Mark Dankof on Hate Crime Legislation

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dankof_smallMark Dankof’s America airs live on the Republic Broadcasting Network on January 11th, 7-9 am Sunday morning.  Later listeners may access the show on the RBN archives.
Mark’s guests are Ted Pike of the National Prayer Network in the initial 30 minutes of the broadcast.  Rev. Pike will be updating listeners on the status of hate crime legislation in the U. S. Congress and what it means.
USS Liberty survivor and RBN radio host, Phil Tourney, will join the show for the last hour and a half.  Mr. Tourney will discuss Israeli atrocities in Gaza, an Israeli mole in the USS Liberty survivors association, and the ongoing impact of American military involvement in the Middle East on Mr. Tourney and his family.
Mark Dankof has a new post at Al Bawaba in Amman, Jordan.  It is entitled, “The Death of Eddy Arnold and the Old American Republic.”

Mark’s broadcast airs 7-9 a.m. CST on Sunday mornings.

Obama’s Pick for Attorney General May Have Power to Ban Guns at Will


Anyone who still has any doubts about Barrack Obama’s intentions to take our guns away should read this article. Obama’s choice for Attorney General, Eric Holder, could have the power to ban – at his discretion – all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns that are “designed for military or law enforcement use,” provided HR 1022 (now in House Subcommitte on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security) becomes law.

This would effectively disarm the people of the United States to such a degree they would be helpless in the event they had to defend themselves against a high-tech tryannical regime’s declaration of martial law and warfare on the American people. This would confine citizens to the use of crude, outdated bolt-action rifles and hunting shotguns – weapons that are not designed for self-defense as much as they are for hunting.

If HR 1022 becomes law, how much longer will it be before all guns are banned completely? Anyone who thinks it can’t happen here need only look at the UK, where it’s already happened, decades ago.

When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns – and the outlaws who are running our government obviously have a vested interest in seeing to it that this is exactly what will happen.

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