, 2009 “Information Clearing House” — I have learned over the past decade if I want to know what’s really going on in the United States, I have to cruise through the foreign media to see what’s creating a furor or causing a stink. So, while searching for the status of Spain’s on-again, off-again criminal proceedings against six Bush Administration war criminals, this headline in Der Spiegel caught my eye — “Frankenfood Ban is Neither Populism nor Panic-Mongering.”

A closer look at the article revealed it wasn’t a Norm Coleman ploy to get folks in Minnesota to quit eating burgers and fries, nor a menu for the genetically obscene monster in Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein,” but an announcement by Germany’s Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner that Germany is banning the cultivation of MON 810, a genetically modified (GM) corn produced by US biotech giant Monsanto.

The GM Monster

It appears that MON 810 is also believed to be the “Frankenstein” of GM crops by at least five other European countries — France, Austria, Hungary, Greece and Luxembourg — all of whom have banned its use. MON 810 was approved by the European Union in 1998, and was the only GM crop approved for cultivation in Germany. Aigner said she had legitimate reasons to believe that the genetically modified Monsanto seed “presents a danger to the environment.” The plant produces a toxin that not only destroys the larvae of the corn borer moth, but other, beneficial, insects as well.

Andreas Thierfelder, spokesman for Monsanto Germany, responded that Monsanto would decide “as quickly as possible” whether to take legal proceedings. She said the “matter was very urgent as the planting season was about to start.” Just how urgent was evident days later when Monsanto filed a lawsuit against the German government, claiming that its ban on MON 810 is arbitrary and contravenes EU rules. Although Monsanto sued France in an effort to overturn its ban on genetically modified corn, and lost that battle in March when France’s highest court ruled that the corn “may” harm the environment and wildlife, the German government is justifiably edgy, as it must prove conclusively to the German court that MON 810 damages the environment.

But the feeder GM corn is just one tiny blip on the Frankenfood radar. And, it’s not just Europeans who should worry. As Jim Hightower, former two-time Texas agriculture commissioner warned way back in June 2004…       READ MORE

Dickinson Longhorn cattle company continues its fight against NAIS


From the National Assn. of Farm Animal Welfare, 4.22.09


Life is precious, even more so when a little life is hanging by a thread. Here at Dickinson Cattle Company Inc., near Barnesville, Ohio, USA, every life is priority, the people and the livestock. When every breath of oxygen and ounce of colostrum is life or death, tender love, and on the spot management is drastically important.


Herd health doesn’t come out of a bottle, or because of a federal law. It certainly is not about ear tags, or about Humane Society animal rights theory. It comes from devoted livestock management by the people who appreciate and respect livestock the most, the owners. Herd health is not a fourth of July rally. It goes all year long with generous amounts of clean hay, water and minerals during cold winter days.

Ranchers know their stock. Genetics are planned with special traits for many generations. Not only do producers know every herd animal, they often know their planned mating genealogies for 20 to 50 years deep back into historic pedigrees. The mind of a true stockman evaluates every trait of every animal. The herd sires receive multiple scrutiny. Frozen semen is a special tool for breed improvement. Check DCCI sires available at http://www.texaslonghorn.com/inventory/semen/index.cfm

Over 1000 livestock producing families per month go broke or terminate their businesses. This is caused by excessive enforcements, taxes, regulations of governments beyond reason, and the cost of labor having to compete against union salaries and the government’s high paying jobs. Each day Congress and the Senate pass more laws to increase cost of agriculture production. Look close at these American families and realize they are a vanishing species. They work day and night to excel. The elderly fear the future; youth innocently dream of the grandeur to come. As children prepare for the cattle shows of this coming Summer, Washington regulators prepare to force mandatory NAIS compliance to strap livestock owners with one more hard financial blow.JV_0101_s

You may have called your elected federal officials hundreds of times and robotically treated like a borrowed mule, never receiving the dignity of a returned call. Try another hundred emails, letters, fax and phone calls. Call your state veterinarians who have all taken massive bribes (cooperative agreements) from the USDA to promote NAIS. As the elected and employed ones vote themselves increases of salary, insurance and retirements annually, thousands of food producers in the USA depart. Please try a few more times to contact your enforcers. Someday, one may listen to the people affected by their onerous legislations and do the right thing. Please say — NO to NAIS.

