These words are written for those illegal immigrants who Sen. Harry Reid is determined to give amesty.  These are the people we are supposed to feel sorry for and who  claim they only want a better life.  These are the people determined to take what is left of our country from us.

The disrespect, the absolute contempt is unforgivable. 

No sympathy: No Amnesty

Marti Oakley



These three pargraphs are the closing of this article by  Ernesto Cienfuegos, La Voz de Aztlan on the pro-Atzalan website. 

“To our beloved community in Aztlan, prepare yourselves. The US Empire is going down but their is no reason we should go down with them. The US system may be already too decayed to save. There is very little difference between the two ruling parties. They are allowed to take turns governing to give the impression that there is real “democracy” in the empire. The party conventions you saw in Denver and the “twin cities” were mere “dog and pony shows”. The Plan de Aztlan hit it right on the mark when it stated that the Democratic and Republican parties are “the same animal with two heads that feed from the same trough.”

The “trough” in the above statement refers to the international banking families that have no allegiance to any nation and who control the Federal Reserve Board and thorough it the monetary system of the USA. They manipulate the economy by setting interest rates and by controlling how much money should be printed. This controls the worth of the printed money which has been losing value because of inflation. If the Federal Reserve Board prints 700 billion dollars as proposed by the bailout, in a few months you will be paying possibly 12 dollars for a loaf of bread. They buy congressman and senators in order to pass laws beneficial to their interests. That is how the Savings and Loan scam was accomplished and how they intend to perpetuate the current scam that is in the making.

Let the naive so call “patriots” suffer for their ignorance. Most of them believe in UFOs and in Big Foot and some still believe there is gold at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Next time you hear “twilight’s last gleaming”, know that it is for them and not for us! (end snip)