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For those who may just be beginning to find out about the New World Order, the NAFTA Superhighway, the North American Union, etc, there is a new website that serves as not only an introduction to such topics, but is also a community of fellow citizens drawn together in common cause to defeat the New World Order.

Warn the People features videos, each one with its own comments section, as well as an open forum for discussion and communication and a links page with some excellent sources of information.

It is recommended that the uninitiated view the videos first and then leave comments about them. When you’ve viewed all eight videos you will have effectively been awakened to the gist of what is happening in the world today. Then you can sign up for membership, which is free, and which allows you to receives updates and other information via email.

Even if you’re already familiar with the agenda of the global elite, you will find information on this site that you may not have known of before. I highly recommend it.

Oklahoma’s H.B. 1414 Would Allow Open Carry


Now this is what I’m talking about! To heck with concealed carry laws that only add layers of bureaucratic red tape to your Second Amendment right to carry a gun! Oklahoma state Rep. Mike Ritze (R-Broken Arrow, OK)  has just introduced a new bill to the Oklahoma House of Representatives that would, if passed into law, allow Oklahoma gun owners to openly carry a rifle or shotgun in a pickup truck gun rack (just like we used to be able to do) and to openly carry a pistol in a belt holster without the need for a handgun license.

The current Oklahoma law restricts open carry to the transport of an unloaded gun for purposes of attending a gun class, hunting, going to a sporting event or in a police or military function, also without the requirement of a handgun license.

H.B. 1414 specifies that the firearm would have to be carried in a belt holster, a scabbard or a case designed to carry firearms that is “wholly or partly visible.”

Concealed carry of a gun is one way to protect yourself, but open carry is much more effective in sending a “don’t tread on me” message to criminals (and government thugs?) that will usually alleviate any need to ever draw your weapon, in the first place. When this becomes a common sight in public, watch the crime rates drop like a rock.

UPDATE: And a recantation. I have looked more carefully at H.B. 1414 and have determined that, while it appears to “allow” open carry, there are restrictions applied that severly limit the extent of this. Just as with all other recently passed gun laws that make the pretense of granting rights or lifting restrictions, H.B. 1414 is just another layer of gun control added to the thick, filthy scum of regulations that have violated the Second Amendment since the National Firearms Act of 1934 set the precedent for the negation of our right to defend our own lives and property.

NAIS: Another link in the attempts to control food supplies worldwide

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ppjg (C) 2009 Marti Oakley

Anyone who has researched the history of the National Animal Identification System realizes very quickly this global strategy being pushed by the toxic Monsanto Corporation, Genus and PIC, is nothing less than a plan to seize control of the worlds food production on every level.  And, like the efforts to convert water from a human right, to one of a commodity to be sold only to those who can afford it, food of all kinds, from all sources will no longer be a human right if these Frankenfood corporations and the United Nations are successful.


Genus, and other corporations who are jumping on the bandwagon in the hopes of patenting animal genetic resources, is the primary force behind NAIS.  The USDA is a willing and compliant partner, acting as lawmaker, spy, judge and executioner.  The USDA having been reported repeatedly for illegal search and seizure is allowed to act as a mercenary agency on behalf of these private interests without reprimand from congress.  In fact, you would never know we even have a congress when it comes to NAIS and the actions of USDA.


The biotech company’s intent is to monopolize existing breeds of farm animals just as they have done with genetically altered seeds.  73% of all grain now grown in the US is genetically altered and patented.  The intent is to pirate all grain crops using seed which, in the case of Monsanto, is only “leased” to the farmer…not sold.  This according to a rule Monsanto developed itself, after the seeds had been sold.  Using this rule, Monsanto is suing farmers…..after sending their own mercenary agents storming onto private land collecting samples and seizing crops. 

The ‘inventors’ of animal breeds  from No Patents on Seeds

“Corporations like PIC and Genus, who are among the biggest international players in the animal breeding sector, are especially active in buying up other firms and patent applica­tions filed. Monsanto is on the other hand entering this business as a relative outsider, having been basically active in a different area. This company has not only bought its way into pig breeding and filed patents having a broad cover­age, it has also concluded extensive licensing agreements with the genome company, MetaMorphix, which has for its part filed numerous patent applications in this sphere.”   http://www.no-patents-on-seeds.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=53&Itemid=42

Rather than advancing biodiversity which is the claim of not only biotech, but also the United Nations, genetic alteration of existing breeds of livestock and the resulting patents would seriously reduce diversity.  Hybrids, which would result from the genetic tampering, would be highly susceptible to disease if such tampering did not actually create new and unknown diseases. 


