USDA: Corporate welfare at its worst…Shut it down!




I am a full-on advocate of shutting down permanently, not only the FDA, but also the USDA.  Neither of these two agencies operates with any intention of protecting the public safety of food, drugs or any other product dumped into our markets from around the world or from bio-pirates looking to make big bucks controlling production and food supplies.  Both agencies are symbolic of the corporate whoring that is eating away at the foundations of the country.


In what has to be one of the most morally reprehensible assaults on not only the U.S., but also on agricultural systems around the world, USDA in 2001, patented terminator seed technology as a co-owner and developer of seeds that “commit suicide”.  This means one crop and you’re done. 


Think about this:  a world wide food shortage was looming in 2001, and the USDA helped to develop and patent seeds that produced sterile offspring so seeds could not be saved for a second crop.  They didn’t stop there either and were major promoters and enforcers of the use of terminator seeds especially in poor countries where food was already in short supply.


USDA is now instrumental in attempting to establish the National Animal Identification System.  With several bills in both houses of congress at this moment, multiple co-sponsors are hoping to cash in on the promotion and establishment of a system that is not only not needed, but will do to livestock what terminator seeds have done to the worlds food supplies.  The only thing deeper than the crap the Washington District of Criminals produces each day is the cash and perks rolling in to float their personal boats.


The USDA the FDA and multiple unconstitutional government agencies work hand in glove with what is supposed to be the people’s House and Senate.  Congress decides which corporate pirate they are enthralled with, which is going to provide the biggest long term dividends to them personally, allows lobbyists unfettered access to congress and then proceeds to legislate against the very people it swore to protect and defend.  Agencies such as USDA and FDA then step in as enforcers making up rules (laws) as they go along generating huge profits for them selves.


What part of this do you not get? 


The USDA and FDA have outlived any useful function and in fact have become agencies that exist for no other purpose than to promote and protect bio-pirates and corporate parasites of all stripes.  These agencies do NOT guard the American people’s food supply or make it safe.  This is not their function in today’s world.


Each and every state has its own version of FDA and USDA.  These agencies are far more likely to implement protective, cost effective measures that would protect food safety.  And, these agencies are local, relatively speaking, and accountability would not be demanded from some far away, secretive and corrupt federal bureaucracy that has long since decided to throw in with those who would harm us for profit.


Ending the existence of just these two agencies and reserving the right of the states to determine for them selves what is safe and what will be allowed to be dumped into our food supply could protect far more of us than the “For Sale” congress we have at the federal level.


The USDA and FDA represent federal tyranny and a threat to those who want the right to choose what they eat, and where it comes from.  As neither any longer, and have not for many years, worked on behalf of the American public, I see no need to continue funding the inefficiency, the mismanagement, the corruption of these two corporate whores.  Think of the money and the lives that could be saved if these two agencies alone were dismantled and tossed to the trash pile where they belong.


© 2009 Marti Oakley





Alabama House Passes Gun Grabbing Bill


According to an article on the Mobile Press-Register’s website Al.com, Alabama has just passed a new law (HB225) that, in the author’s words, would ban gun confiscation during an “emergency” (such as martial law). However, in reading the law, one finds that it places the same faux “restrictions” on the police as the recent Mississippi law that purports to also ban gun confiscations but, in actual wording allows them. The operative wording in HB225 is: “if the officer reasonably believes that it is immediately necessary for the protection of the officer or another individual.” In other words, if the cops “believe” they are threatened by your being able to defend yourself, they can “legally” take your gun.

The problem with this is that, as in the many cases in which police have abused their authority, recently, and have tasered people (sometimes to death) for such things as “not complying” with their orders or because officers “felt threatened” by an unarmed, handcuffed woman begging for mercy while being held in police custody, the likelihood exists that these same officers and others just like them will “believe” you should surrender your gun to them.

Not coincidentally, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has urged support for the passage of this law, which flew threw the Alabama legislature without opposition, proving, once again, that the NRA backs gun grabbing while pretending to be a “gun rights” organization that supports the Second Amendment.

End the FDA: A cost cutting measure that would benefit the entire country

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A November 2007 report titled “Subcommittee on Science and Technology, FDA Science and Mission at Risk” doc, was a scathing review of the not only the inadequacies of FDA, but the fact that it in no way can assure the safety of food in the United States. 


