NAIS — the Fourth Component……What USDA doesn’t want you to know.

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NAIS — the Fourth Component
        by Darol Dickinson
        July 11, 2008

USDA Investigator

The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) has been alleged as a three component program, however now a fourth component facade is starting to reveal itself.

The first step of NAIS is premises enrollment, next animal identification, and then coast to coast 48 hour animal tracing.

USDA Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs, Bruce I. Knight has promised that the NAIS program is easy to enroll and totally voluntary on the federal level, “if . . . enough livestock owners enroll so it does not have to go mandatory.”

The NAIS program has distributed thousands of “selling” USDA press releases quoting Knight. The constant controversy of NAIS has placed the Knight name among the top ten Internet bureaucrats according to Google, with Bruce Knight or Bruce I. Knight showing up over 17,000,000 times.

The fourth Component is meticulously touched by Knight, “If USDA decides to make all or parts of the NAIS mandatory, APHIS will follow the normal rulemaking process.”  With rules, laws, inspections, taxes, regulations, or licensing comes the fourth component……Enforcement.

Enforcement of NAIS is not a happy subject especially when the first component is still not setting well with the majority of producers.  However, it is a dead serious issue for animal owners who want to know what new enforcements are involved, and their price tag, before they permanently enroll.

In 2007 the US spent nearly one trillion dollars (from taxes and borrowed funds) in regulation enforcements, policing, investigations, and mandatory compliances.  Although this was a huge expense to the citizenry, the fines, collections, penalties, licenses, fees and private property confiscations from all law violations was an equally swelling amount; a number impossible to locate from federal published data.

The current “rule making process” for USDA is found on line at Cornell University Law School, Legal Information Institute, U.S. Code., Title 7 >Chapter 109> 8313.   Penalties. #8313 

(b) Civil Penalties, (1) In general (A)

    (i) $50,000 in the case of any individual, except that the civil penalty may not exceed $1000 in the case of an initial violation of this chapter by an individual moving regulated articles not for monetary gain;
    (ii) $250,000 in the case of any other person for each violation; and
    (iii) $500,000 for all violations adjudicated in a single proceeding.

Penalties appropriate to the violation is a cornerstone fundamental of the US judicial system.  Enforcement is totally capricious with USDA.  One could be fined in county court $1000 for a 70 mph speed violation through a school zone, yet $50,000 for crossing a state line with one number incorrect on a USDA issued livestock health certificate—for a perfectly healthy child’s pony!  Dr. Max Thornsberry, President of R-CALF USA says, “The USDA is a run away agency out of control, with total disregard for U.S. citizens.”

Producers have been mystified by the massive amount of grants and funds (cooperative agreements) doled by USDA to get NAIS closer to full mandatory mode.  The nearly $150,000,000 invested to promote enrollment looks large, but ….. it would only take 300 violations of $500,000 each to quickly earn it back.

US leaders watch other government trends closely in creating new laws and taxation.  Europe has been a leader in pioneering thought for US policy.  Government animal numbering systems have been urged in a few countries prior to the marketing of NAIS in the US.  Australia is the only country to have implemented electronic tagging and tracking as is proposed by the USDA.  Australia is a prototype for enforcement also.

Stephen Blair, a Director of the Angus Society of Australia was recently fined $17,300.  He was prosecuted by Australian Minister McDonald for moving cattle from one of his ranches wearing  ear tags from his other ranch to a livestock auction. No diseased or stolen livestock were involved. It was a matter of a government rule violation.  This is a small example of the enforcement USDA could wield over US livestock producers if NAIS was exacted mandatory.

Part of the title for Bruce Knight, is “REGULATORY PROGRAMS.”  This probably helps explain his tigerish priorities for the income generating fourth component of NAIS—ENFORCEMENTS.

USDA enforcements are now, and will be a coerced obligation of all licensed USDA veterinarians.  Vets will be required to report all non compliance of their valued clients or be subject to immediate licensing reviews.  The USDA/APHIS policing division is the Investigative and Enforcement Services (IES) with headquarters in Raleigh, NC; Fort Collins, CO; and Riverdale, MD.  IES boasts of increasing thousands of “clients” with a 51% increase in case load and “more than a threefold increase in the dollar value of civil penalties” in one recent year. To enforce the ever increasing number of regulations, the government seeks to make ordinary citizens into their enforcers. Even today all neighbors, farm employees and friend or foe associates are encouraged on the IES web site to “Report potential violations, please contact IES.” Wisconsin tried to use bulk milk haulers to enforce NAIS against Amish dairy farmers in 2007. The Fourth Component is operational and extremely aggressive.

The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) printed an information flyer to dispel negative NAIS exaggerations.  Question: Reports say you’re going to charge $1000 a day for not participating if it is mandatory.  Answer: The TAHC is a regulatory agency and has administrative penalty provisions in it’s law as a recourse for persons who refuse to comply.

The Fourth Component is Enforcements  It can be disastrously expensive.  The majority of US livestock producers don’t like the thought of imprisonment and exorbitant fines.

