I have written here, before, that the National Rifle Association (NRA) has been, for the last seventy-five years, backing legislation that perpetuates the infringement of the Second Amendment, all while posturing as the “protectors” of it. I have shown, through various evidence, that this is so and I have become aware of yet another indicator.

I’m referring to a brief article from Associated Press (AP), which was put out this morning about an event scheduled for today in Oxford, Mississippi. This is a speaking engagement at the Ole Miss Federalist Society (based at the University of Mississippi) and the speaker is to be Sandra Froman, former president of the NRA. The title of her speech is to be  “Gun fight at the Supreme Court.”

There are a few things about this seemingly innocuous event that got my attention. The first was that the Ole Miss Federalist Society is a chapter of the Federalist Society, an organization that was founded in 1982 for “law and public policy studies” and supposedly consists of “conservatives and libertarians,” though we know there are many – and many in high positions of power within our government – who use the same labels and are anything but conservative or libertarian. The Federalist Society is also composed entirely of lawyers and law students (in the student chapters, of which Ole Miss is one of many). So, basically, the Federalist Society is a think tank.

If you read their own website, the Federalist Society seems innocuous enough, until one considers the very name of the organization implies that it continues the same thinking as the original Federalists who wrote and sponsored our constitution – which, as I have also written of before, replaced our original (and far superior) constitution, The Articles of Confederation in 1787.

As I have also pointed out before, the Federalists (led by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and others) were agents of the Rothschilds of London. Their assigned task was to subvert the young republic of the United States of America and to bring it under the control of the Rothschilds’ growing web of debt-based central banking that later captured England and has since enslaved the world. The Anti-Federalists were well aware of the international banking cartel and did everything they could to stop the Federalists from scrapping the Articles of Confederation and replacing it with a constitution that would suit the interests of the cartel. Failing in that attempt, they at least managed to get the Bill of Rights and the first ten amendments inserted into the new Federalist Constitution.

As it turned out, the Federalists, unfortunately, got their way and we were saddled with a new constitution in 1787 that provided, for the first time, for a central authority (the President) and which, more importantly, also provided for the possibility of a central bank to be established. The Articles of Confederation had ensured that neither of these could ever happen by providing that the executive powers of the government should reside with Congress, which was directly answerable to the people, and by providing that the original thirteen states could coin their own money, thus deliberately avoiding the possibility of a central bank.

If anyone questions that the Federalist Society supports the same international banking cartel today, then I suggest you have a look into the World Federalist Association (WFA), as well.

The World Federalist Association is an international globalist think tank that is closely allied with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group. It seeks, as do the CFR, Trilateralists and Bilderbergers, the establishment of a world government and is the main body heading the World Federalist Movement. Former CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite, noted globalist himself, spoke before the World Federalist Association during the Clinton years.

So, what does all this have to do with the NRA? Well, you might ask why it is that a past president of the NRA – an organization that claims to defend your right to be armed – is speaking to impressionable young law students at a meeting of the Federalist Society, an organization that is (contrary to its own propaganda) most probably engaged in political subterfuge aimed at establishing a world government. Frankly, I’m not surprised, given that the NRA has had seventy-five years in which to find a way to repeal the mountain of laws that have violated the Second Amendment (something you would think they’d be attempting to do), yet has not even called for their repeal in all that time.

One might also wonder why it is that the Federalist Society was founded at Yale – home of Skull & Bones.  Are you beginning to connect the dots and see the big picture? Consider that the Federalist Society had been a “gateway” into the judiciary and the Justice Department of the Bush administration. Given that Barrack Obama now appears to be continuing all of the same programs established by the Bush administration – inlcuding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as toture and extraordinary renditions, as well as the agenda of his CFR/Trilateralist handlers – it seems quite likely this gateway still exists, as well.

But, getting back to the NRA, I remind you that Mississippi is among several states alleging to “declare sovereignty” from the federal government, while at the same time, passing legislation that will pave the way for gun confiscations during martial (though the bill – now law – that enables this was presented to the public as a “protection” against confiscation). The NRA supported this bill.