40 Progressives support Industrial Destruction of America

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yupfarming gives a close up look at the Democrats who are orchestrating the takeover and destruction of American independent farming and ranching.  Keep in mind…..these are the same people we thought were going to restore America.  These are traitors and betrayers and nothing less.  Go to yupfarming to read the full article.



Who are the “progressives” supporting animal torture, human illness and the destruction of your country’s land and traditions?


Rep. Gwen Moore [D-WI]

Rep. Bob Filner [D-CA]

Rep. Timothy Bishop [D-NY]

Rep. Jerrold Nadler [D-NY]

Rep. Mark Schauer [D-MI]

Rep. James McGovern [D-MA]

Rep. John Tierney [D-MA]

Rep. Raul Grijalva [D-AZ]

Rep. Eliot Engel [D-NY]

Rep. Nita Lowey [D-NY]

Del. Eleanor Norton [D-DC]

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz [D-FL]

Rep. Robert Wexler [D-FL]

Rep. Sam Farr [D-CA]

Rep. Kathy Castor [D-FL]

Rep. Anna Eshoo [D-CA]

Rep. Diana DeGette [D-CO]

Rep. Linda Sánchez [D-CA]

Rep. James McDermott [D-WA]

Rep. Sanford Bishop [D-GA]

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords [D-AZ]

Rep. Timothy Ryan [D-OH]

Rep. Fortney Stark [D-CA]

Rep. André Carson [D-IN]

Rep. Joe Courtney [D-CT]

Rep. Betty McCollum [D-MN]

Rep. Barbara Lee [D-CA]

Rep. Barney Frank [D-MA]

Rep. John Hall [D-NY]

Rep. Maurice Hinchey [D-NY]

Rep. Louise Slaughter [D-NY]

Rep. Janice Schakowsky [D-IL]

Rep. Marcy Kaptur [D-OH]

Rep. Mazie Hirono [D-HI]

Rep. Betty Sutton [D-OH]

Rep. Eddie Johnson [D-TX]

Rep. Shelley Berkley [D-NV]

Rep. Christopher Murphy [D-CT]

Rep. Peter DeFazio [D-OR]

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger [D-MD]

NAIS: Expensive, Intrusive, Unworkable

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You can go directly to the www.nonais.org site just by clicking the link in our blogroll or, www.naisSTINKS.org for related articles and information.


On April 15, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack held a roundtable discussion on the controversial National Animal Identification System (NAIS). He had invited 29 organizations, and I had the opportunity to represent the Western Organization of Resource Councils (WORC).

Secretary Vilsack opened by explaining that he was getting pressure from Congress, which is considering, apparently, cutting off the funding for NAIS unless the livestock industry works out a consensus to have better voluntary participation. I probably was not the only one in the room wondering: “And this is a bad thing?” He went on to mention that NAIS is becoming a requirement for international trade since all of our major competitors have NAIS type traceability systems.

I challenged this international market requirement, pointing out that last fall, when I delivered my calves, the buyer wanted source and age identification, which I gladly and easily provided. For the relatively small percentage of beef that we export, compared to our domestic market, a private system between buyers and sellers can work very well. Besides, I pointed out that country-of-origin labeling (COOL) is a marketing program and USDA had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the table. So why is USDA so obsessed with NAIS?

If NAIS is not a marketing program, what is it? Some people seem to think that it has something to do with food safety, which is pure nonsense. In the mid 1990’s USDA replaced meat inspectors with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system (HACCP). In doing so, they did us a great disservice – HACCP – USDA’s gift that keeps on giving salmonella. If people are serious about food safety, then rescind HACCP.

USDA does not have a good record on homeland security either, which is the third rational advanced for NAIS. It was USDA that let bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) and tuberculosis (TB) into the country. Homeland security comes from adequate inspections and controls on our borders, not by burdening producers in the heartland with an expensive, intrusive, and cumbersome animal ID system.

