“Fusion Centers” in YOUR Neighborhood are Spying on YOU!

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Just a short note, here, to bring to your attention the very troubling news about the extent to which the Office of Homeland Security is coordinating it’s efforts to spy on the people by creating what are called “Fusion Centers” in every state and in cities across the country.

These Fusion Centers are manned by full time staff trained in internet surveilance who are gathering information on U.S. citizens and then giving it to OHS. The result is a huge monolithic database of everyone’s activity – every message board post, email, site you’ve viewed, etc. Basically, this is data mining on steroids.

For more info, read the article on Infowars.com, or view the ACLU’s map of where the Fusion Centers are located and find out where the one in YOUR area is located. Mine is right here in Oklahoma City’s Homeland Security Office. No doubt my ISP is cooperating fully with them, so, I may be writing from Guantanamo Bay next week. Oh, wait; Obama “closed” that, right? Yeah…

USDA Unable to Weed Out GMO foods

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WASHINGTON, Jan. 14, 2009 (Reuters) — The U.S. food supply is at risk of being invaded by unapproved imports of genetically modified crops and livestock, a USDA internal audit report released Wednesday said.

The report, released by the U.S. Agriculture Department’s Office of Inspector General, said the USDA does not have an import control policy to regulate imported GMO animals.

Its policy for GMO crops, though adequate now, could become outdated as other nations boost production of their own GMO crops, the report added.

The Office of Inspector General recommended the department develop an overall control policy for all GMO imports and implement a strategy to monitor GMO crop and livestock development in foreign nations.

The audit found that the USDA needs to develop screening measures to weed out undeclared GMO crops and livestock. The department currently has no measures in place to identify a shipment of unapproved GMO imports unknown to the U.S. regulatory system, the report said.

The United States has been a forerunner in developing GMO plants and animals since the 1990s, but other countries are beginning to invest more in biotechnology.

The report noted that China has pledged $500 million toward biotechnology by 2010 and has developed a new form of GMO rice.

Although the implications associated with Americans consuming unapproved GMO food are unknown, the health and environmental concerns that it poses could threaten commerce.

The USDA’s lack of policies and monitoring capability on the matter reflect the United States’ dominance over the global market concerning genetic modification.

“Department officials stated that they have not needed such a strategy because most transgenic plants were first developed within the U.S. regulatory system, and it was unlikely that anything unfamiliar would be imported,” the report said.

“And transgenic animals have not been commercialized,” the report also said of officials’ reasoning behind being slow to develop regulations.

The USDA, for the most part, agreed with the report’s recommendations.

In a letter to the Office of Inspector General, the USDA said it would create a plan for monitoring GMO plant and animal developments worldwide by November 30. But further action on policy would require approval from the incoming administration.


Last Minute Rulemaking by Bush USDA Threatens Organic Farmers

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Consumers and Farmers Join Together to Promote Organic Integrity

Excerpted from the full article:

CORNUCOPIA, Wisconsin – December 3 – Many media outlets, from the New York Times to the blogosphere, have tracked what has been dubbed the “corporate takeover” of organic farming.  One of the hottest controversies in this rapidly growing $20 billion industry has been giant factory farms milking thousands of cows each in feedlots and masquerading as organic.  Some of these industrial dairies are controlled by the nation’s largest agribusinesses.

Since the organic community first appealed to the USDA for better clarification and enforcement of regulations requiring organic dairy producers to graze their cattle, nearly 9 years ago, the number of giant industrial dairy operations, with as many as 10,000 cows, has grown from two to approximately 15.  After years of delay, the USDA has finally responded with a new proposed rule that they said would crack down on abuses. 

“The birds have come home to roost,” said Mark Kastel, Senior Farm Policy Analyst for The Cornucopia Institute.  The Wisconsin-based farm policy research group estimates there are 35,000 to 45,000 cows on giant CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) operating in the United States producing as much as 40% of the nation’s organic milk supply. 


This is an important article from Common Dreams.org.

