The economy is so bad the Mafia has started laying off judges


Quote of the Day: “The economy is so bad the Mafia has started laying off judges.” — anonymous Internet joke

Subject: The myth of good intentions

A bill with a nice-sounding title, such as the “Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA),” passes Congress. Later, when its defects come to light, even the law’s victims assume that the bill had “good intentions,” but was “poorly written.” I saw this sentiment expressed often while reading blogs about the CPSIA.

But I think these assumptions about “good intentions” are a little naive. After all, if Congress really had “good intentions” they would have taken the time and care to write a better bill that wouldn’t have deprived poor children of second-hand winter coats. The fact that they didn’t tells me that . . .

Their motive was good publicity, not good intentions.

That’s why they rushed to pass a poorly-written law without reading it. As we’ve pointed out, had the “Read the Bills Act” (RTBA) been in force, Congress would have crafted a much better bill.

Yet members of Congress claim that RTBA is impractical, even though it could have prevented the destructive aspects of the CPSIA and the AIG bonus provision in the scam-stimulus bill, while still allowing them to pass as much as 8,000 pages of legislation each year.

The more Congress refuses to introduce, consider, or pass the RTBA, the less we can credit them for “good intentions.” We must tell our personal elected representatives that . . .

  • If they pass bills with secret provisions inserted at the last minute, they’re just as guilty as the person who snuck it in.
  • If they did not read a bill before voting for it, they are not motivated by good intentions.
  • They are morally responsible for the unintended consequences of the poorly-worded laws they pass.

From early February through March 26, both the House and the Senate passed over 3,500 pages of legislation they didn’t read. As taxpayers and law-abiding citizens, you and I are “on the hook” for Congress’s phony good intentions. Please use our Educate the Powerful system to ask your representatives to pass DownsizeDC.org’s “Read the Bills Act.”

Use your personal comments to object to the fact that they passed 3,500 pages of legislation over two months, without reading it. Tell them they’re the ones now on the hook:

  • If they vote for massive bills without reading them, we’ll remember.
  • If they continue to ignore our demands to introduce the “Read the Bills Act,” we’ll remember.

If you’ve used our Educate the Powerful System before, the best way to send your message, given our current technical difficulties, is to log-in using the log-in button at the top of our home page. http://www.downsizedc.org/

Then, click on the campaign button on the navigation strip at the top of the page, then click on the “Read the Bills” campaign button at the top of the left hand column. That will call-up the page for sending your message.

If you’re sending your first message to Congress, click on this link, fill out the simple registration form for first time users, and send your message.

Ask your friends to do the same by forwarding this message.

You can also spread the word by joining the Read the Bills Act Coalition. Details on adding your blog or website to the Coalition are found here.

This week we welcome five new members to the Coalition:

To see the list of bills Congress passed, look below my signature in the blog version of this Dispatch.

Thank you for being part of the Downsize DC Army.

James Wilson
Assistant to the President

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We are not too few to die; and such is our resolve.

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Below is a letter from a Wisconsin farmer who has devoted himself to fighting back against government seizure of land, livestock and food production.  This letter was in reponse to the fake food safety bills intended to end family and independent farming and ranching.  Marti



To all:


You know, as I have told you before, the Myths piece started with Delauro’s office and went out to the Organic groups, who had a sit down with Rosa’s staff to talk to amendments. 


Now, I haven’t heard anything come out of that yet, but in light of this fact we need to remember something.  This country hasn’t been able to feed itself for eight years.  Organic is about 5% of total production, and that ain’t enough to get this country by on.  They are only looking to further their own interest, just like the rest of the corporate entities.  


In one generation this nation has gone from the breadbasket of the world to third world status by our inability to feed ourselves. 


My generation, my people have been farmers for as long as any can remember, my grandfather ,of Sioux decent, was born in a sod house on the Ogallala river in Nebraska, to those who carved the railroad across northern Wisconsin.  We were all farmers.  This thing changed when the government and the corporate interest looked to consolidate production back in the last depression. 