Finally, is NAIS a disease control system? It probably could be in some specific circumstances, and the American Veterinary Medical Association certainly thinks it is the answer to all problems. Their statement was by far most in favor of NAIS.

Many of the other attendees were on both sides of the fence. NCBA seemed to say that they opposed NAIS as long as it was a government controlled program, leaving the impression that if NCBA were to run it, they would be happily in favor of a mandatory program. In contrast, R-CALF and U.S. Cattlemen, along with WORC, were clear about their opposition to a mandatory program. The Public Lands Council also opposed it on the grounds that Premise ID in the West, where we have livestock going every which way for summer pasture, NAIS compliance would be very complicated. The American Sheep Growers also opposed, pointing out that the scrapie tag system was working very well as it is.

I think that we were pretty effective in pointing out that this country had controlled many diseases without NAIS. After all, in Montana, we have had an animal ID system – brands– in place for 125 years. I pointedly reminded Secretary Vilsack that USDA has not demonstrated to the western ranchers that NAIS adds value to what we have been doing all along.

I further pointed out that USDA does not have much credibility out West. Given its record with COOL, meat inspection, BSE, TB, and lack of enforcement of the Packers and Stockyards Act, there was very little reason to trust USDA over this NAIS program.

I also reminded Secretary Vilsack that WORC had sent him a letter on April 8th with a long list of questions about NAIS and how it would function. A timely response to that letter would be very beneficial and would clarify a lot, not only for the affected livestock owners, but also for USDA because the department does not seem that to have really thought this through.

After listening to the other groups represented (poultry, pork, horses, milk, elk, bison, monopoly packers, producers of natural foods, stockyards, etc.), it is clear that there is a complex mixture of needs and concerns. Something like NAIS might make sense for some species, some industry segments, and some states that do not have brand laws. However, I remain convinced that a single, overarching national system is too expensive, too intrusive, and unworkable.

Gilles Stockton is a rancher from Grass Range, Mont., member of WORC’s Livestock Committee, and an international consultant on livestock production and marketing.

Kevin Dowling
Communications Director
220 S. 27th Street, Suite B
Billings, MT 59101

S 787 Federal Water Theft

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potholeWater is necessary for sustaining life as well as growing food, and should not be something that we are forced to pay for or go without. S 787, introduced by Senator Russ Feingold, attempts to make all waters that fall from the sky onto our land property of the Federal Government. This is unnacceptable.

Let me put it another, more direct way. If water falls out of the sky and into a pool of water on my property, I’ll be damned if I am going to pay the Feds, Corp USA, one red cent to drink it. Do you hear that Senator Feingold? You can take your S 787 and shove it! READ MORE…

Marti Oakley’s Interview on the Dr. Stanley Monteith Show: The NAIS

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Last night, I recorded Marti’s excellent interview on the subject of NAIS and it has been posted on my own Free Zone website (under the Eugenics/Depopulation Agenda section).

NAIS, Premises ID….Marti Oakley on Radio Liberty





      I will be a guest on the Dr. Stanley Monteith show on Radio Liberty  on Thursday May 7, 2009 at 9p.m. pst,

or 11 p.m. cst. 

NAIS, Premises ID and the fake food safety bills will be the topics of discussion. 

You can listen in here:     http://www.radioliberty.com/

Thanks!  Marti Oakley

HR 814 Supports CAFOs and Restricts Individual Animal Ownership

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no-to-factory-farmsSection 210 of HR 875 requires that a national traceability system for each “article of food through all stages of its production, processing, and distribution” be implemented, and HR 814 lays the system out in no uncertain terms. This traceability system applies to livestock, chickens, and eggs, and is supposed to safeguard our food supply. The problem is, no one other than concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) can reasonably comply with its requirements. READ MORE…

Barbara H. Peterson

Feds tell us who they think we are

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Darol Dickinson from   texaslonghorn.com  sends along this document.  Use it to find out what kind of patriot your government thinks you are.  As I have stated in the past numerous times, the enemy our government fears is US!  We are the “terrorists”…..not the Muslims…..not the radical Islamic religion…..us.  As reference on just whom the government fears most, read the Patriot Acts…..terrorism is never mentioned unless there is an egregious asssault on civil liberites. 

