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Stop putting all your personal information out there! 

“National Security” doesn’t include you

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By Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2009. All rights reserved



What the Republicans started, the Democrats are finishing.  All the assaults on civil liberties, the loss of freedom and the conversion from a Constitutional Republic to a fascist surveillance police state is nearly complete.  The noose on the free American people is tightening as congress accelerates its planned overthrow of our nation.  Here are some knots in the rope to think about:


REAL ID……to identify each of us through dna, and other biometric data.  Once implemented will be used to track our movements and/or prohibit them.  Location! Location! Location!  We sound like real estate don’t we?  And to think they now refer to us as [human capital].


Newborn DNA gathering……Each state since 1992 has been logging the dna of all newborns and this info is now on file with Homeland Security and available to international interests and anyone with the money to pay to know our genetic information and to base fees, rates and other assessments on our persons based on our genetic makeup.    


GPS used to locate vehicles.  Now, several states are considering plans to force every automobile owner to have GPS installed.  The intent of this is to be able to track the movement of every vehicle at will…..the perk is another tax to be applied to the number of miles you drive…..recorded by GPS.  And of course, the cost of this surveillance will be borne by more money borrowed in our names.


GPS in cell phones… One number for life, right?  You can figure this one out on your own.


FEMA camps, of which it is suggested, number in the hundreds, are operational and located in almost every state.  HR 645 turns closed military bases into FEMA detention centers.  This answers the question of why Bush and Rumsfeld began closing military bases while we were in the middle of two wars.  


Fusion Centers, your local data mining, local surveillance and information gathering centers are in multiple locations in every state.  These should be more accurately called [snitch and report centers].


Homeland Security continues and expands its no-fly, blacklists, terrorist watch lists, suspect lists, and dozens of other black listings of American citizens.  Without evidence, without charges filed…..we have been determined to be guilty with no way of proving our innocence.  Now, some desk jockey with a title and nothing to do can add your name, my name…anyone’s name to a list of “suspects”, sometimes just for mentioning the Constitution, supporting the 2nd Amendment, or speaking about your rights.


The illegal wiretapping of every phone call, every internet search, every contact we have that can be tracked, traced, viewed, read, intercepted, continues without abatement. 


Every financial transaction using our bank accounts, credit cards or any other method is recorded and analyzed and can be flagged at any time.  Even your visits to that mega grocery store are video taped and a record of your purchases handed over to the IRS in the event of an audit.


NAIS…..The National Animal Identification System……designed to abolish private property rights and to seize control of livestock production and ownership by family and independent producers.  RFID tagging of all animals…even pets.


Fake Food Safety bills……HR 875, one among many bills,  which legislates the establishment of yet another unnecessary and bloated bureaucracy whose focus will be to end anything except industrialized agriculture by multi-national corporations.  These bills are the overt attempt to seize control of production of the food supply and to end production by anyone other than multi-national corporations using government agencies and personnel for enforcement.


In all of this and much more that I didn’t mention, the term [national security] is used repeatedly to justify the loss of rights, the encroachment of government on all levels into our everyday lives.  Surveillance, the militarization of our local police forces, the establishing of Fusion centers that do nothing but data mine for information on our routine daily activities, the existence of detention centers for American citizens, the gathering of DNA for unknown reasons and uses, and the attempts to hand over our food production capabilities to industrialized corporate Ag who are already deeply entrenched in what is supposed to be the people’s government, sends a clear and distinct message to all of us defining what the term [national security] really means.


National security has come to mean the government is afraid of its own people and these measures are necessary to make those in government and those who collude with them safe from us.  We have become the enemy our government fears.


© 2009 Marti Oakley


Darol Dickinson on the radio April 6th

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ATTENTION —– Darol Dickinson, rancher and NAIS opposition leader of Barnesville, Ohio will be featured on the Power Hour.  Details below.  Information is available for callers through the entire program.  Many state veterinarians and NAIS state directors have been “spoon fed” by USDA about the wonderful NAIS program.  This will give them an opportunity to call in and ask the questions they have failed to understand about NAIS; the reasons over 90% of livestock producers refuse to surrender to NAIS property enrollment and why some farmers are talking of all out rebellion against the heavy hand of USDA if any part of “mandatory NAIS” becomes enforced in the USA.  Hear the Power Hour while the final nails are driven in the NAIS coffin, Monday, April 20, with Darol Dickinson. 



FROM:  “The Power Hour” with Joyce Riley & Dave vonKleist

               PO Box 85, Versailles, MO  65084



RE: Talk Radio~~~ MONDAY – APRIL 6th – 10.05 am-CT

The Power Hour with Joyce & Dave” sincerely wish to thank Darol Dickinson for agreeing to be a guest on their syndicated talk radio.  
Our audience is going to be so grateful to receive NAIS current information. 

We will link our radio website to: www.texaslonghorn.net and http://www.naisstinks.com
We wish for our audience to have all current NAIS information.

The Power Hour appreciates Darol Dickinson’s dedication and efforts to this topic and we look forward to this special guest appearance.

Always in Health and Liberty,

Marie Gunther – Guest & Program Producer of http://www.ThePowerHour.com

West Coast: 1-877-772-6321

Email:  marieusa@cox.net


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