My father called last week to wish me a happy anniversary, then he told how things were when he was a boy in the last depression.  He commented how things today are a lot like then, only worse.  Then folks could make their own way, feed themselves.  Today that knowledge is gone, and with every passing year more of my kind no longer walk this earth. 


Science contrived by the government/corporate interest have brought us to where we are now, and that don’t speak hope to the future. 


There is nothing in these bills to improve food safety, the authority to regulate imports and processors is already in place, the powers that be could have dealt with these problems long ago and chose not to. 


There is one appreciable difference; the regulation of farming like we are criminals, bent on contaminating everything with cow manure to wild bird droppings.  Having our crops condemned for the mere passing of a deer, or coyote. 


Because of the “science based ” leafy greens order, written by McDonald’s, Disney and Walmart, growers had spinach and lettuce crops condemned in the Salinas Valley, and lost thousands of dollars. Now the USDA wants to implement the order nationwide.  Well,you consumers will be the ones paying now, with sales of lettuce and spinach seed down over 20% there will be less available. 


This scenario should be a lesson to all who think government regulation and inspection of farms will lead to anything other than less production and more dependence on foreign imports.  This is what government and big industry wants. 


Generations of my forefathers are buried here on the land they settled, fought for, and died for.  Never has an Easter passed that the memory of burying my uncle who died in Viet Nam, there upon that lonely windswept hill outside Litchfield, Nebraska.

We farmers are too few to win this fight alone, but I will not dishonor those who have gone before, my freedom was bought with their blood.  For we are not too few to die, and such is our resolve.


Paul M. Griepentrog 

The looting of nations

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Since most of you rely on the monopolized media industry for your information it may come as a surprise to know that what we have and are seeing is;


  • global banking institutions looting developing countries,
  • central banks plundering foreign exchange reserves,
  • undermining national governments,
  • destabilizing entire national economies and
  • promoting instability and unrest throughout the world.



Over the years, a massive concentration of financial power has taken place in the hands of these global players as a means of finally installing a Global Currency and the New World Order as a reality. All that is left for us is to understand that and accept a global oligarchy as our masters. A revolution is out of the question, as very soon our money, property, food, water, pharmaceuticals, employment, weapons and ammunition, communications, transportation, and all forms of information, will be manufactured and distributed by global corporations as they see fit. There will be no place to go or hide, and no possibility of resistance, as your friends and relatives will be reporting your every move and comments.


If all of this sounds impossible, purchase a copy of the Black Book of Communism, and watch as history repeats itself here in America.




Fusion Centers, REAL ID and the push for total surveillance

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AUSTIN – The 5-11 Campaign, a grassroots privacy organization opposed to the federal ID, declared 30 days of vigilance over identity legislation with connections to Information Analysis Centers (IAC), or what is now commonly known as Fusion Centers.

“Based on reports that fusion centers are targeting 3rd party voters and those who pose Constitutional challenges to the Department of Homeland Security’s intelligence gathering efforts we are aggressively opposing any legislation that would secure our private information for national to international data aggregation. This may include voter ID. No one should be profiled or targeted based on an electronic record of how they voted. A routine intelligence seizure based on a national security directive, such as the one issued in Missouri, would lead to arbitrary and reckless disregard for our privacy and personal sovereignty,” says Sheila Dean, President of the 5-11 Campaign.

This legislation observed for action during the vigil includes opposition to HB 4036. The Texas bill calls for compliance with the federal ID mandate. American license information, social security number and citizenship documents may be stored and shared with customs through an insecure fusion center. Other legislations included during the month long vigil touch upon DNA databases, animal information systems, drivers licenses, identity cards and other relevant attributions of private identity.

Last Monday (3/30), the Public Safety Committee heard testimony which included challenges to existing efforts to gain public consent over fusion center storage of license or ID card information. Many objections were raised over the call for facial recognition technology, among other regulations in the Real ID Act of 2005. Texas’ federal Real ID extension for compliance expires December 31, 2009.

Public Safety committee members are concerned about Texans being refused passage into federal buildings and airports based on Texas federal extension status. According to staffers, the DHS has been unclear about the extension standards until now with one exception; the inclusion of citizenship status on licenses.

