Wednesday, on You Tube, there was a video posted by a man who had claimed to have found both a spy camera and a microphone inside his Magnavox digital TV converter box. As the video clearly shows, there is both a camera and a micophone there, however, there seems to be some controversy over whether this is a hoax or not.

According to the comments section below the article on this video, some Infowars readers believe the converter box was modified to include the camera and microphone. They cite the lack of visible wires to and from the camera and microphone as evidence of their accusations. While I can’t clearly see any wires there, myself, it’s mostly because the video quality and the focus of the camera makes it difficult to tell.

I was intrigued enough to find out for myself, though, and, having a Philco box of my own, which I purchased last summer – prior to learning about the mind control aspects of television – I decided to investigate.

After some difficulty in getting the case opened (when in doubt, a screwdriver and hammer always works!), I found nothing inside that resembled what I would call a camera or a microphone. However, I did find a device, located just behind it’s own translucent window in the box’s front panel, that I can’t indentify the purpose of. At first, I believed it to be the LED for the “Power” indicator, but, as I viewed the video I made, I later realized this is not the case. In fact, if you look to the right of that device, you can clearly see a green diode and it aligns with yet another translucent area in the front panel that is clearly labeled “Power.” So, whatever the “mystery device” is, it is not the power indicator light. The question remains, then, what is it?

All this raises the question of whether or not manufacturers of these devices are installing cameras and microphones in them to spy on consumers. According to some sources, this is being done and finding such a device inside one of these converters would be the “smoking gun” to prove it. Meanwhile, though, I don’t think it’s even necessary for the powers that be to resort to spycams in these boxes, as, reportedly, the entire TV screen itself can be used as a camera. Or, so said Alex Jones in his Wednesday broadcast, anyway. I haven’t been able to find a source that corroborates this, though.

Now, before anyone starts calling me a “disinfo agent,” I need to clarify that I have no doubt that such spycam technology may be in use – either in these boxes, or within the TV sets, themselves. I’m only reporting as honestly as I can on what’s out there at this writing and who is saying what about it. I think it very likely that, if this You Tube video is a hoax, then it has been done deliberately to discredit those who have, like me, speculated that such spycams may be in use. I am not saying they don’t exist. I’m simply trying to be an objective journalist.

Whether there is this capability or not, however, is almost a moot point when one considers that our TV sets may harbor far more sinister technologies within, such as the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum technology I wrote about recently. With this at their disposal, the rather outdated concept of spycams seems almost quaint, by comparison.

ADDENDUM: Upon later reflection, I’ve deduced that the “mystery” device is most likely to be the unit’s infrared sensor – for the remote control that came with the unit. Duh! Well, I told you I don’t know anything about electronics, didn’t I?