As you go through this listing of who the government thinks is a terrorist, keep in mind YOU are a prime suspect!

Thanks to Darol for letting us know just how threatening he is in the eyes of our government.  (sarc)

From Darol:

Please check the attached document to determine who you are and what the federal government considers your category.  Although I have always thought I was a law abiding, peaceful American with some pride of country and respect of leaders—-now I know what they think of me.

 I find I fit 19 threatening categories.  I think I am a rightwing extremist neo-patriot second-target sovereign resistance hacktivist constitution-based decentralized bloc aboveground Baptist.  Now I know why I am having a problem staying a Republican and Libertarians look a little to mellow to me.  
It looks like, unless I am a government employee, totally politically correct in each act and statement, I am considered a threat to the good order and stability of the country.
If this file comes in large, just reduce it.  It is official use only and you are not supposed to know about this — Top Secret document!  However I hereby grant you my authority to open this official secret classified document.
At the very end it gives details and “encourages recipients to report information concerning suspicious activity similar to above described to DHS and FBI.”  So looks like most of us need to turn ourselves in to authorities.  Darol Dickinson

GM Food Nightmare Unfolding in the Regulatory Sham

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ISIS – Regulator agencies like the European Food Safety Authority and the UK Food Standards Agency have been ignoring the precautionary principle, manipulating and corrupting science, sidestepping the law, and helping to promote GMOs in the face of massive public opposition and damning evidence piling up against the safety of GM food and feed

These charges are made in a devastating report [1] ( GM Food Nightmare Unfolding and the Regulatory Sham ) released today by the Institute of Science in Society*. The report has been submitted to the European Food Standards Agency, the World Health Organisation/ Food and Agriculture Organization Expert Consultation on GM Food Animals, and the UK Food Standards Agency, and it has been accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

The 19-page report contains more than 130 references. It draws together evidence from all over the world indicating that GM food and feed may be inherently hazardous to health, regardless of the plant species or the genetic modification involved. For example,

  • Female rats fed Roundup Ready soybeans gave birth to many severely stunted pups, with over half of the litter dead by three weeks, and the surviving pups were sterile; Roundup Ready soya has been approved worldwide for food and feed since 1996
  • Farmers and workers exposed to Bt cotton and Bt maize have suffered serious allergy-like symptoms
  • Livestock feeding on Bt crops and crop residues became ill and died in large numbers

“The evidence has stacked up to such an extent that our regulators should be answering a charge of criminal negligence at the very least in failing to ban GM crop and continuing with their campaign of denial and disinformation, and worse, helping to promote even more dangerous GM produce from the industry,” said Dr. Mae-Wan Ho. Dr Ho is the director of ISIS and lead author of the report co-authored with Joe Cummins , emeritus Professor of Biology at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, and Peter Saunders, emeritus Professor of Mathematics at King’s College, London University.

That Bt toxins can cause serious immune reactions was known long before they were widely incorporated into maize and cotton crops. Similarly, evidence that pieces of genetically modified (GM) DNA can be taken up and incorporated into the genomes of other cells – a process called horizontal gene transfer – has been steadily accumulating since the mid 1990s, when the ISIS scientists first sounded their warning to the regulators.

“GM DNAs often contain antibiotic resistance marker genes and other genes from bacteria and viruses that cause diseases. In addition, they have strong control signals – ‘promoters’ – that force the cell to express a foreign gene at high levels,” Dr. Mae-Wan Ho explains. “As a result, horizontal gene transfer not only spreads antibiotic resistance genes to harmful bacteria, it can create new bacteria and viruses that can cause epidemics. And if the strong promoter jumps into the wrong place in the genome of animal cells, it can boost the expression of oncogenes and cause the cells to multiply out of control, or cancer by another name.”

Europe and the UK are required by law to abide by the precautionary principle. Both have signed up to the Cartegena Protocol on Biosafety regulating GMOs, and a string of other international treaties for protecting health and the environment based on the precautionary principle. But systematic manipulation of scientific evidence and abuse of science by the regulatory authorities has meant that the precautionary principle is never invoked.