 “The US company Monsanto, net sales 7 billion USD, is better known for its leadership in genetically modified seed than in livestock genes. But with Monsanto’s acquisition, cooperation and patent policy regarding cattle and pig, it in a few years may well dominate gene markets not only with regard to plants but also to livestock. In 2004 it entered a strategic and exclusive collaboration with the genetic research company MetaMorphix, giving Monsanto access to the completest available swine genome data available/                                                               http://www.no-patents-on-seeds.org/images/documents/livestock_genetics_.pdf                                                                                                               

Genetic alteration is not the same as selective breeding where livestock is carefully bred to produce the best qualities of the breed.  Genetic alteration generally is done to accelerate growth or production at the expense of the animal.  

The wildly false claims Monsanto made about recombinant bovine growth hormone [rBGH] is a prime example of the harsh affects of forcing accelerated growth or production.  Monsanto claimed rBGH increased production by at least 20%.  They just failed to tell the farmer or consumer the 20% was the result of mastitis and the increase was the amount of pus in the milk that resulted from using the growth hormone.    http://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/food/foodsafety/dairy/no-rbgh

In order for genetic patenting to overtake independent livestock producers, it is necessary to know who is breeding what and where is it located.  That’s where NAIS comes in.  This system, if it isn’t stopped, will catalogue all farm and ranch animals and domestic pets. Once catalogued, this data will all be held in corporate data banks which will tell the biotech company just exactly where to establish their altered breeds.  As with the contamination of natural crops by uncontrolled genetically altered seeds, companies such as Monsanto will develop herds in close proximity to natural herds and wait for the opportunity to present itself for cross-breeding.  Once they are assured this has happened, the livestock owner will be sued, just like the seed farmer, and a valuable natural herd will be stolen and the USDA will likely be doing the herding. 

Behind all of the USDA grandstanding about needing to be able to track disease outbreaks, lays the true intent.  The USDA is not concerned with food safety or animal disease outbreaks.  USDA is facilitating the data collection necessary to locate, identify and seize natural herds and to establish industrialized factory farms to replace independent farms and ranches in the US. 

Every effort must be expended to not only halt any further activity in implementing NAIS, but also to abolish the USDA which has become nothing more than a mercenary enforcement arm of biotech pirates. 


No patents on Seeds                                                                                                                                                                    



Monsanto rBGH/ pus in milk


International Agreements Relevant to the Management of Farm Animal Genetic Resources





Monsanto in Illinois: Homeland Security and USDA closed meeting to plan attacks against animals


February 12, 2009

by Linn Cohen-Cole


Below is a letter to livestock producers in Illinois asking them and others to contact the Governor’s office to ask to be allowed to be present at a meeting between Homeland Security and the USDA which involves NAIS and “surge capacity” under Homeland Security to attack and seize and destroy – “depopulate” an area of – animals.  This meeting is about what will be done TO THEM but they are shut out.  

Many of you already know about Monsanto’s “rural cleansing” in southern Illinois of 200 – 400 farmers for using Steve Hixon as their seed cleaner .  One is being sued for $400,000.  Do the math.  In 2006, Monsanto made $160,000,000 in this Mafia-like extortion.

Many of you already know that Monsanto was involved in the development of NAIS which, to me, appears to be the set up on the animal side, to do what Monsanto has done with seeds – eliminate normal animals and substitute genetically engineered animals.  I’ve written about how the Homeland Security is set to military type warrantless raids against farms to seize and destroy animals crops and equipment using “animal disease” as the excuse – no due process, no means of checking to see if any of the animals are fine, no way to stop the slaughter.  I’ve also written how the USDA has already proved it  operates this way .

Homeland Security is the centralization of power bequeathed to us by Bush’s “War on Terror,” something many believe was not based on an enemy attack at all.  Amnesty International is calling for an elimination of laws that were passed under Bush’s “War on Terror” justification.  NSA-spying is one such abuse.  

NAIS is NSA-spying on steroids – imagine paying for the equipment used to spy on you, yourself, having to keep it up, having to let the government know in advance of every move your animals make (a trail ride, for instance, your child bringing a pet chicken to school), and to have to file paperwork within 24 hours afterwards or face penalties so draconian, the second infraction if your chicken crosses the road and you fail to report it on time, is $500,000.  

NAIS is backed up by Homeland Security.  Both are connected to Monsanto and, as is typical of Monsanto, both are resulting in terror for farmers.  