“When an license to operate a motor vehicle becomes a de facto citizenship document, it becomes a national ID card. We are opposed to a national ID. We hope the 81st legislature will stand on the 10th Amendement and reject the whole Act,” said Dean.

Incomplete Networks & Intelligence Aggregation

The push to expand identity databases nationally are suffering from a big brother reputation, networking inadequacies and insufficient funds.

According to a report released last month from the DHS Inspector General, fusion centers across the U.S. are inadequately networked, non-existent or vastly underfunded to comply with the federal mandate for identity storage and national identity sharing.

“DHS did not provide timely and specific guidance on how REAL ID-compliant driver’s licenses and identification cards must be marked, best practices for the physical security of facilities, or information on the systems that will be used for verifying applicant documentation. To achieve full compliance with REAL ID standards by 2011, states must connect with electronic verification systems to verify identification documents. Several of the systems needed do not yet exist. Specifically, 18 of 19 states, or 95%, reported that available grant funding was insufficient. Several states referred to the amount received as a “drop in the bucket.” – DHS INSPECTOR GENERAL REPORT



Civil Liberties Assessment & Impact

ACLU: What’s Wrong With Fusion Centers – Executive Summary

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Pet chipping should never be mandated by government

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Local animal owners no longer required to chip their pets

SAN MARCOS – The City Council of San Marcos, Texas, unanimously voted last week to rescind a mandatory pet microchipping ordinance that would have required all pets within city limits to receive an injected implant. The 7 to 0 vote was made at the City Council meeting on March 31, 2009. All members were present and voted, including Mayor Susan Clifford-Narvaiz, according to San Marcos Communications Director Melissa Millecam.

The chipping ordinance was originally adopted last December and was
slated to take effect on April 1st. The measure had sparked months of
heated opposition and repeated demonstrations by local residents,
including a protest and candlelight vigil at the March 3rd City Council
meeting that drew a crowd of over 300 people.

“We applaud the San Marcos City Council for this decision,” said local
activist Lisa Marie Coppoletta, who helped organize the March 3rd rally.
“Chipping should be a voluntary decision between pet owners and their
veterinarians. It should never be mandated by the government.”

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Cybersecurity Bill Proposes Unprecedented Government Power

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NAIS ~~~ Real Private Sector Discrimination!

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From: National Assn of Farm Animal Welfare                 PRESS RELEASE
            280 Fair Ave. Suite #35
            Fairview, Ohio 43736 – USA                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
            Darol Dickinson, 4.6.09

NAIS ~~~ Real Private Sector Discrimination!

The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) has been promoted by USDA for over 10 years with minimal appreciation from livestock owners. Over $130,000,000 of US taxpayer money has been squandered to promote the system. Many quasi reasons for NAIS have been asserted like secret World Trade Organization treaties, export development, source/age verification, animal disease trace back, and the last inference has been food safety. None of these ploys have convinced over three million holdout US producers to be penitent and enroll their private properties into NAIS; coercion is next.

Beyond the wearying inertia for NAIS enrollment is the hypocritical element that plagues USDA. There are, according to the new US Agriculture census, 32,834,801 beef cows. While USDA is pressing to have all beef cows cataloged on the secret NAIS federal computer, another herd is not mentioned with even a whisper. This larger herd is spread over all 50 states, and roams back and forth across Canadian, *Russian, and Mexican borders without documentation or enforcement. This huge herd is the state and federal game animal inventory. No mention of their premises, or RFIDs is in the USDA surveillance plans. The government responsibility of these numerous species is not an issue for NAIS, only enforcement of the domestic private sector livestock.

U.S. farm livestock are contained on over three million fenced properties, but the government managed game animals are not. They have the ability to roam unfettered. This wild mingling is the fastest way to spread disease, however USDA does not concern itself with sister governmental inventories, nor do they have any plan to deal with these disease issues.