“GM food/feed looks like joining asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), BSE, tobacco and many others as yet another example of the government relying on bad scientific advice and ignoring the precautionary principle, with devastating consequences,” said Prof. Peter Saunders.

In three recent cases, American courts have ruled that the US Department of Agriculture failed to carry out proper environmental impact assessment before giving approval for releases of GM crops to the environment, and that the releases are therefore illegal.

“Regulation of genetically modified food crops in North America is a complete sham. It’s time for a shake up. The regulatory agencies must represent the law and the people not just corporate interests,” said Prof. Joe Cummins

For further information:

*The Institute of Science in Society is a UK London-based not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing critical public information on cutting edge science, and to promoting social accountability and ecological sustainability in science.


No Need for Condoms – GE Corn Can Do the Job

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filesGreenpeace — New research from Austria shows that a commercial strain of Monsanto-made GE corn causes mice to have fewer and weaker babies. What is this doing to human fertility?

 Regulators around the world said Monsanto’s GE corn was as safe as non-GE strains.

It has been approved in many countries and regions including the US, the EU, Argentina, Japan, Philippines and South Africa.

China approved the GE corn for animal feed back in 2005.

Until this research, under the Austrian Ministries for Agriculture and Health, none of the regulators had seriously questioned the safety of Monsanto’s GE corn.

The biotech industry is playing a game of genetic roulette with our food and with our health.

The GE corn research

Austrian scientists fed mice over a course of 20 weeks a mixture of 33 percent Monsanto GE corn (NK 603 x MON 810) and non-GE corn.

These mice gave birth to less babies and lighter babies in their third and fourth litters. Mice fed on non-GE corn had babies as normal.

These differences are statistically significant.

India and GE food

The GEAC(Genetic Engineering Approval Committee), a government body, has approved large scale field trials for BT corn in three agricultural universities in India. This corn is the same corn that according to a study by the Austrian government leads to infertility in the females of the rats that it was tested upon.

In the light of this latest research, Greenpeace India is urging the government to put the brakes on GE food.

“Genetic Engineering as a technology cannot be taken as safe without adequate safety tests” said Dr. Sujatha Byravan, Molecular biologist and former President of The Council for Responsible Genetics.

GE Brinjal is also in the pipeline, and being considered for approval.

Monsanto’s GE corn hurts mouse reproduction. So what is it doing to human reproduction?Considering the severity of the potential threat, Greenpeace is demanding a recall of genetically-engineered food and crops from the global market.

For the full story click here to watch “The World According to Monsanto

Purchase the DVD –Click Here


Mexican Flu Outbreak 2009: SPECIAL REPORT by Dr Leonard Horowitz

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pandemicHere, Dr. Horowitz urges an investigation of Dr. James S. Robertson, Englands leading bioengineer of flu viruses for the vaccine industry, and avid promoter of U.S. Government funding for lucrative biodefense contracts, along with collaborators at the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). These suspects helped Novavax, Inc., in Bethesda, Maryland, produce genetically-modified recombinants of the avian, swine, and Spanish flu viruses, H5N1 and H1N1, nearly identical to the unprecedented Mexican virus that is allegedly spreading to the United States at the time of this posting. The outbreak was precisely timed to promote the companys new research and huge vaccine stockpiling contracts.

Watch Video

New cybersecurity bill for electric grid readied

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From ComputerWorld

New cybersecurity bill for electric grid readied

Legislation follows report that said cyberspies gained access to U.S. electrical infrastructure

Jaikumar Vijayan

April 28, 2009 (Computerworld) Amid growing concern over the vulnerability of the U.S. electric grid to cyberattacks, two lawmakers are preparing to introduce new legislation aimed at bolstering the industry’s responsiveness to such threats.

The Critical Electric Infrastructure Protection Act is scheduled to be introduced on Thursday by Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.), chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, and Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security.

A brief statement issued by the house committee today described the proposed legislation as one that would primarily empower the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, an independent agency that regulates the interstate transmission of gas, oil and electricity, to issue “emergency rules or orders” if a cyberthreat is imminent.

