Apparently it doesn’t matter what the several states have told the federal government regarding Real ID; the feds are just going to go ahead and force us all to carry a chipped ID card, whether our states said “no” to it or not.

According to this article, one of the states that has caved in to such mafia tactics is Nevada – one of the three states in which Ron Paul placed a strong second in last year’s primaries. Apparently, it doesn’t matter what the people of Nevada want, either.

As the article states, “SB52 contains a variety of provisions designed to implement the Real ID Act, including spelling out the documents an individual will need to get a Real ID license. The legislation isn’t optional since the requirements are imposed by federal law.

The Real ID Act requires that, within the next two years, all states require drivers to show proof of their identity and their legal right to be in the U.S. and issue a drivers’ license which has security features  designed to prevent identity theft.”