With each and every passing day we are assaulted with more attacks on our constitutional protections from a dictatorial government, each of them predicated on some vague need in the “War On Terrorism”.   I have concluded after reading the most recent assaults on our rights, that the government is terrorized by “we the people”, and this “War on Terror” is actually a war against us……the people of the United States. 


Not one of the laws passed since 2001 to present day, do one thing to prevent terrorism from foreign threats.  There is not a terrorist out there who fears even one law we pass in the US.  By nature, terrorists don’t operate with laws in mind but rather in disregard to them.  So who could these unconstitutional laws, breaches of constitutional rights, invasions of privacy and the ballooning surveillance sector of government be directed towards?  You and me. 


The National Strategy for Information Sharing, which establishes state, local and regional “fusion centers” as a primary mechanism for the collection and dissemination of domestic intelligence, was not created to track terrorist activity although that was how it was sold.  NSIS was created to track you and me.  And not just in the case you might be in cahoots with some international terrorist group, but because you might be exhibiting suspicious behavior not in line with government policy. 


So what is some of this suspicious behavior that must be reported and recorded?


Apparently, being a peace activist can get you into the system as a terrorist or anti-government type. ( A peace activist is a terrorist? Isn’t this an oxymoron?  Isn’t this incredibly twisted irony?)


Using binoculars. 


Looking at maps.


Drawing diagrams.


Taking pictures or videos that aren’t “pretty”.


Expressing views not approved by the government (also called “extremist”)


NSIS will make deputy spies out of regular Americans from our military, our government and private individuals to spy on everyone and anyone.   Some how that makes me want to vomit.  But, it seems whenever a government decides that all or part of its population is a threat, there are always those who will try to buy their own safety even if it means becoming a traitor to their own people or country. 


The creation of these fusion centers which gather non-descript information on each and every one of us for no reason other than the fear of us, had to be the final word in the “War on Terror against the People of the United States.” 


Title 28, Part 23 of the Code of Federal Regulations clearly states that law enforcement agencies shall collect and maintain criminal intelligence information concerning an individual only if there is reasonable suspicion that the individual is involved in criminal conduct or activity.  The information must be relevant to the criminal activity cited.  Well….these new [Fusions Centers] blow right past that one. 


So…now that you know at least some of your friends, family members and even the military are engaged in spying on you, gathering information, data-mining and sharing it, in protected centers in every part of the country dedicated to deciphering who is not acting in accordance with government policies….who is not complying and submitting and who doesn’t share your adoration of a police state…….don’t you feel safer??


The clue to the actual intent of NSIS was right there in the text…… the collection and dissemination of domestic intelligence.  Domestic….that’s us.  We are the target of the “War on Terror”.


Obviously, our government lives in [terror] of us.  After all they have done to dismantle our country, our constitution, our ideals…….maybe they should.


© 2009 Marti Oakley