excerpt from article below
“As long as that waiting list includes American citizens or legal immigrants, there’s no reason an illegal alien should occupy any of that housing,” said Rosemary Jenks, director of government relations for NumbersUSA, a group that supports curbs on immigration.

This is exactly what I was speaking of in my New Year’s message to one and all.
Is there not legal recourse for discrimination against Americans seeking housing?
Why are Americans and legal residents rights not addressed before those of a
non citizen = illegal alien – after all this is still the United States of America – is it not and our elected officials were elected to serve = the American People.
We should immediately confront these circumstances with legal, loud and pro activity energy and ensure Americans and those here legally have a place to live.
I am seeking questions on legal lawsuit critirea – if you know of an attorney/law firm in
Minnesota that agrees with our position of enforcement and the rights of the American people – please have them contact me at   minnsir@yahoo.com
Many illegal immigrants live in public housing
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