Now this is what I’m talking about! To heck with concealed carry laws that only add layers of bureaucratic red tape to your Second Amendment right to carry a gun! Oklahoma state Rep. Mike Ritze (R-Broken Arrow, OK)  has just introduced a new bill to the Oklahoma House of Representatives that would, if passed into law, allow Oklahoma gun owners to openly carry a rifle or shotgun in a pickup truck gun rack (just like we used to be able to do) and to openly carry a pistol in a belt holster without the need for a handgun license.

The current Oklahoma law restricts open carry to the transport of an unloaded gun for purposes of attending a gun class, hunting, going to a sporting event or in a police or military function, also without the requirement of a handgun license.

H.B. 1414 specifies that the firearm would have to be carried in a belt holster, a scabbard or a case designed to carry firearms that is “wholly or partly visible.”

Concealed carry of a gun is one way to protect yourself, but open carry is much more effective in sending a “don’t tread on me” message to criminals (and government thugs?) that will usually alleviate any need to ever draw your weapon, in the first place. When this becomes a common sight in public, watch the crime rates drop like a rock.

UPDATE: And a recantation. I have looked more carefully at H.B. 1414 and have determined that, while it appears to “allow” open carry, there are restrictions applied that severly limit the extent of this. Just as with all other recently passed gun laws that make the pretense of granting rights or lifting restrictions, H.B. 1414 is just another layer of gun control added to the thick, filthy scum of regulations that have violated the Second Amendment since the National Firearms Act of 1934 set the precedent for the negation of our right to defend our own lives and property.