Downsize D.C. against NAIS

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D o w n s i z e r – D i s p a t c h

Media Alert! Jim Babka will appear on the Liberty Roundtable tomorrow morning. See the Postscript for details.

Quote of the Day: “The USDA claims it needs to be able to move fast in case of an outbreak of disease. At first blush it sure sounds fine and good, until you consider that people are in the middle of a major epidemic on US dairy farms, and the USDA hasn’t moved at all to stop it.” – The National Association of Farm Animal Welfare

Subject: From “Voluntary” to Mandatory

Johne’s disease is a contagious infection of the small intestine of hoofed animals.

Moreover, the USDA’s 2009 budget . . .

  • Slashes the already miniscule funding for Johne’s disease eradication 
  •  While increasing funding for the National Animal Identification System (NAIS)

The rationale for NAIS is that it will better protect America’s food supply. But at what cost?

  • More government surveillance powers
  • More expense for ranchers, farmers, and exotic pet owners
  • Less freedom and privacy: If one calf briefly strays, a report must be filed. If a horse-owner goes for a trail ride, a report must be filed.
  • NAIS is supposed to control disease outbreaks, but it does so at the expense of disease eradication programs.

No wonder the people aren’t buying it. NAIS was introduced four years ago as a “voluntary” program, but the lack of “volunteers” has the USDA playing hardball. It’s proposing rule APHIS-2007-0096 that would . . .

  • Require participants in other USDA disease control programs to adopt a NAIS Premise ID number
  • Phase in a requirement that newborn livestock be issued eartags under a uniform NAIS numbering system

Our assumption that this “voluntary” program would be made mandatory was a big reason DownsizeDC.org launched its anti-NAIS campaign three years ago.

Please join us in fighting this bureaucratic over-reach.

  • Tell Congress to abolish NAIS
  • Remind them that Congress never approved NAIS in the first place, but Congress does have the power to de-fund the program
  • You can also note that NAIS funding is being increased while Johne’s Disease eradication programs are being cut. This undermines the rationale for NAIS
  • Make your representatives aware that NAIS is one step closer to being mandatory.

You can send your message using our Educate the Powerful System.

Please also take an extra step. Strike at the root of the mischief-making powers of unelected bureaucrats. Tell Congress to pass DownsizeDC.org’s Write the Laws Act.

Thank-you for helping us Downsize DC!

James Wilson
Assistant to the President
DownsizeDC.org, Inc.

P.S. DownsizeDC.org President Jim Babka will be on Liberty Roundtable, with Sam Bushman & Friends, just after 9 AM Eastern (8 AM Central, 7 AM Mountain, 6 AM Pacific) on Wednesday morning (Jan. 28). The show is heard on several stations, but the best way to listen is online at http://www.accentradionetwork.com/chooseplayer.htm

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The Dawning of the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel Monopoly

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This is a must-hear presentation that outlines the secret formation and ultimate goal of the Federal Reserve System. What we are seeing in our economy today is not an accident, but a carefully orchestrated plan.




Download for free the full “Creature from Jekyll Island” MP3 Presentation by G. Edward Griffin at this URL:


“The name of the game is power.” (G. Edward Griffin)

“Competition is a sin.” (John D. Rockefeller)


 P.S. I’ve downloaded it myself, and there are no virus issues. It is a rather large (around 68 mb) MP3 file.

Leuren Moret, Depopulation and the Nihilist Agenda of the Elite

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I recently viewed two video interviews with Leuren Moret, the former scientist-turned-whistler-blower who has changed her life’s work from laboratory science to exposing the elite’s agenda of using depleted uranium and other deadly means to attack humanity.

In these two videos, which are both loaded with the shocking facts about DU, eugenics, the global depopulation agenda, etc., you will find a reference (toward the end of the video on the Uranium wars) to the fact that the Bushes (George Sr. and Barbara) have had their thyroid glands removed and that their children (inluding our former idiot president) were all born with learning disorders, the result of the family’s own exposure to the very same toxins they and their elite cronies have been exposing us all to. This clearly indicates that, not only do the elite want to destroy humanity, but their expendable minions and even themselves, in the process. Theirs is an evil and nihilistic agenda that cannot be fathomed by the rational mind.

Leuren Moret on the Uranium Wars

Leuren Moret on Depopulation

My opinion of Barak Obama

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My Opinion of Barack Obama

by Alan Adaschik

Excerpted from the full article at www.constitutionforum.us

“Barack Obama is intelligent, articulate, handsome, and dedicated to his beautiful family.  He also wants to be a President for all Americans and not just those with six figure incomes.  On the other side of the coin, the President Elect is a Democrat and his party shares responsibility with the Republicans for the mess this country is in.  Therefore, being a loyal Democrat, Barack Obama is handicapped in regard to the options available to him to help this Nation.  Also, as an accepted member of this Nation’s ruling establishment, he is committed to keeping Americans in the dark about how we are really governed.  Therefore, his most grievous character flaw is his willingness to participate in deception.  Proof of this is use of the word democracy to describe America, his wrongfully calling Bill Clinton a great president, and the fact that he has taken his oath of office with his fingers crossed behind his back.  In conclusion, appearances are that Barrack Obama is the answer to this Nation’s prayers, but the truth is that instead of being our salvation, we are in for politics as usual and politics as usual means the American experiment in Republican Democracy is over.”  (end excerpt)

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