The rules or orders may be issued if the Secretary of Homeland Security determines that a national security threat exists, the statement said. It did not, however, clarify what kind of rules and orders the proposed bill is specifically referring to.

In addition, the bill would require the commission to assess existing cybersecurity standards within the electric sector and establish new standards, as needed, for dealing with cyberthreats. It would also require the Department of Homeland Security to conduct an investigation to determine if the electric infrastructure has been compromised by outsiders.

The proposed legislation takes a “common sense” approach to tackling critical issues with electrical infrastructure security, Thompson is quoted as saying in the release. “Any failure of our electric grid, whether intentional or unintentional, would have a significant and potentially devastating impact on our nation,” he said.

The legislation follows a report published earlier this month by The Wall Street Journal that described how cyberspies from China, Russia and elsewhere have gained access to the U.S. electrical grid and installed malware tools that could be used to shut down service.

The story, which quoted unnamed national security and intelligence sources, described the attackers as having deeply penetrated the power infrastructure and poised to cause major disruptions in the event of a crisis or war.

Over the past few years, several others also have warned about the vulnerability of the power infrastructure. In 2007, the Idaho National Laboratory prepared a demonstration for the Department of Homeland Security in which a software vulnerability in a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system was used to cripple a generator.

A video of the demonstration that showed the generator being reduced to a smoking, shuddering hunk of metal aired on CNN, and still remains one of the most potent symbols of just what can go wrong if the power infrastructure is attacked in a cyberwar.

Concerns have prompted calls for mandatory security controls for some time now. For instance, a broad cybersecurity bill introduced recently by Sens. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) and Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) calls, among other things, for regulations mandating baseline security standards in critical infrastructure industries such as the power sector.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), which in December delivered a set of cybersecurity recommendations for President Obama, also called for similar regulations in the electric sector.

Posted By Beat The Chip to Beat The Chip at 5/03/2009 04:25:00 PM

The 2009 Swine Flu: The Hype and the Response

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by:   John Wallace                john@nycampaignforliberty.com

Anyone who has read a newspaper, listened to the radio, gone on the internet or watched the evening news on TV over the last week or so, might believe that there is a real possibility that millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of other people throughout the world could be wiped out by a new deadly swine flu virus that is sweeping across the globe. The worldwide media has been turning out countless numbers of stories and producing hundreds of TV special reports about the possibility of a swine flu pandemic, complete with on-site videos with people wearing face masks, colorful graphics and interviews with scores of medical experts-for-hire.  But is all this news coverage based on a genuine concern for the health and safety of the people, or is it just media hype designed to sell newspapers, TV advertising, anti-flu medicines and vaccines?  

On May 1, 2009, The World Health Organization reported only 331 cases of swine flu worldwide (outside of Mexico), but still declared the crisis to be at level 5 alert on a scale of 6, meaning that this strain of flu might be considered an all-out pandemic if the numbers keep rising. On the same date, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed that there were 109 cases in the U.S., with several states possibly confirming an additional 22 cases. Do these numbers indicate that a national crisis is at hand?

Let’s put these numbers in perspective: According to the Centers for Disease Control, 36,000 Americans die each year (almost 100 a day) from various forms of the flu virus, yet it is not considered a pandemic or a crisis.  Worldwide, Malaria kills 3,000 people every day, but the World Health Organization only considers it “a health problem” and not a pandemic. Of course, there are no fancy vaccines for malaria that can rake in billions of dollars in a very short time period when governments and individuals order millions of doses of vaccines and medications in response to a threat of a new flu pandemic. 

Back in 1976, when the Swine Flu last hit America, the Ford Administration tried to use the fear of a pandemic to force 220 million Americans to accept the idea of mandatory vaccinations.  In a very short period of time, the pharmaceutical industry made $135 million on their vaccines, which had been given to nearly 40 million Americans before the accumulation of fatalities and crippling side effects caused the program to be stopped. When the questionable “pandemic threat” was over, only one person in America had died from the Swine flu, but 25 other Americans had died from the vaccine. By the way, the pharmaceutical companies managed to protect themselves from lawsuits by pre-arranging for the government to assume any liabilities in case there was a problem with the vaccines.  