NAIS, when mandatory, as proposed by USDA, will require 100% computer movement documentation at the full expense of livestock owners.  In a three year period the total NAIS computer movement  numbers in the USA will more than eclipse the number of all people living on the entire planet earth. The whopping magnitude of this federal numbering burden will require a giant increase in USDA employees, facilities, and, of course IES will explode with new “clients.”
Every livestock producer is encouraged to study the many intricate details of NAIS.  The large majority of livestock producers refuse to enroll their premises in NAIS.  Oppose NAIS now, rather than when it becomes scurrilously mandatory.  There is a small amount of time remaining to politically react. For more information www.naisSTINKS.com or www.NONAIS.org or www.LibertyArk.net.

Australian ear tag case:

Cornell Agriculture Law:

APHIS’ Investigative and Enforcement Services

Gaza: The Killing Zone

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A concentration camp for 1 million people

Administered by Israel, paid for by the US and tolerated by Arab rulers, Gaza is an open air concentration camp where snipers take pot shots at children, aircraft shoot missiles into crowds, and bulldozers randomly destroy homes with impunity.

The recent mass assault is only the latest in a long string of atrocities.

Dishonest news outlets like the Associated Press talk about the bombing of the Gaza tunnels without pointing out that for over a year they are the only source of food, medicine, and other necessities for one million people walled in and surrounded by homicidal psychopaths.

Approximately half of the population of Gaza is under 18 years old.

This video documents the effect of just ONE missile attack.

Israel’s criminally psychopathic government is currently raining them down on one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

Roughly half the population of Gaza is under 18 years old.

The Israeli and US news calls it a “war with Hammas.”

Here’s what conditions were like there five years ago:



Will Public Health “Tyranny” Rise in 2009?

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Will Public Health “Tyranny” Rise in 2009?
Next year promises to challenge the health freedoms of all Americans.

As we move together toward January 1 and the challenges ahead, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support of Citizens’ Council on Health Care.

Together we have faced legislative giants and toppled them (eg. Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange…Baby DNA Warehousing). Your signature has graced petitions and emails and letters. Your calls have rung in the ears of the Governor, the President, Congress and/or the Minnesota legislature. It’s been a blessing to be a part of it all.

CCHC’s string of successes across the years tells the tale of your faithful and active support of CCHC’s efforts.

I’d like to say we won, once and for all. But I can’t. In 2009, we expect state and federal public health agencies to reach for more intrusive controls on patient care and individual lives. Here are a few pending examples:

  • Health care rationing will be pushed under the guise of “value,” “quality,” “equity,” and “evidence-based medicine” – as defined by corporate and government officials working together. (My paper published by ALEC refuting EMB)
  • As a sign of things to come, the New York Commissioner of Health is supporting an 18% “fat tax” on soda pop.
  • The Minnesota Department of Health is expected to try again to eliminate our consent rights for government warehousing of newborn blood and baby DNA. If you haven’t already, please sign the CCHC petition asking Governor Pawlenty to dismantle the Baby DNA warehouse.
  • Senator Ted Kennedy plans to establish Hillary’s national health data system to put all the private details in your medical records online and electronically accessible to public health officials. (“Wired for Health Care Quality Act”)
  • Mr. Kennedy will also attempt to create a new national entity appointed to use your private data to grade your doctors “performance,” likely in concert with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  • The Minnesota Department of Health appears ready to support Minnesota hospitals and others as they push for corporate ownership of the tissue, blood and DNA you leave behind in clinics, and laboratories and hospitals.
These plans, however, are just that. Plans.

Although they have some heavy duty backers, these plans are no reason to give up. As a wiser person than me has said, “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.” It thrills me to know that you are one of the good people that acts. It remains a grand and noble challenge to protect the freedoms we were blessed to receive by birth.

Eternal vigilance is key. In 2009, CCHC will work to educate you on the issues so your vigilance is spot-on and timely.

I am reminded every day of how you are the backbone, the breastbone, the legs, the arms and often the ears and eyes of CCHC. We prize your active engagement with our efforts and your active support for the great and exhilarating cause of freedom. With your help we will be ready and able to meet the challenges of 2009. 

I know that these are difficult days financially.

As you consider the possibility of year-end giving, we would be grateful to be on your list. If you’ve been planning to give and haven’t yet…please Donate Now

Faithful friends are precious indeed. Thank you for all you do to support CCHC.

I look forward to working with you in 2009.

Yours in freedom,



Twila Brase, RN, PHN
President, CCHC

Citizens’ Council on Health Care supports freedom for patients and doctors, medical
innovation, and the right to a confidential patient-doctor relationship.

Citizens’ Council on Health Care
1954 University Ave. W., Ste. 8
St. Paul, MN 55104

Americans aren’t supposed to know this ….BRASSCHECK TV/video

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Americans aren’t supposed to know this


Contrary to Israeli war party propaganda in the US, not all Jews and not all Israelis support Israel’s Nazi-like conduct in the Occupied Territories.

This simple fact is probably the single most censored piece of news in the United States.

Here are some young people heading to prison because they won’t join the genocide.

