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Dear Friends &  5-11 Campaign Supporters,



At the time of the New Year  when many are reflecting on the past events of the year, we are looking back on our achievements.


Since May 11th of 2008, the inception and the first meeting of the 5-11 Campaign, we have achieved a lot.


This year the 5-11 Campaign has raised close to $1000.00 in support to pay for flyers, public education materials, and transportation to increase awareness about the damaging effects of Real ID.


Within a month of it’s inception the 5-11 Campaign had it’s own web home 511Campaign.org.  Since that time we created many interrelated opportunities to expand amenities online for social networking and outreach development at the Capital of Texas.


In the fall of 2008, the 5-11 Campaign expanded it’s goals to include providing a structure, online networking tools and downloadable promotional materials so that anyone, anywhere could communicate and reach others with information on how to protect themselves from a dark future with a national ID.


The 5-11 Campaign, through public appearances, fundraisers and constant press contact in print, online and broadcast media, has been able to continue to help others become active.  From there we have created stronger local networks and relationships where people continue to stay involved in making a difference.


Most of all, the 5-11 Campaign has become a living body for moving grassroots legislation.  Those involved with the 5-11 Campaign now have the chance of making their voices and concerns law in the upcoming Texas legislative session.  


We have and can look forward to the most support we have ever had.  The cement has been poured for Texas, the path paved.  Soon others will join us to go down a path to the Austin Capital to vote AYE for our bill to reject the voluntary adoption of Real ID for the Great State of Texas. 


We ask that you continue with one resolution to celebrate the New Year 2009. 


Let’s stop Real ID together:



  • Support our Bill
  • Tell others about the dangers and risks of Real IDs
  • Volunteer for Outreaches & Benefits
  • Contact your local officials, State representatives & ask them to reject The Real ID Act of 2005 for you


Here are eventful wishes for a prosperous New Year.


Our Best,


The 5-11 Campaign


NEXT MEETING HELD 1/4  @ 3PM  – Brave New Books  1904 Guadalupe , Austin TX