Food and Water Watch, the Organic Consumers Association, the Center for Food Safety, Public Citizen, the Campaign for Liberty, Amnesty International, the ACLU, and every farming, food, anti-GMO, animal rights, economic justice groups in this country must come together and with many other organizations, to need to demand NAIS be eliminated entirely.  Homeland Security regulations are in place to provide the required destruction of normal animals and small farmers that Monsanto needs for taking over with genetically engineered and patented animals and making them the only option.  This is happening in Asia already with poultry as small farmers are being destroyed to the benefit of multinationals.  Biotech companies are ready now to replace all poultry in the world with their patented, thus privatized “bird flu-resistant” super chickens .

Homeland Security is the corporate muscle behind the take over of the US food supply.   And the liquidation of our farmers is long planned – by executives.  Homeland Security must be stripped of warrantless, military, search-seize-destroy power over our small farmers and all of us .

So, in addition to this horrific meeting of the USDA (run by Vilsack, Monsanto’s crony) and Homeland Security (also corrupted by Monsanto) to which no farmers are allowed though they are the targets, in southern Illinois, in a six county area, right now, hundreds of crop farmers are living in terror of what is going to happen to them, no longer speaking to neighbors, because Monsanto people lied to them and told them their neighbors turned them in or that Hixon did.

Meanwhile, the Speaker of the House in Illinois who just pushed through an ethics bill because of the lack of all ethical there, has a staff filled with Monsanto lobbyists. 

This is Obama’s state.  

Why is Monsanto so comfortable taking over there?  Because Obama overrode immense public objections and put in Vilsack, Monsanto’s boy ?  It is time to make him responsible for his agencies and stop this assault on American farming.


It is interesting that this closed – to those affected – meeting is occurring immediately after Vilsack (Monsanto) just promised transparency

As you read this, realize that the people posting this out have been doing immense and difficult work now for years to stop NAIS, are fighting for their lives, battling agencies without our help, while being lied to, coerced, threatened, forced, and even involuntarily and/or without their knowledge being forced onto NAIS and Premises ID .

Read this message to livestock producers in Illinois to get a sense of how totalitarian things have become and how shut out the public is from decisions that affect it directly and threaten its livelihoods and even existence.

All calls, emails and letters you can send to let the Governor of Illinois know how you feel about this outrage and to demand that the public be allowed into this meeting of two abominably corrupted agencies – the USDA and Homeland Security – would be appreciated.  And if you are members of any of the organization listed above, please tell them you expect them to demand a complete halt to NAIS and to seek with as many organizations as possible, a criminal investigation into congressional and governmental agency corruption into USDA, FDA, EPA, and Homeland Security regulations that threaten the very existence of our REAL American farmers.

Every farmer and person in the entire country who has even a single farm animal – even a chicken or pet duck, is in trouble – and at a time of unemployment and impending food shortages when just a few chickens and a small goat could actually provide the protein needed for a family.

Dear Sen. Klobuchar….Neil (the mad orator) has a few questions for you

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Should somebody lock me up soon?

Senator Klobuchar,                                                                                                                                                                                                                         2/11/09

I see that you voted for the monstrous spending bill “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” yesterday & it is my understanding that e-verify was not allowed to be added to the bill. I am very disappointed, both with the dollar amount & that e-verify was not part of this bill. I have 6 very serious questions to ask:

1)      Why did the Senate (you) not require that e-verify be part of the final Senate version of this Stimulus Bill, when saving & creating jobs is the #1 priority at the present time?

2)      What was magical to you about meeting the $800 billion dollar figure required for this bill (why not the $400 billion level proposed by Senator McCain or why not use a trillion dollar figure)?

3)      Is it your belief that our government can spend our way out of this major economic meltdown?

4)      Do you believe that it is the long term goal of the Federal government to have all the “responsible” people in our Country pay the way/reward the greedy & irresponsible living here (to make them whole again – with no debt or losses)? Where the Govt. guarantees in good times or bad, no business small or large will ever fail again. Where every responsible or irresponsible, legal or illegal citizen in this Country is entitled to anything they want & our Government should find somebody or some group of people to pay for it.

5)      Do you think there is a “point of no return” on taxpayer bailout & stimulus money that our Federal Government is willing to spend (where our credit dries up globally & the U.S. dollar becomes totally worthless)?

6)      Is there a point in time, or a dollar amount where you will personally say “enough is enough, we just can’t keep piling all this debt onto our kids & grandkids? Where you actually break ranks with the President & your party & say that all we are really doing here is creating another bubble down the road for someone else to deal with?

I thank you in advance for taking my questions seriously; I look forward to your responses.


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