More recently, in 2006, there was another worldwide pandemic threat called the Avian flu. The same type of videos and stories appeared throughout the media. ABC News even pushed the possibility of a pending worldwide apocalypse to the public by featuring a doctor-for-hire who predicted “that 50% of the population of the world could die” because of the Avian flu. Of course that never happened. Although the death of any person is a tragedy, only 257 people in the entire world died from the Avian flu.  That’s 257 people out of 6.5 billion. It could hardly be considered a pandemic or a worldwide health threat. Because of the Avian Flu scare, the Bush Administration purchased and stockpiled millions of doses of anti-flu drugs in case of a future pandemic. Back then, some people thought that the threat of the Avian flu pandemic was cleverly created, manipulated and designed to frighten the American people, in order to line the pockets of politically connected investors and pharmaceutical companies.  

If the profit motive is not part of the reason for the current hype and the threat to the American people is real, then why has our government not taken the overt actions necessary to protect its own citizens? With almost 2,000 official swine flu cases originating in Mexico, most European and Asian countries, including China, have closed their airports to flights from Mexico in order to protect their citizens. Our government has taken no such steps to protect its citizens against this threat and our borders remain wide open with no restrictions or limitations on Mexicans entering the United States.

The Department of Homeland Security advised that they are on top of the situation and are watching people entering the U.S. for signs of illness. On the surface it sounds like the government is at least doing something, until you read the April 27 Reuters report on what is really happening at the border and that “Mexicans are continuing to (illegally) cross the border by car and foot, seemingly unconcerned by the influenza scare and only a handful are wearing masks.”  The failure to secure the border in a time of emergency in order to protect the health and welfare of American citizens is a sign that this administration has chosen political correctness over the safety of its own citizens. It’s sad to say, but I don’t believe a Republican administration would take the necessary steps either.

I am sure that by mid-May the whole Swine Flu scare will be over and the hype will have died down.  The American borders will remain wide open for illegal immigrants and terrorists to enter the country; the pharmaceutical companies will have made billions; the media companies will have made hundreds of millions from pharmaceutical company advertising and the administration will take credit for a job well done.  

Thank God it wasn’t a real emergency!

John Wallace “For Freedom, Liberty and Sovereignty”
New York Campaign for Liberty
Chatham, New York

“A Culture Of Surveillance”: Big Brother is at your door!

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by Chuck Baldwin
April 28, 2009

It is truly amazing how much news the American news media chooses to ignore. If one wants to discover what is actually going on in the world, he or she often has to go to the foreign press. This has again been the case with a story that every American should be extremely interested in, but which has been totally ignored by the American news media. I found this story in Russia Today.

According to RussiaToday.com, “The personal computer may soon be not-so-private, with the U.S. and some European nations working on laws allowing them access to search the content held on a person’s hard drive.

“President Obama’s administration is keeping unusually tight-lipped on the details, which is raising concerns among computer users and liberty activists.”

The report also states, “In extreme secrecy from the public, the United States is hammering out an international copyright treaty with several other countries and the European Union. Under the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (or ACTA), governments will get sweeping new powers to search and seize material thought to be in breach of copyright. But why all the secrecy?”

Russia Today quotes Richard Stallman, prominent American software freedom activist, as saying, “Democracy gets bypassed and they can do to us whatever they want. I can only guess that it’s going to be nasty, because if it weren’t going to be nasty, they wouldn’t need to keep it a secret.”

The report also said, “Up until now, the breach of copyright has been a civil matter. The Obama administration seems to now want to criminalize it.”

The report continued saying, “Some say modern America is being overtaken by a culture of surveillance.”

A culture of surveillance indeed. What began in earnest under former President George W. Bush is now sharply escalating under President Barack Obama.

According to Ecommerce Journal, President Obama and his Big Brother fellow travelers in Congress are seeking power to “cut the whole world off the Internet.” The report says, “Senators John Rockefeller and Olympia Snowe proposed the Cybersecurity Act that would create the Office of the National Cybersecurity Advisor. Its powers are detailed in the The Cybersecurity Act of 2009.