Mark Dankof on Obama, the Gaza Holocaust, and “The Absurdity of Hope”

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  Mark Dankof’s America

Republic national Broadcasting (RBN)



Excerpted from the full article here:


” All the unmistakable signs are there: the continued death of an American manufacturing economy which lost 3 million jobs in the Bush years alone; the first of a series of trillion dollar budget deficits in 2009; the continuation of unwinnable wars of colonialism and counterinsurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan that Mr. Stieglitz of the World Bank calculates will cost 3 trillion dollars at the unseen end of the tunnel; a prime-the-pump response to economic catastrophe that involves both the $750 billion bank bailout and Mr. Obama’s $800 billion in “stimulus”; an ongoing reliance upon foreign international borrowing and the printing of fiat money by the Fed to finance this smoke-and-mirrors game; the continued Balkanization of the United States courtesy of 20 million illegal aliens; and further cultural and moral malignancy metastasis, courtesy of the Jewish-dominated gay, abortion, and Hollywood constituencies presently infatuated with the Man from Kenya and Cook County.

     Ex-KGB analyst and Russian foreign ministry instructor, Igor Panarin, has painted his own prophetic picture of coming “change” in America by the year 2010, in an article posted recently in the Wall Street Journal. He predicts the coming breakup of the United States into four sectors, each dominated by a foreign power. Panarin’s thesis involves the same moral, political, and military analysis of the United States that I have proffered as an American paleoconservative. Even more ominously, the suggestion that 2010 is the year of prophetic fulfillment suggests that the good Russian professor has been reading Daniel’s account of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, or the Judean prophet’s proclamation of the end of Belshazzar’s reign and the Babylonian Empire.

     My prediction: some version of Igor Panarin’s portrait is about to be painted, and very soon.” (end excerpt)

The USDA…An unelected bureaucracy gone wild.

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The USDA is an unelected bureaucracy which seems to have come to its own conclusions regarding the law and is busying itself with attempting to implement the illegal and unconstitutional National Animal Identification System.


Because the proposed system is blatantly unconstitutional and a direct assault on our right to own private property and to be free of encumbrance or interference from the government as long as our activity remains lawful and legal, I began wondering just how USDA and its globalist, corporate pandering, minions were intending to not only implement but to also enforce this illegal attack on private homes and businesses. 


How does an agency of the federal government set about avoiding a conflict with the Constitution and its Bill of Rights, and implement a program that assaults and renders as useless those very same rights? 


Please look at the list below and see if you can find any law, any proposed bill, or in fact any indication that we even have a congress that might have had a say in this.  These of course are not all the players and this list does not include the Frankenfood corporations like Monsanto and Syngenta among many others, but it should give you a clear picture of how the USDA intends to circumvent the Constitution and your rights to be left alone by government: to be secure in papers, person and effects.


  • International Animal Court Treaty
  • International Criminal Court
  • International property Code
  • International Standards.org
  • International Committee on Animal Standards
  • International Standards for Electric Identification of Animals
  • World Organization for Animal Health
  • International Phytosanitary Agreements
  • World Trade Organization


This is kind of like finding Waldo…..only the Waldo in this puzzle is congress and they are no where to be found.  No mention of US laws or the Constitution either. 


Everyone of these organizations or treaty’s is directly tied to the World Trade Organization. 


The World Trade Organization is tied to the World Bank  


The World Bank is tied to the International Monetary Fund


All of these are subject to the International Criminal Court


And every treaty, organization, trade organization, bank, money handler, committee, standard and code is all tied to AGENDA 21 from the United Nations.


The USDA has neither the power nor the legitimacy to mandate or attempt to make mandatory any program or plan that is derived from international policies and agendas intended to usurp and replace Constitutional laws and protections and rights.  These international laws, codes and regulations are being utilized specifically because our laws would prohibit not only implementation, but enforcement.  Enforcement, by necessity requires lawful validation which could not be gained under US laws or the Constitution.


The recent Federal Register entry, January 13, 2009 citing the USDA’s claim that mandatory implementation will supersede and preempt any local or state laws that have been passed allowing NAIS registration to be only voluntary an dnow making it mandatory, is null on its face.


The USDA is nothing more than an agency and as such cannot lawfully make such a declaration.  The 10th and 14th Amendments gives states rights over those of the government.  In this case, this is only an agency of the government…..not Congress or the President.  And it is one of these two only, who can legislate or pass laws which must be attended by the population.  The USDA, no matter how grandiose their thinking, is neither of these bodies.


And, no matter what international plan or organization is hiding behind this infringement on our sovereignty, we as American citizens are bound by one set of laws originating from the Constitution.  If the USDA is so enamored with international organizations, holding them in higher regard than our own Constitution then please let me be the first to invite each and every one of them, including Colin Peterson (D) MN and Tom Harkin(D) IA, to take their leave. 


I’ll help raise the money for tickets to anywhere you want to go…..as long as it is far, far away from the US.


© 2009 Marti Oakley


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