The American Right Must Get Off The Pot on Israel, War, and Draft

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dankof_small by Mark Dankof



Excerpted from the article: 

It is time to give laudatory kudos to The Council on the National Interest (CNI) for doing what virtually no one else has had the guts to do in contemporary America: challenging the Jewish lobby in America, specifically the American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC). CNI is specifically charging AIPAC with what is specifically provable and obvious: that the latter is a foreign lobby which is in the business of influencing (read “purchasing“) the American government for purposes solely related to driving American domestic and foreign policy in a direction designed to benefit the government of Israel–to the exclusion of everything and everyone else.


Pat Buchanan once drew the ire of the Jewish-dominated American Media Establishment for referring to Washington’s Capitol Hill as “Zionist Occupied Territory” (ZOA). If ever there was proof of the truth of Mr. Buchanan’s charge, it came tonight in the form of the deliberate absence of major American network coverage of the anti-AIPAC protest sponsored by CNI, which had its genesis at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and 7th street in the District. The denizens of ABC, NBC, and CBS apparently deemed the issue of parental notification of minors seeking abortion–and the government-subsidized Viagra distributions to sexually predatory felons–to be more newsworthy than whether or not the National Government of the American People is owned lock-stock-and-barrel by a foreign country. One so grateful for the $5 billion a year in direct foreign aid subsidies received from the United States, that it regularly operates a spy ring to steal state secrets from its major benefactor. Move over Jonathan Pollard. Make room for accused AIPAC spies, Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman.


Mr. Rosen was AIPAC’s policy director; Mr. Weissman was, conveniently enough, AIPAC’s senior analyst on Iran. Their American contact, Mr. Larry Franklin, was a National Security Agency analyst with a specialty in matters Iranian and connections to the policy big wigs on the Neo-Conservative Right who reportedly find preemptive war with Iran to be the next major project to be undertaken by the American government and the Likudniks who permeate its National Security Establishment. Howard Kohr, AIPAC’s Executive Director, fired these Kosher Benedict Arnolds only upon the advice of Nathan Lewin, the lawyer retained by AIPAC to deal with the FBI espionage investigation. It seems Mr. Lewin has more than a pretty good idea that federal indictments against Rosen and Weissman are just around the proverbial corner. (end excerpt)




How To STOP the Real ID State by State

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How To STOP the Real ID State by State

      This video tells you how to successfully campaign your state legislature in order to pass a bill to stop the REAL ID.
      It is about the Real ID battle, strategies for success, and how to begin the process of defeating the Real ID in YOUR state. If you are in a state that has no “bill” passed against Real ID, watch this video to learn how to do it!

      The process is a template for how to get YOUR state to pass ANY KIND of legislation you want to stop the NAU juggernaut. You can form a very small group and GO FOR IT!

      To implement the strategies contained in the videos, you can use this FREE booklet:  How To Stop The Real ID Booklet in order to create your own booklets geared toward state legislators. The basic idea is to get one copy of the book into the hands of EACH member of your state house and senate, in order to push for the Real ID legislation.

      That same .pdf file is available in book form (royalty free) for the price of $5.65 each and can be can be purchased here. Note: It is suggested that the cost of copying and binding is worth the price.

      Just came across this website that is loaded with information on illegal immigration and the NAU.  Searching the site I came across this information regarding REAL ID.  Take a look at it, and then decide if you can make this work in your state.
      The site is authored by Ganeen D. Peterson, PHD.  Lots of hard work here and more verifiable information than most sites have.

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