Air marshall’s told to ignore illegal aliens boarding planes



Responding to this alert from Minnsir here in Minnesota, I was angered to learn that while I cannot fly without documenting repeatedly who I am and suffering the indignity of public pat downs and searches of body, known illegal immigrants can board a plane without even having any legal identification, or even being challenged about their citizen status and some are even held in special holding areas to make sure they board safely.  In fact, according to the air marshalss, they are specifically told to [ignore] illegal flyers.

Before I can even enter the main terminal in any airport, I must show legal ID.  Because I have a back fusion and knee implant, I must carry what are known as [hardware cards], issued by the surgeons who performed the implants and designating what implants I have and where they are located.  I must have these cards in hand as I pass through security.  Why? I have no idea…..NO ONE ever looks at them.

As I pass through the security gate the alarms go off.  No one says anything to me and I’m  pushed into a glass cage.  When I try to present my [hardware cards] again,  these are brushed aside and I am told harshly to “get in the cage!.  When I am alone in my flight to Georgia this is simply a great irritation.  When I am flying home with my very young grand daughters this is a different matter.

I am immediately separated from the kids.  I am in the glass cage and they are standing outside it without anyone tending to them in the midst of the hundreds of people passing through security: they were 5 and 6 the first time this happened.   They are terrified regardless of how many times they go through this same process which results from our annual trips each year. 

Next, my grand daughters along with hundreds of total strangers get to watch as I am humiliated by having to stand spread eagle, arms out, as a female agent feels every area of my body.  Because I am well endowed, I have been asked twice what I had in my bra?  Two years ago the youngest grand daughter said loudly, “She don’t got nothing in her bra!  She just gots big boobers!”  The laughter could be heard all around us.  I suppose under other circumstances I would have found this funny.  As it was, I was so humiliated I could hardly stand it.  Still, no one, including the agent patting me down, would look at my hardware cards.

On another trip, an agent actually pulled my shirt up and the back of my pants out, to see if I actually had any evidence of a back fusion.  Maybe the large scar that runs up to the middle of my back could have convinced her.  I guess not.  She repeatedly wanded me in that area and every time it signaled, she pressed and poked me in the back until I said that she had poked me enough.  She nastily informed me that SHE would decide what was enough.

While all this is happening, my purse is gone through [again], my shoes are examined, the bottoms of my feet are checked, and anything the kids are carrying is also gone through along with any carry on I might have.  By this time I feel as if I have been publicly raped, the kids are in shock and terrified that I am going to be taken away from them.

I find it odd that I can enter the local hospital and pass through security and the guard will say, “Oh! You have a lumbar fusion and a knee implant!”.    Needless to say the security at our airports is probably more state of the art than that at the hospital.  Which makes me ask…..Why can’t the airport guards detect the same things? And why is it so necessary to humiliate me and others in this manner? 

The fact is we are being carefully trained to accept surveillance, inspection and routine questioning for no other reason than…..they can.  These overblown and invasive procedures are not meant to protect us from anyone, they are meant to condition us to submitting to government authority: also to condition us to the idea of a national ID.  The promise will be that if we accept the REAL ID, and are tagged and tracked like animals……we won’t have to endure these humliating scenarios….we’ll be cleared before hand…….if we aren’t actually guilty of something, even if its only imaginary.

I have to wonder, what with all the lists Homeland Security maintains on US citizens…….the Black list, the NO-FLY list, the SUSPECT list, the WATCH list, and several other lists that now contain more than three million names of legal US citizens who wrote or said something HSD didn’t like, including the names of  a few babies who apparently weren’t wearing government approved diapers……..I have to wonder……how is it that known illegal immigrants can be shuttling around inside our country on planes that I can’t board without being accosted by airport guards?  How does that happen?  Who approved that plan? 

Watch the video sent to us by Ruthie at Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform, and then ask yourself, “Who is it the government  is actually  protecting?  And who do they view as a threat?”

This alert from:
Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform
Independent Minnesota Minutemen
FIRE Coalition State Chapter


Totally UNACCEPTABLE and really Unbelievable!
I am so angry with this report – I can barely stand it

If this is not proof that our Government sees you and I as human collateral – nothing will.
What are we paying Air Marshalls for – to find a bottle of perfume on or in  luggage of an innocent American or legal passenger?
Where in the Hell is HOMELAND SECURITY????
We should mass email the airlines – those who provide true security are the ones we will use – PERIOD!
Although the Air Marshall speaking here may not have a problem with those seeking a better life – I DO!!!!!!
ALL entering the US illegally must be stopped – detained – arrested and deported.
Please click the link below to raise your blood pressure and determination.
Federal Air Marshals Expose Alien Smuggling on Airlines





How We Can Easily Defeat The New World Order – and Why We Never Will


When I set out reading selected passages from Jerry Mander’s 1977 book, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television on my Free Zone podcast shows in November of 2008, I was already convinced that television is the global elite’s chief tool for worldwide mind control.

As I read other materials in conjunction with Mander’s thought provoking book, it became even more apparent that, not only is television a mind control system, but that it has always been one – right from its very invention and throughout its development, with the federal government (in particular, the Department of Defense and the CIA) taking a leading role in shaping the medium. In fact, I have no doubt that television was born as a mind control medium, under the direction of the U.S. Government and at the direct order of the Anglo-American Establishment that controls both the government and the media. It was never intended to be “educational” nor to be an “entertainment” medium.