Citing organizational weakness and the inability of FDA to fulfill its mission, the report concludes that FDA is also lacking in science capabilities and information, also stating that “disintegration of the FDA food regulation function has continued unabated over the past quarter century”.

One has to wonder why so many man hours and so much money is being wasted harassing organic growers and independent farmers.  The answer lies in the “whois” funding the FDA?

I have concluded that the greatest threat to the safety of our nation’s food supply, comes not from potential diseases or infections, but rather from the funding of the FDA which comes from the very companies, corporations, or drug dealers operating as big pharma.  This is such an arbitrary system, so detrimental to the overall health of the nation, and yet congress as usual turns a blind eye and a deaf ear.

It works like this:  Let’s say a big gmo developer has developed a new genetically altered seed that has no true benefit, *and, *they know the crops from this seed will cause far more harm than good.  But! They have invested millions, sometimes billions in developing this mutation and they want their money back plus a hefty profit.  What’s a big gmo developer to do?

Knowing the seeds they have mutated will quickly invade natural crops, they patent their mutation.  Then they go to the FDA, and pay to have their mutation “approved”.  The developer supplies their own studies, tailored to their desires, refuses to include any independent studies if any were even done, and only provides information supporting their claims of safety or benefit.  FDA then assures the public the mutation is safe for public use, generally just taking the word of the developer, and banks massive
amounts of cash for their efforts and we move on to the next mutation of food, drugs or whatever.

Now FDA is engaged in promoting the National Animal Identification System. Here again we see the efforts of behind the scenes benefactors influencing the FDA decision and policy.  Monsanto, Genentech, Syngenta and many others attempting to capture the genetic patents on all breeds of livestock, intended to wipe out independent ranchers and farmers,  have been successful in co-opting the FDA which now acts as a paid enforcer of corporate policies.

Once the “pay as you go” system was established, the FDA became the client of these benefactors and profiteers and a good and well paid client always panders to its financiers.  What a system!

The FDA is no longer a viable agency and has not been for years.  Having long since shown its primary function is self preservation at the expense of the public, there is no viable reason to allow this agency to continue siphoning millions from the public coffers. Whatever the original intent was when this agency was initially created has been lost to corporate donors and contributors.


With the economy in such a shambles we need to start cutting costs, and ending the FDA would be a great starting point.

 (c) 2009 Marti Oakley

Tennessee’s New Gun Grabbing Law


Tennessee state Senator Doug Jackson (D-Dickson, TN) has introduced a new bill that, according to this article’s deceptive headline, would only “ban the microstamping of firearms.” However, if you read the very first sentence of the article, it is revealed that this law would not merely ban the microstamping of firearms, but would simply ban the SALE of microstamped firearms and ammunition, which, in effect, is simply another means of removing guns and ammunition from circulation!

Even though these guns and their ammunition may be microstamped (something most law abiding gun owners probably would have no reason to fear, in and of itself, since they are not criminals committing crimes and thus, have no reason to hide anything), they are still, nonetheless, perfectly useful guns and ammunition that will, if this bill becomes law, simply disappear from gun stores in Tennessee altogether, thus reducing the number of guns and ammunition in circulation in Tennessee. It is a cleverly disguised method of banning guns and ammunition and not retsrictive gun laws.

If the state of Tennessee is truly interested in protecting the Second Amendment rights of its citizens, it should be calling for the repeal of all gun laws. Period. It is the mountain of existing laws that prevents the Second Amendment from functioning as it was intended to.

The Second Amendment was never supposed to be infringed – i.e., it was never supposed to be altered, abridged, limited, regulated or modified in any way at all! The Second Amendment, itself, even says so!

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Now, what part of “shall not be infringed” is so damned hard for legislators to understand!? It says what it means, it means what it says. Period.

Since Tennessee is among the several states declaring its sovereignty from the federal government under the Tenth Amendment, it may – and should – repeal all federally mandated gun laws in the state of Tennessee, thus guaranteeing that Tennessee is in no way affected by or beholden to the federal government from which it purports to remove itself. In fact, this could be extended, by all the rights claimed under the Tenth Amendment, to include any and all unnecessary layers of federal laws that have intruded, over the past two hundred years or more, upon the lives of Tennessee’s citizens. Now that would really be a declaration of state sovereignty, wouldn’t it?

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