You can support these brave kids here:

Write: http://december18th.org

One of their stories…

Name: Tamar Katz
Age: 19
Location: Tel-Aviv

Why I am one of the Shministim:

“I refuse to enlist in the Israeli military on conscientious grounds. I am not willing to become part of an occupying army, that has been an invader of foreign lands for decades, which perpetuates a racist regime of robbery in these lands, tyrannizes civilians and makes life difficult for millions under a false pretext of security.”

First Sentence: 28th Sept. – 10th Oct. 2008 (12 days)
Second Sentence: 12th – 30th Oct. 2008 (18 days)
Third Sentence: 1st – 22nd Dec. 2008 (21 days)

Write: http://december18th.org

Please pass this video on to friends and colleagues.

I’d like to see us generate tens of thousands of letters.

If you were a captive of the US mind control police (i.e. the corporate news media) you’d believe two things:

1. Israel is “defending” itself against the Palestinians

2. All Israelis support their government’s policy of endless war against Palestinian civilians.

It’s this second lie that the US-Israeli media mafia guards most closely – and desperately hopes Americans never figure out.



http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/509.html– Brasscheck

Israel, the USS Liberty and Things you never knew about.

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At least they didn’t strafe “The Dignity” with machine gun fire

Forty years ago, the Israeli military – with cold blooded calculation – murdered US sailors at sea.

Lyndon Johnson helped them cover it up.

Probably less than one American 1 of 10,000 knows the story.

You can thank the news media for that and the Congress and the military brass which followed Johnson’s orders, sat back and did nothing while its own men were slaughtered in broad daylight.

The plan was to kill every sailor on board and sink the ship.
It’s only because of the astonishing survival of some of the crew that we know what happened.

Share this page…post it to blogs…help educate Americans about the extent to which their country has been subverted.


How much more blatant and vicious do things have to get before someone in a position of power in the US says something?

Ever wonder why the US government supports the Israeli government no matter what it does?

You don’t know the half of it.  To fully understand the reality of the “special relationship” between Israel and the US, this video says it all.



– Brasscheck

P.S. Please make a special effort to share this video with friends and colleagues, esp.

those in the United States.

Beat the Chip……Texans fighting REAL ID

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We’ve added a new banner ad to our Gazette……[Beat the Chip] is a group in Texas dedicated to stopping this unconstitutional assault on our right to be left alone by government.  The 5-11 Campaign is organizing nationally, sponsored by Beat TheChip.  Get on board and support their efforts.  The privacy you save may be your own!  Click the ad and go directly to the 5-11 site for organization tips and tools and information you will need to fight in your state.



Dear Friends &  5-11 Campaign Supporters,



At the time of the New Year  when many are reflecting on the past events of the year, we are looking back on our achievements.


Since May 11th of 2008, the inception and the first meeting of the 5-11 Campaign, we have achieved a lot.


This year the 5-11 Campaign has raised close to $1000.00 in support to pay for flyers, public education materials, and transportation to increase awareness about the damaging effects of Real ID.


Within a month of it’s inception the 5-11 Campaign had it’s own web home 511Campaign.org.  Since that time we created many interrelated opportunities to expand amenities online for social networking and outreach development at the Capital of Texas.


In the fall of 2008, the 5-11 Campaign expanded it’s goals to include providing a structure, online networking tools and downloadable promotional materials so that anyone, anywhere could communicate and reach others with information on how to protect themselves from a dark future with a national ID.


The 5-11 Campaign, through public appearances, fundraisers and constant press contact in print, online and broadcast media, has been able to continue to help others become active.  From there we have created stronger local networks and relationships where people continue to stay involved in making a difference.


Most of all, the 5-11 Campaign has become a living body for moving grassroots legislation.  Those involved with the 5-11 Campaign now have the chance of making their voices and concerns law in the upcoming Texas legislative session.  


We have and can look forward to the most support we have ever had.  The cement has been poured for Texas, the path paved.  Soon others will join us to go down a path to the Austin Capital to vote AYE for our bill to reject the voluntary adoption of Real ID for the Great State of Texas. 


We ask that you continue with one resolution to celebrate the New Year 2009. 


Let’s stop Real ID together:



  • Support our Bill
  • Tell others about the dangers and risks of Real IDs
  • Volunteer for Outreaches & Benefits
  • Contact your local officials, State representatives & ask them to reject The Real ID Act of 2005 for you


Here are eventful wishes for a prosperous New Year.


Our Best,


The 5-11 Campaign


NEXT MEETING HELD 1/4  @ 3PM  – Brave New Books  1904 Guadalupe , Austin TX


What are we really eating??

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Eat Food


When they’re not busy picking our pockets, or telling us we have to give up liberties in order to have freedom, they’re selling us garbage and telling us it’s food.

Last time I checked, the manufactured food business is bigger than Big Oil and that kind of money buys inconceivably large amounts of propaganda, misinformation and corrupted science.

“Eat food”…

What a beautifully profound and revolutionary piece of advice.

What are we eating and why…

A new film – Processed People – asks some eye opening questions about processed food.



http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/502.html– Brasscheck

P.S. Please share Brasscheck TV e-mails and videos with friends and colleagues.

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