In the course of my readings on the subject, it has become increasingly apparent to me that the global elite’s stranglehold on our attention and the manipulation of our minds that results from it is their chief means of controlling whole populations and instilling the mental programming that makes us all passive, robotic and self-enslaved.

Given that, it is also their Achilles’ heel, for, if enough of us just said, “No, enough of this!” and refused to cooperate any longer, the elite would ultimately lose their control over us, or at least their control of our minds. If we, as an entire population, simply stopped watching television en masse, the elite would literally have lost their chief means of manipulating our consciousness. They might still be able to roll out the tanks and the guns to be used against us if we revolt violently, but we might never have to do so. Just the simple act of unplugging and tossing out our TV sets, never to be watched again, would be enough to castrate the elite’s hold on us where it has always been most effective: our own minds.

Oh, they’d still have the control of the movies we see, the books, magazines and newspapers we read and they could even pull the plug on the internet so we don’t have any alternative media any longer (which they’re planning on doing, anyway). But the most effective tool they have for maintaining their grip on our minds is and, for decades, has been television. Without it, they have lost the means to speak directly into our minds and to merge their propaganda with our own thoughts.

If it could be organized – not just a massive worldwide boycott (for boycotts are usually temporary) – but, a worldwide ultimate and permanent cessation of all television watching could effectively rob the elite of the one-way communications link they have with our brains, thus crippling their ability to get us to do anything en masse. They have, for decades, taken it for granted that they can get millions of us at once to react or act in accordance with whatever mass message stimulus they provide via their electronic box network.

There was a time, before television, when people were much more diverse than they are now. Millions of people didn’t participate in the same thing at the same time. There was simply no means by which this could have been made to occur, save for radio or print media and these were not nearly as effective as television in controlling mass behavior. It was the advent of television that made it possible for millions of people to receive the same persuasive message all at the same time and with far greater efficacy than radio could ever hope to achieve.

As with radio before it, television was sold to an unsuspecting public as an entertainment and even an educational device and has been ever since its birth, thus guaranteeing the self-enslavement of the entire world via voluntary mass-hypnosis. Why, they could even make money selling the devices to their own unwitting mind control subjects, later adding video rental and cable transmission income to the mix.

With the Department of Defense (which had guided the invention and perfection of the original technology) there to guide TV through each phase of its development, right up to HDTV and beyond, television has become so prevalent a part of our culture that anyone who doesn’t watch it (yes, there are a few of us) is seen by the majority as odd, even bizarre, as though nothing could be more “natural” than spending four hours of one’s life every day staring into an electronic box which shoots 24,000 volts of electricity into millions of glowing red, blue and green phosphors that, in turn, project light directly into the viewer’s eyes, where it is converted to electro-chemical particulate matter that attaches itself to the tissues of the brain in the visual cortex and in the areas in which memories are stored – where the images (created in the subject’s brain from the light received) of Desi and Lucy and Wally and the “Beaver” would remain for the rest of the subject’s life.

Thus, we see why we will never defeat the New World Order and the global elite will ultimately succeed in getting their world police state. You are all hopelessly addicted to your own mental enslavement and don’t even know it. In fact, you relish it. You spend your day at work thinking about the “shows” you watched last night and the ones you can’t wait to get home to watch tonight. You plan your every activity, from eating to sleeping, around the TV schedule. Your life is subordinated to the pace and rhythm of television’s programming. And there is a reason why it’s called programming.

Even if a mass movement to eliminate television could be organized, it would, at most, probably produce a few scattered pockets of TV dropouts, here and there, but it will ultimately fail to gain any traction because all of you are completely and thoroughly brainwashed by this diabolical technology. You aren’t even aware of it. The programming of your minds has become so complete over the course of a lifetime spent mesmerized daily by TV’s flickering light that you are incapable of even perceiving that there is any danger, let alone what it is or what to do about it. And the solution is so simple: you just turn it off, throw it out and don’t ever watch it again. But, you won’t do that, will you? You are so addicted to this electronic box that, like the junkie, it will take an intervention of some kind to make you quit. The problem is, no one is left to intervene. They’re all addicted, too.

To put it in terms you’ll understand, remember the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation in which a brainwashed Riker brings a “game” device aboard the Enterprise, which quickly sweeps the whole ship’s crew, putting their minds under the control of the Romulans and the only crewman left uninfected by this insidious invasion is young Ensign Wesley Crusher? Sure you do. It’s indelibly etched into the synapses of your brain, along with commercials for tampons, dog food and Viagra. Well, folks, the world is our starship Enterprise, adrift in space and rapdily being taken over by its own crew, acting under the mind control influence of the Romulans (the global elite and their minions). Just call me Ensign Crusher.

But, seriously, it will be because of your addiction to your own mental straightjacket that we will lose our country, our freedom and probably our very lives, as the mass-culling of the human race begins, following the ultimate establishment of the police state grid. Time to wake up, people.

Television and Social Behavior: Television’s Effects

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I have found a rather eye-opening study of the effects of television on human beings – performed by the U.S. Department of Health, Education & Welfare and the National Institute of Mental Health in 1972.

I’ll be mentioning Volume IV of this same report in this week’s Free Zone podcast, as Jerry Mander noted, in his 1977 book, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, that the report, basically, says that the government’s findings showed “Most viewers of television programming give the programming concrete validity, as though it were not fictional.” (my emphasis)

One has to wonder at the government’s true motives in paying millions of dollars for such a study – and for who’s benefit it was really done.

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