“If the President so chooses, he can call a ‘cybersecurity emergency’ and shut down or limit any ‘net traffic or a ‘critical’ network ‘in the name of national security,’ though the bill fails to provide concrete definitions on what is ‘critical’ or what constitutes an ’emergency.'”

The report goes on to say, “This new legislation seeks to give even more power to the government to regulate the Internet and, in future, the possibility to regulate content and usage. What begins as a method of defeating terrorism and protecting telecommunications, can quickly become a method to regulate ‘hate speech’ to assign ‘motive’ or ‘intent’ to harm and even to regulate and legislate the flow of information that is deemed by the ‘thought police’ to be inflammatory or counter-productive to their cause.”

The report says that the new cybersecurity legislation can be a “framework for future, more invasive legislation. It is a first step to the loss of internet privacy, free speech and the free flow of information.”

So, once again, the passing of a Republican Presidential administration and the advent of a Democratic Presidential administration have resulted in zero change in the overall direction of the ship of state. In the name of “national security,” the federal government of this country continues to deepen its commitment to what can only be described as a police-state mentality. And, once again, the national news media in America chooses to ignore the story, and by so doing, shows willful compliance with this disturbing phenomenon.

I wonder how many Obama supporters are paying attention?

During the Bush years, my “conservative” brethren (especially the ones calling themselves Christians) repeatedly turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the myriad foibles and falsehoods, and frequent fraudulence of President Bush because he was a Republican. Now we will see how many Obama supporters will look the other way in order to protect President Obama because he is a Democrat. I suspect most of them will show themselves of no better character than the Bush supporters.

Consider: Obama promised to end the war in Iraq. But what has he done since being elected? He merely moved the major combat theater to Afghanistan. He is even in the process of escalating the war in Afghanistan to possibly include Pakistan. So, where are the “peacenik” liberals who supported Obama? Why do they not loudly proclaim their opposition, as they did when Bush was in office?

Furthermore, Obama criticized Bush’s undisciplined deficit spending, but what has he done since becoming President? He has deeply expanded Bush’s failed financial policy of excessive deficit spending. Again, where are all the loud voices of protest?

George Bush wanted amnesty for illegal aliens. Barack Obama wants amnesty for illegal aliens. George Bush supported the assault weapons ban. Barack Obama supports the assault weapons ban. George Bush wanted to limit the legal rights of certain people charged with crimes. Well, friends, Barack Obama also wants to limit the rights of people charged with crimes.

Just last week, an Associated Press report stated, “The Obama administration is asking the Supreme Court to overrule long-standing law that stops police from initiating questions unless a defendant’s lawyer is present, another stark example of the White House seeking to limit rather than expand rights.

“The administration’s action–and several others–have disappointed civil rights and civil liberties groups that expected President Barack Obama to reverse the policies of his Republican predecessor, George W. Bush, after the Democrat’s call for change during the 2008 campaign.”

So, where are Obama’s supporters who thought they were voting for change? Will they do nothing, as did Bush’s supporters, and accept this abridgment of personal liberty, simply because “their man” is in the White House? Probably.

In addition, George Bush created a Big-Government monster known as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Can there be any doubt that DHS is in the process of manufacturing a ubiquitous surveillance society that eavesdrops, snoops, and monitors virtually our entire lives? And what does Barack Obama do immediately after assuming office? He multiplies and expands the surveillance society to even greater degrees. So again I ask, where are all the Bush critics to denounce Barack Obama’s draconian anti-privacy, anti-freedom policies?

The Internet is the last best source of free and independent information left. Think where the liberty movement would be without the Internet. But even as we speak, President Obama and his allies in Congress are attempting to obtain the authority to censor information on–and curtail access to–the Internet. Plus, in the name of “cybersecurity,” they are plotting to obtain the authority to monitor and seize anyone’s personal computer at will.

The Russia Today report is right: we do have a culture of surveillance. We also have a culture of cowardice by people from both sides of the political aisle who, in the name of partisan politics, are willfully accommodating and facilitating the demise of this constitutional republic.

*If you appreciate this column and want to help me distribute these editorial opinions to an ever-growing audience, donations may now be made by credit card, check, or Money Order. Use this link:


© Chuck Baldwin

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