In all fairness to the government wildlife management systems, perhaps it is not a big deal. Yet the Quality Deer Management Association says White Tail Deer number over 32,000,000. That is just the White Tail species. To look at more government animals traveling North America, how about 4,000,000 wild boar and over a million elk according to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. There are nearly a million antelope and caribou. Other wild inventory roaming over private property and federal lands include bison, bear, black tail deer, millions of mule deer, burros, moose, mountain goats, reindeer, and the terror of western ranchers, wild horses. These numbers impressively stack up well over double the beef cow inventory.

If the federal government emphatically believes all domestic livestock should be NAIS compliant, should the federal and state government’s herd also comply? To set a good example, perhaps all feral game animals should be NAIS tagged, before demanding US farmers tag all their docile carefully managed animals? Is that a reasonable policy?

Currently Michigan is fighting TB problems and requires NAIS mandatory enforcement on all domestic livestock. Whoa? But didn’t the first Michigan cattle to show up with TB trace their exposure to state owned wild life? Who caused the burden of 10 years of quarantines for Michigan with serious trade barriers to the commercial domestic livestock sales? How much did the free range deer of Michigan do to damage private livestock investments? Plenty!

Yellow Stone Park has historically been a hot bed of problems to ranchers in counties and states near the park. Disease has created no major concerns for the government on their elk and buffalo herds, but financial disaster for private sector livestock nearby.

Is NAIS about disease? Perhaps, but only in the light of insidious creeping fascism and the loss of individual rights.

What about safe food? There are stacks of rules and regulations regarding processing of domestic red meat, but no rules affect processing of harvested deer, mostly field dressed and chilled in a remote tree. No issue of safe or diseased meat product has attracted a NAIS red flag with government owned game animals harvested.
NAIS is said to be a human food safety issue. More U.S. human lives are lost from large game animal auto smashes than all E.coli bacteria food issues, bull fighting, Nascar, rodeo and sports related accidents.

What about death? Some death is OK, but some death is not. According to Dr. Michael Conover, Director of the Berryman Institute at Utah State University, deer vehicle collisions are responsible for an estimated 200 human fatalities, 29,000 injuries and over $1.1 billion in property damage each year. Even more shocking, since there are over 32 million whitetails in the US, one of every 21 deer will be involved in an auto collision, mostly fatal to the deer. With over two million wild hogs in Texas alone, data is similar with auto/hog smashups.

Enforcement, maybe? Disease is something that happens in feral game herds, but a very contrasting standard is dictated under private sector management. All US breeders of superior trophy horned penned deer must be licensed by their state Division of Wildlife. An annual Wild Animal Propagation Permit must be purchased and an inspector checks the inventory and facilities regularly. No animals can move to neighboring herds or states without a series of veterinarian inspections and certificates, at the owner’s expense. Violators face business destroying penalties.

NAIS, many believe, is planned to become a Propagation Permit program with an inspection process for all domestic livestock just like current penned deer compliance. NAIS is about funding, government jobs, control, and enforcement income.

A discernible prejudice is obvious between USDA’s enforcement of private sector livestock and animals owned by the government. The private sector livestock is hammered with regulations, but government animals exist with constant planned negligence—– unnoticed and unenforced. All of NAIS is a clear case of arbitrary decisions of random bureaucrats.

Robin Hood, the legend of old, shot the king’s deer, who were eating the peasants corn fields. He and the peasants faced certain beheading if caught. Now, hundreds of years later the deer are still in the peasant’s fields. The King still owns the deer, but now the King sells hunting licenses to his subjects causing less fear of decapitation. The King also wants all peasants to buy their own computer, learn to use it, then place an NAIS chip or tag in all their own critters.

It cannot be repeated often enough—the Constitution is a limitation on the government, not on private individuals. It is not a charter for government power, but a charter of the citizen’s protection against the government.

Now, what was that reason for private sector NAIS again?

*Brown bear, ocean mammals, arctic fox, water fowl, etc.

Utah House prohibits state from complying with REAL ID

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Last month, the Utah House voted 68-6 to prohibit state officials from complying with REAL ID. A couple dozen states have passed resolutions protesting the federal Act, but the Utah law would have more teeth. If more states join, we might see a real confrontation with national policy.


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