Blagojevich…..Maybe the real problem is Bank of America/ BRASSCHECK TV/video


Yesterday, we had some fun at the Governor of Illinois’ expense.


Maybe he deserves it.


On the other hand, there is something very odd about the timing of his arrest.


The FBI, those paragons of law enforcement virtue, seem to be operating more as political enforcers than anything else.


See what the Governor was doing the day before he was arrested…






– Brasscheck


December 8 – Governor Rod Blagojevich announces the State of Illinois will cease doing business with Bank of America.

December 9 – Governor Rod Blagojevich, who has been reportedly under investigation by the federal government for three years, is indicted based on a recent wire tap.

If he is as dirty as he is being portrayed, why did it take three years to find something on him?


When is the last time you saw a governor take a high profile stand for a small business and working people against a multinational bank?

The FBI sure shut that down quick.

What convenient timing they have.

A little insight…

The FBI has been wire tapping Blagojevich for years.

This means they knew in advance that he was organizing a campaign to throw a spotlight on:

a) big banks who choking their clients credit lines even after they received their free billions from the tax payers

b) employers who are booting employees without warning, severance, or making good unused vacation time as required by law.

They could have dropped him at any point, but they waited until this campaign started to resonate nationally.

Crooks they can live with.

Crooks who also happen to speak effectively against big banks and employers, they have a lot of trouble with.



Citizen Signing Statements: If they’re legal for W., we should have the same right.

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On more than 750 occasions King George has attached what are called signing statements to new or previously passed legislation.  These statements express his direct orders to cabinet, department and agency heads directing them and their subordinates to ignore any or all of the provisions of the law.  In effect, he renders anything that limits his power to rule as a dictator as null and void.


Our congress, apparently following Bush’s lead, has made clear that they do not and will not represent the people of the United States and are instead pandering to lobbyists and corporate interests in the head long rush to dissolve our nation. In the interest of preserving themselves, congress has failed to stop the wars of aggression, failed to repeal any of the rights robbing legislation, failed to halt earmarking, failed to repeal the odious Patriot acts, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007, the Military Commissions Act or the REAL ID Act, among many other un-American and unconstitutional laws. 


Congress has however passed any law that promotes corporatism, militarism, illegal spying on US citizens, loss of civil liberties, invasion of privacy, establishment of a police state and many other invasive “laws” contrary to our Constitution.  Yet this same congress which is comprised of many individuals from previous congresses, has refused to impeach Bush and/or Cheney although mountains of evidence exists that proves they are guilty of many crimes; continues to try and push amnesty down our throats; has decided that we should all be tagged and tracked; refuses to end the war; bails out predatory lenders; sells off our infrastructure and allows the contamination of our food supply with GMO adulterated foods, and is now attempting to make our water supply available to corporate interests. 


On top of all of this, there is no attempt, not even a pretended attempt, to halt the Security & Prosperity Partnership or the creation of the North American Union.  In fact, if you even bring either of these things up to any one of them……….they look like a deer caught in headlights…..and you will most likely be escorted from the room at the very least.


What we have is a president who has decided that he alone decides what is law or what isn’t and a congress that has ceded so much of its authority to the executive branch that there is no reason for the institution to continue to exist and even less reason for US citizens to continue having to fund their own destruction and to pay the salaries of these parasites on the public. 


The majority of all the laws passed in the last seven years alone, have no legal basis and are arbitrary to the Constitution.  The signing statements issued by Bush have no legal standing whatsoever as there is no basis for this kind of self decided power either in our laws or in the Constitution.  Bush cannot legally use the term “commander in chief” as there has been no declaration of war by the congress, and therefore the War Powers Act does not apply and does not allow him unlimited powers and to rule unilaterally.

So many of us still hold out hope that the new Obama administration will reverse the most egregious of these actions and laws, but it isn’t going to happen.  Obama has made clear that he intends to continue the use of illegal signing statements, presidential directives and executive orders.  We are back to square one.  We have no representation in either house of congress and no president to protect our rights. 


