The Great Second Amendment Con Job


Supposedly, a great “march on Washington” in support of the Second Amendment is being planned for spring 2010, according to a recent article on WorldNet Daily, however, to anyone who is truly familiar with the Second Amendment and with these several organizations that purport to protect it, the truth is that this planned event will just be more verbal and emotional sleight of hand.

Take, for example, the National Rifle Association (NRA), one of the event’s sponsors. The NRA has been, from its beginnings, an organization that seeks not to preserve our inalienable right to be armed, but rather, seeks to cooperate with every step in the institution of gun control legislation, as it did recently, following the Virginia Tech shootings. The NRA also supports concealed carry laws, which require a gun owner to apply for a license from the state in order to exercise what the Second Amendment guarantees every gun owner already has the right to do.

Also sponsoring the march is Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners, an organization whose very name should raise a red flag as to their true intent. MCRGO has also backed concealed carry laws, which don’t promote freedom, but restrict it by making a right into a state-granted privilege. Apparently, what MCRGO means by “responsible” gun owners is those who fully cooperate like good sheep with every government step in the removal of their rights.

To be fair, not all the organizations sponsoring this march are agents of the gun grabbers. For example, there is Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, an organization that does seem to understand what the concealed carry laws are really all about and, not only do they “get it” when it comes to this, they also have campaigned to wake up cops to the martial law agenda and now have aware policemen pledging not to participate in the disarming of their fellow Americans.

Gun Owners of America, another of the event’s sponsors, is a little harder to pin down, regarding their stance on concealed carry laws, which seems to flip-flop between both viewpoints, depending upon who the author of the organization’s publication may be. Several of their articles have supported concealed carry permits for women.

Yet another of the march sponsors is the Second Amendment Foundation. I could find no mention of concealed carry on their website, so it’s hard to say what their stance on the issue is.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League, on the other hand, makes it glaringly apparent that they support concealed carry laws, as one glance at their homepage confirms.

The Virginia Shooting Sports Association, another march sponsoring organization, appears to also be in the same camp with the NRA. In fact, they even admonish gun owners to join the NRA in their “Six Steps to Protect Our Second Amendment Rights” page.

Lastly, Ohioans for Concealed Carry are yet another sponsor and their name makes their position on concealed carry laws quite obvious.

Sen. Alan Cropsey, who sits on Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners’ board of directors, makes it apparent this “march for the Second Amendment” won’t achieve anything other than the continued illusion of the “freedom” we supposedly have: “In the wake of last spring’s D.C. vs. Heller U.S. Supreme Court decision which protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm for private use [in reality, it does no such thing] and the renewed importance placed on the issue of gun rights across the country, the time is ideal for this historic gathering of gun owners at our national and state capitols.”

What Cropsey and the leaders of these other supposed pro-Second Amendment organizations want us to believe is the myth that the Supreme Court’s decision last year was a “victory” for the Second Amendment. In fact, it was anything but, and I have elaborated upon this here before.

To clarify, let’s briefly examine the Second Amendment, which states only:

“…a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Despite the nonsensical arguments over what the framers meant by “militia,” the amendment is quite clear in its intent. It clearly does not restrict:

  1. Who may own or carry a gun. It doesn’t even limit gun ownership to only sane people who have never committed a crime.
  2. The type of “arms” (i.e., weapons) to firearms, only. As it is worded, any weapon of any type can be used by anyone.
  3. Where weapons may be carried or how they may be carried.
  4. The purpose for carrying a weapon.
  5. The type of ammunition one may possess or use.

Given this, every gun control law ever passed is a clear violation of the Second Amendment, as these laws have added all the above listed restrictions upon firearms ownership. So, I ask you, how are organizations that have consistently accepted these restrictions in any way defenders of the Second Amendment?

Vilsack will continue the assalt on independent farms and ranches

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The high standards of food production and quality are coming to end in the U.S..  The last eight years have seen the multi-national corporations overtaking small and independent producers, eradicating small farms and ranches.  The USDA and FDA have been willing accomplices in this contamination of our food production and supply and both now routinely forcibly break onto privately owned properties and seize personal possession without warrant or authority in an effort to frighten small producers out of business.    

Congress turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to the plight of small producers who cannot donate millions of dollars in campaign funds and panders to the corrupt corporations whose goals include the complete overrun of food production and processing.

“Any hopes I may have had for Obama saving the day began to fade when Tom   Vilsak, the former governor of Iowa and known Monsanto yes-man and promoter was named to the position of Secretary of Agriculture.  Any hope farmers and ranchers may have had that the new administration would end the nightmare of Frankenfood corporations contaminating the food supply with their toxic creations ended there.  Vilsak will at no time work to protect independent producers.  His record on this is clear.

Iowans also remember the rides on Monsanto’s corporate jet that Vilsack – the Biotech “Governor of the Year” – enjoyed during his time in office. He repayed Monsanto by working with the Republican floor manager in the House, promising to do everything he could to get a seed bill to pass. This bill took away county power to regulate GMOs within county borders.” http://www.opednews.com/articles/Ag-Secretary-Announced-To-by-Jill-Hamilton-and-081216-596.html

73% of all grains now grown in the U.S. are genetically modified and not fit for human consumption.  Although massive efforts have been expended to squelch any scientific reports linking gmo to organ damage or diseases such as Morgellen’s, word is getting out.  The effects of transgenic organisms, genetically altered seeds which require chemical applications to grow, the contaminating of ground water and lands from pesticides, herbicides and unnatural crops will become more apparent as time goes on.

Many of us are concerned about what we are eating and what’s in it.  Is it natural; where did it come from? 

With the reduction in food processing and production standards located in CAFTA and NAFTA agreements, food products are entering our food supply from countries who maintain only minimal standards as laid out in these agreements.  Rather than establishing high standards for food safety, NAFTA/CAFTA reduced the standards to more easily accommodate multi-national corporations and to remove any legal obstacles such as state, local and federal laws.

In self defense we must return to growing our own produce, free from chemicals and pesticides and other deadly poisons used to grow commercial crops which are so detrimental to our health.  We need to act quickly, as Monsanto is already mounting attacks on seed cleaners or those who save seeds from one year’s crop to use for the next.  Heirloom and heritage seeds will soon become outlawed as Monsanto and others attempt to totally control our access to food. 

Of course the Artic Seed Vault….containing only organic and natural seeds from hundreds of thousands of varieties of plants will be maintained at all costs.  This just begs the questions that if gmo is substantially no different than natural seed, and if it is in fact far better…..why would the Bill Gates of the world be maintaining the seed vault with nothing but natural seed in it?

I am beginning to compile a list of seed exchanges and savers.  Below are just a few of the services offered across the country.  I would advise getting your seeds now before they are outlawed.  These sights many times offer advice on how to clean and store your own seeds for future crops, how to grow without chemicals and pesticides and how to harvest and store your produce. 

Gardening is not only enjoyable and satisfying, it may also be the thing that saves your life.



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