by: Marti Oakley 
(c) copyright 2009




We all know what GPS is, right?  What a great thing this could have been and we can all see how this could protect life.  There is GPS in your new vehicle, in your cell phone, in your wireless computer, and now in many credit cards. 


Under the National Animal Identification System run by the USDA, your pets, your livestock and your land will be all identifiable using GPS. 


Google, whose services are available to the highest bidder without regard to moral or ethical concepts or even legal issues, has mapped the entire US and parts of the world, using GPS to pinpoint your house using geographical coordinates.  This mapping has been made available and rumored to have been financed by Homeland Security. 


If the government is successful in mandating the unconstitutional REAL ID, you will have a GPS identified internal passport that must be carried and shown on demand.  If they are successful in their push for RFID chips in human beings, they can simply locate you by keying in on your chip. 


The NAFTA highway, intended to split the country into three regions, will be GPS monitored.  All cars, trucks, and haulers must have GPS which will be tracked using the tracking sensors made in China and implanted along the highways. 


These home computers we all love so much have an ISP address that when properly keyed, gives an exact GPS location of the computer. 


Wal-mart, that bastion of slave labor markets, began the push a few years ago to track all products on the shelves in their stores using nano chips.  Each product chip is locatable using…..GPS.  It is almost impossible now to purchase any product of any kind that isn’t nano chipped in almost any kind of store.


These are just a few of the aspects of the altered function of GPS.  Instead of being a beneficial tool for protecting life, it is instead a high tech tool for surveillance and control. 


As it stands now, your computer, your vehicle, your cell phone, your home, your pets, your livestock, your purchases even of food, and now even some clothing, are all tracked and locatable using GPS.  The concept behind GPS and the reasons given in the marketing of GPS are in opposition to the true intent.


GPS is the most singular mechanism by which the government gained the capability to put us all on a grid and track our movements, at will, any time, and for no reason.  I have to wonder if the human chips they are now promoting won’t in fact have a “shut off” built into them?  Would that have the same affect as shutting off your car? 


Technology for the most part is a good thing.  In the wrong hands, guided by people who have evil intentions and who have an altered function in mind, it can be a hazard to us all.


© 2009 Marti Oakley