At what point will we say “enough!”?  What will it take to make us stand up not only for our country, but for ourselves, our children and grandchildren and demand our government retreat from its fascist position and return to one of constitutionally based government? 


The days of our Republic, our democracy, are numbered.  Even the government knows this and in anticipation of that ending is assembling US and Canadian troops to [control] us.  We are in a police state with our own government just moments away from declaring war on us.  We have become the enemy most feared by our own government.


George Bush may have only days left in office but the damage this incompetent dolt did to our country or allowed to be done will remain with us for years if we do not stand up and demand our country back. 


All that is left to decide is whether we are true patriots or submissive sheep.  If the president can decide all on his own that he can change the law with the stroke of his pen, we as citizens should have the same right.  We can and should write our own laws, sign our names to them and force them onto this government that has decided it no longer needs to honor its oath of office or the Constitution.


This is still a democracy…..at least until they physically attack us.


© 2008 Marti Oakley

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cards_bigThere is much to celebrate, as there is only 33 days until George W. Bush leaves the White House.  In addition, Congressman Nadler, Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Constitution, recently introduced a resolution expressing staunch opposition to any potential preemptive pardons of members of his Administration and the need for an Independent commission or select committee to “investigate, and, where appropriate, prosecute illegal acts by senior officials of the administration of President George W. Bush.”

I fully support this resolution and I have signed on as a co-sponsor.

The issue of preemptive and/or blanket pardons has been a subject of much debate and frustration. There is great concern that Bush will abuse his pardon power and further cover up wrongdoing by his Administration. 

However, as citizens, we have a responsibility to reject any abuse of the presidential pardon power to shield or manipulate investigations.

Regardless of the legality of potential pardons, there needs to be a full accounting of this Administration’s abuses.  No doubt many of the players in the Administration will seek future positions or public office.  The public deserves a full accounting of what they have done, and the law, in my opinion, requires it.

Many felt that President-elect Obama’s victory might free members of Congress to move forward with Impeachment Hearings.  However, the weeks since the election have been largely consumed with trying to formulate a balanced and thoughtful response to the economic crisis, which, no doubt, is affecting many of you.

The struggles of the American auto industry, and the ongoing banking and credit crisis, skyrocketing unemployment, and our exploding budget deficit have taken center stage. 

Some of our most critical issues – universal healthcare, Medicare and social security funding, alternative energy investment, and education improvements are all threatened by this crisis.  Although I am committed as ever to holding this Administration accountable, we are facing a historic crisis in this nation that Congress and President-elect Obama must work together to solve.

Obama’s victory gives us a window to accomplish vital tasks that will have very direct impact on you and your family. 

I thoroughly believe that President-elect Obama will return us to a government that respects the rights of its citizens and the rule of law.  I look forward to working closely with his Administration to not only repair the damage, but bring forth a renewed sense that government is, in fact, responsible and answerable to the people.

With great respect and admiration,

Robert Wexler

Congressman Robert Wexler  contact@wexlerforcongress.com

Monsanto…….The rise of an inhuman global monster

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Monsanto has a long history of questionable practices and a proven lack of ethics and morality.  No where is this more apparent than the current attempts to overtake family owned farms here in the Midwest, driving small family farms out of business in order to establish corporate farms.  And where are our courts and legislators?  On the side of Monsanto, of course!


Using falsified [studies] Monsanto and other companies involved in genetic engineering and the altering of natural seed supplies, have patented not only the altered seeds themselves, but also the growth cycle of the resulting plant.  Using this as a premise, Monsanto is now suing farmers whose fields have been invaded by the genetically altered seeds which have contaminated natural crops. 


