Chuck Baldwin: “Montana has it Right!” But, Do They?

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In an editorial former Presidential candidate (Constitution Party) Chuck Baldwin posted today on his website, he says that “Montana has it right,” referring to their declaration that, if the federal government continues to violate the Constitution, Montana will declare that its contract with the federal government is null and void.

However, when I consider several factors, I have to wonder about Montana’s sincerity in saying so. First of all, focusing on the Second Amendment alone, as Baldwin does in his article, I have to ask the glaring question, why has Montana waited until now to finally say something about this when both the federal government and nearly all fifty states – including Montana – have violated the Second Amendment repeatedly, passing law after law that abridges it – since 1934? Why, indeed, has Montana violated its own constitutional resolution concerning the Second Amendment, which Baldwin proudly states has not been changed since 1884?

If Montana was concerned about the Second Amendment at any time during the past seventy-five years, it certainly has remained mute on the subject until lately.

Even when Montana has made the pretense of concern over the Second Amendment it has been a hollow one, as in its recently much publicized HB246, which was boasted to “protect” Montana’s gun owners from federal infringement of their right to self-defense, while in fact only extending such protection to those few who own firearms made in Montana.

If the state of Montana is so uncomfortable with the federal government’s attempts to ban so-called assault weapons, where were they during the Clinton years, when that ban was actually in effect? In fact, where were any of these states, now declaring their supposed sovereignty, when this was happening?

Another question is, why are all these states doing this now, at a time when mainstream media talking heads are now admitting that martial law is coming and that FEMA camps do exist – something they heretofore denied? Complicit in all of this and more are the fifty states, which have gone along with the Federal government on everything from gun control to abortion and many other infringements upon human rights and decency, including recent attempts to corral and control our food supply.

Now that Glenn Beck and Fox News Channel have recently made media denial of the existence of FEMA camps impossible to get away with any longer, how does the “sovereign” state of Montana answer the charge that it has such a facility at Malmstrom Air Force Base? In fact, forty-six of the fifty states have such facilities and many of them have multiple facilities that are to be used for detaining American citizens in violation of their constitutional rights. The only reason it’s not all fifty states is because it hasn’t yet been verified as to whether some of them have such camps.

Can any of the several states be trusted to do what they are now claiming they will do in light of their long history of flirtation with not only federal controls, but with the several secret societies that have long ago invaded and subverted our nation at every level of government? It flies in the face of reason, in the first place, that the same states that have not only tolerated federal abuses for generations, but have, in fact, welcomed many of them in the name of getting federal handouts, are now all of a sudden making these hollow resolutions of sovereignty – none of which have been backed with anything other than hot air and paper, so far. I fear the majority of Americans will be, as after 9/11, fooled again into believing that, somehow, government has their best interests in mind.

Well, Now FEMA Camps are Official

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Its is said, among those of us in the patriot and truth movement, that you know it’s true when the mainstream media mentions it. There is an unspoken tactic of theirs of making what amount to annoucements of what is usually, by then, already known of by patriots and truthers, though still unknown to the general public, and this is a pattern that has persisted for years, now.

Well, when Glenn Beck mentions FEMA camps on Fox & Friends, you know we’ve arrived at the point at which they are admitting it is real – especially since Beck admitted that, while trying to “debunk” FEMA camps, he could not do so.

NAIS:This is your government at work: This is your government working against YOU.

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© 2009 Marti Oakley

Bills currently in committee in both houses of congress would make mandatory the National Animal Identification System (NAIS).  This system is nothing less than an adherence to international policies and agreements which will usurp US laws and standards, replacing them with reduced standards.  This is being done to not only acquiesce to the CAFTA [trade illegal] provisions, but also to reduce the standards by which bio-piracy corporations operate. 


CAFTA reduces the standards of growing, harvesting and processing of all food types to allow multi-national bio-pirates to increase their profits at everyone else’s expense.  This is done by lowering standards across the board in all countries involved; lowering food quality and safety rather than increasing the standards which would have benefited consumers. 


Even though numerous bills have been submitted, none have been passed; none are even out of committee.  Knowing this, I find it strange that the sponsors of these bills have already submitted a request for funding authorization for this assault on independent farming and ranching operations.  I believe this indicates a pre-approved deal and the submitting of bills is only a formality to make it appear these actions are legitimate when in fact those promoting this scam have already enabled and encouraged the USDA and FDA to begin forced compliance using military style enforcement methods.


Assembling what appears to be SWAT teams both agencies are storming private farms and ranches, organic producers and anyone else refusing to comply with the supposed [voluntary] NAIS and Premises ID.


The funding requested includes increasing the amounts allotted to USDA and the FDA.  USDA has already reduced the number of inspectors, and the number of inspections.  So we know the money isn’t going to this area of operation.  And we can also observe there is no threat as described in NAIS as would be evidenced by the reduction in inspections and the reassignment of staff to SWAT type operations.


Both the USDA and the FDA now appear to emulating in-country militaristic organizations.


Both agencies are now fully engaged in activities that are not only, not within their administrative procedural mission, but are instead more as mercenary agents of big AG.  Both agencies are now also co-opting local law enforcement to perform their raids on privately owned farms and ranches.  With a complaint arising only from the USDA or the FDA, with no evidence of wrong-doing, no charges being filed, no substantiation of cause, local law enforcement agencies gladly participate in these raids.  This is your government at work:  This is your government working against YOU.


Where are our representatives and senators while this is going on?  Where is our Justice Department?  Where is this new AG secretary, Tom Vilsack?  (Well, he’s probably having lunch with Monsanto or some other bio-pirate.)


The bills now in congress would increase the power of both the USDA and FDA, even though it is commonly known and accepted neither agency is efficient or engaged in its original mission.  Both agencies, but particularly FDA have become so corrupted with corporate money and influence, neither can or does, exist to protect the public. 


Having lost sight of their original reason for existence, and incapable of performing even at a minimal level, both agencies should be shut down.  We would be far better served if these kinds of agencies existed only on the state level where accountability, responsibility and public interest is far better served.


Dickinson Banquet Speaker on NAIS

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Event Information ~~March 14

~~for Immediate Release Please


From: Duane Plessinger, University of Dayton

Montgomery County Cattleman’s Association, President

email:   Duane.Plessinger@notes.udayton.edu


Dickinson Banquet Speaker on NAIS


The Montgomery County Cattleman’s Assn is having their annual banquet on Saturday, March 14, 2009 at K’s Restaurant in Brookville, Ohio.  This year’s featured speaker is Darol Dickinson, a prominent Texas Longhorn producer from Barnesville, Ohio. Darol and his family operate a registered cattle business in the foot hills of the Appalachians raising Texas Longhorns, Dutch BueLingo and African Watusi.  The Dickinson Cattle Co Inc is one of the 50 largest registered cattle operations in the US. 


Dickinson will be speaking on the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) and how to protect family farms from the devastating costs and clerical night mares involved, if it becomes mandatory.  Points will include how NAIS will escalate all food prices, increase imports of foreign food and create an insurmountable barrier for entry level farmers. Dickinson will introduce the new NAIS SURVIVAL TOOL KIT which is designed by desperate people wanting to protect family farms from federal enforcements and constant surveillance.


The public is invited to attend this special annual banquet. The delicious meal is $10 and reservations can be made by calling Darlynne Gassawy at 937 833 4862, or Jane Oman at 937 833 2255.  Reservations need to be received by 11:00 AM March 9. Plan to attend for all the right reasons—come anticipating.

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