If you’re among the many who may be feeling intimidated – perhaps even frightened by the so-called New World Order, I have a simple mental exercise for you that may help you to calm your fears by putting things in perspective for you.

Get a sheet of paper and something to write with. Now, get on Google or, better yet, Wikipedia, and look up as many of the despots and world leaders of history that you can find. Write down the names of those you have already outlived. If you’re of a certain age, you will probably have outlived at least a few of them. Some of you may even have outlived most of them. I can think of several I’ve outlived, myself, including Alexander the Great (dead at 36, three years after having conquered the then known world), Napoleon Bonaparte (died at 52), Caligula (died at 29) and this October, I’ll pull ahead of Adolf Hitler (we’re presently tied at age 56).

What is the point of this exercise? To show that the ignominity of death overtakes all, eventually – even the high and mighty, who shall not remain so indefinitely. Even if they should escape earthly justice, all tyrants will eventually succumb to the same fate we all share. Death is the ultimate equalizer.

Just as the PINAC Neocons hung their once useful puppet/pawn/henchman Saddam Hussein, so shall they, themselves meet the same fate – or worse – when they are ultimately defeated, as all tyrants eventually are.

This frightens our satanic overlords to their very core, to such an extent that they have covertly been pursuing the possibility of not only personally ruling the world, but of doing so literally forever (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj_-sBNQKcQ&feature=related). Mark my words, they will fail on both counts.