Now, you would think at this point the farmer whose fields were contaminated with the unwanted and corrupted dna altered seeds would have a case to sue Monsanto.  After all, their natural and native crops have been rendered unfit for human consumption, and their fields unfit to grow natural crops as a result of the contamination.  Not so fast!  Monsanto is suing the farmers whose fields were infested with genetically altered seeds…….and Monsanto has the court and the government squarely in its pocket.


Not only has the government and the courts allowed Monsanto to wage war on organic and natural family farms, they have even gone so far as to allow Monsanto to go after those who perform seed cleaning.  These are people who have the equipment to clean seed from the crops grown for use the next year. 



Monsanto has waged an aggressive, Draconian campaign against seed-saving farmers in North America. The company has hired Pinkerton investigators to root-out seed-saving farmers and it is using radio ads and telephone “tiplines” in farming communities to identify and intimidate farmers who might save or re-use the company’s patented seed. Under Monsanto’s gene licensing agreement, the company reserves the right to come onto the farmer’s land and take seed samples to insure that the farmer is not violating patent law.

“It appears that Monsanto’s newest strategy is to shift the expense and burden of policing rural communities to the seed cleaners and state governments. If the bill becomes law, Monsanto’s “gene police” will ultimately become state regulators who are working on behalf of Monsanto,” explains Pat Mooney, Executive Director of RAFI.



If Monsanto gene altered seeds migrate into the fields of farmers, Monsanto can storm their property, take samples and then sue them.  Instrumental in preventing farmers from cleaning seeds even from their own natural fields is the attack on and prosecution of [seed cleaners]. 


It seems those in our government are unaware of the many studies showing that genetically altered seed does not produce bigger crops, and in fact reduces production.  They also seem unaware that genetically altered seed produces food that is unfit for human consumption and in fact is causing things such as Morgellan’s disease which causes vegetable like fibers to grow out of lesions on the skin.  Also absent from any debate is the damage to internal organs caused by ingesting genetically altered grains and other foods. 


Potential Health Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods



The above link is to an article by Stephan Lendman,  posted December 18, 2008 on Global Research.

Excerpted from the full article:

FDA policy opened the floodgates, and Smith put it this way: It “set the stage for the rapid deployment of the new technology,” allowed the seed industry to become “consolidated, millions of acres (to be) planted, hundreds of millions to be fed (these foods in spite of nations and consumers objecting, and) laws to be passed (to assure it).” The toll today is contaminated crops, billions of dollars lost, human health harmed, and it turns out the FDA lied.

The agency knew GM crops are “meaningfully different” because their technical experts told them so. As a result, they recommended long-term studies, including on humans, to test for possible allergies, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems. Instead, politics trumped science, the White House ordered the FDA to promote GM crops, and a former Monsanto vice-president went to FDA to assure it.

Today, the industry is unregulated, and when companies say their foods are safe, their views are unquestioned. Further, Smith noted that policy makers in other countries trust FDA and wrongly assume their assessments are valid. They’re disproved when independent studies are matched against industry-run ones. The differences are startling. The former report adverse affects while the latter claim the opposite. It’s no secret why. Agribusiness giants allow nothing to interfere with profits, safety is off the table, and all negative information is quashed.” (end excerpt) Read the full article here:


Here on the PPJ we have promoted “Seeds of Destruction: The hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation” by F. William Engdahl for some time.  If you haven’t yet read his book, you need to.  You can order it directly from the link provided in the right hand bar. 

Also noteworthy is Jeffery Smith’s book “Seeds of Deception”. 

As my friend Barb Peterson noted when researching Morgellans and genetically altered foods…….

They don’t have to do anything to us directly…….They just have to wait for us to sit down and eat.”

© 2008 Marti Oakley

Side note:

There is a concerted attack on a seed cleaner named Steve Hixon from Illinois.  Monsanto is attempting to stop any seed cleaning, saving and replanting by eradicating people who do seed cleaning. 

To help Hixon’s legal battles, FarmOn is organizing to support the legal teams needed to defend Hixon.  Go here to request to sign on supporting this effort: Send an email to:


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