What happened at Change.org?

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Change.org  has removed the request for a new 9/11 investigation from their site.


So Obama is selling out on this too?

Bush’s S.O.F.A. agreement with Iraq….not approved by congress

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American Freedom Campaign info@americanfreedomcampaign.org


The U.S.-Iraq Agreement’s New Clothes

The document parading around as the U.S.-Iraq agreement is not valid under the U.S. Constitution.  Its legitimacy is based solely on the silence of lawmakers (and members of the media), who seem to be paralyzed by the fear of having an independent and intelligent opinion.  Fortunately, one lawmaker has broken the silence and has acknowledged the truth before everyone’s eyes.

It is now time for others, including you, to join their voices with hers.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the pending U.S.-Iraq agreement, decrying the fact that the Iraqi Parliament was being given the opportunity to vote on whether to approve the agreement while Congress was being denied – and was refusing to fight for – the same opportunity.

Well, thanks to our efforts and the leadership of Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), the U.S. House of Representatives may finally get to voice its opinion on President Bush’s unconstitutional usurpation of Congress’s legislative power. 

Yesterday, Rep. Lee introduced a resolution related to the U.S.-Iraq agreement, inspired in part by AFC’s call for a “signing statement” resolution.  The primary purpose of this resolution is to express the sense of the House that President Bush does not have the power under the Constitution to negotiate and sign such a far-reaching agreement with another nation without seeking congressional approval of the agreement. 

Passage of this resolution — most likely following re-introduction in January — will send a message to the Bush administration, the incoming Obama administration, and the rest of the world that the agreement holds no legal weight under U.S. law and will be considered merely advisory by Congress. 

In truth, even without passage of this resolution, Congress shall not be bound by its terms.  No president can unilaterally commit $10 billion per month in U.S. treasure to keep our troops in another nation.  The United States has never been a monarchy or a dictatorship and we are certainly not going to accept any similar kind of system today.

Putting aside the question over whether this agreement is currently binding or not, it is important that as many lawmakers as possible openly reject the constitutionality of the agreement.  So please tell your U.S. representative to co-sponsor, support, and vote for Rep. Lee’s signing statement resolution (H.Res. 1535) by clicking on the following link:


Once you have sent your message, please forward this email widely to friends and family.  In the alternative, you can use the “Tell-A-Friend” option on the AFC Web site that will appear after you have sent your message.

Thank you so much for taking action.

Steve Fox
Campaign Director
American Freedom Campaign Action Fund


The real neo-Nazis …BRASSCHECK TV/video

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The real neo-Nazis

The western world lives in fear of “neo-nazis”- mostly clueless, ineffectual baffoons who march around in support of the racist, whites-uber-alles principles of the Third Reich.

However, when looking for real world Nazi-like behavior, one need look no further than Israeli’s ongoing “blockade” of Gaza and other areas occupied by Palastinian refugees.

The “ghetto-ization” of the Palestinians by Israel is the exact same tactic the Nazis used in their plan to destroy Jewish communities throughout Europe.

The Nazis forced Jews to live in walled-in, segregated communities (ghettos) and then choked off the normal flow of trade to those communities – depriving them of the normal supports of life.

Here’s one manifestation of Israeli’s “policy” in action.


 http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/492.htmlOne thing that becomes very apparent when you leave the US news media bubble is that Americans do not receive real news on conditions in Palestine.

When Palestinians are portrayed in the US news media its exclusively as poverty cases, malcontents, and “terrorists.”

The fact that Palestinians have a history and a culture, and that they were removed from their lands and orchards at gunpoint and herded into “refugee camps” is completely censored.

With dual US-Israeli citizen Rahm Emmanuel, son of a member of an Israeli group designated as terrorist by the British government, acting as Barrack Obama’s right hand man, this moral blindness is unlikely to change.

Here’s one of the stories you’ll never see on US TV.



Minnesota Department of Health Continues to Store Baby DNA without Required

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008
For Immediate Release

Minnesota Department of Health Continues to Store Baby DNA without Required


Parent Consent; Violates Genetic Privacy Law…and Governor’s Veto



CCHC calls on Governor Pawlenty to require compliance with state law

St. Paul/Minneapolis – In a press conference held today, concerned parents and the Citizens’ Council on Health Care (CCHC) called on Governor Tim Pawlenty to require his Commissioner of Health to cease and desist the warehousing of newborn blood and baby DNA without informed, written parent consent.

“Despite Governor Pawlenty’s veto of the health department’s DNA warehousing bill last legislative session…we have confirmed that the Minnesota Department of Health is continuing to warehouse baby DNA without parent consent. This is a direct violation of the genetic privacy and DNA property rights of parents and children,” said Twila Brase, president of CCHC.

DeEtta Moos, mother of four children, said, “Last session, there was an attempt to undercut Judge Neilson’s ruling, but thanks to Governor Pawlenty’s veto, the Minnesota Genetic Privacy Law still demands the requirement of parental consent for storage of blood and any purposes beyond the initial testing.”

Ryan Sibinski, expectant father of twins, expressed his disappointment saying, “My wife and I are acutely aware that storage of newborn DNA is still being done illegally by the MN Department of Health.  We thought the Governor’s veto was supposed to solve this, but we have now discovered that the storage continues.”

Mr. Sibinski continued, “In two months or less, our babies will be born. I request here today that the Department of Health make sure that I am clearly asked to consent to the storage, use, and sharing of my children’s blood and DNA.   This is my legal right under the law.”

Attorney Nathan Hansen, who has been attempting to obtain public documents regarding the transfer and use of newborn DNA for research studies, said, “No excuse has been given by the Department for this information not to be handed over.”

Notable History:

  • August 1, 2006 – Minnesota Genetic Privacy Law (M.S. 13.386) becomes effective. Informed written consent required for collection, storage, use and dissemination of genetic information by government and others.
  • January 23, 2007 – At request of concerned citizens, a public hearing was held on the health department’s proposed revision to the newborn screening rule.
  • March 23, 2007 – Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Barbara Neilsen rules that the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is violating the 2006 state genetic privacy law’s informed written consent requirements for storage, use and dissemination.
  • July 3, 2007 – Chief Administrative Law Judge Raymond R. Krause denies Health Commissioner Dianne Mandernach’s appeal of the Neilsen ruling.
  • August 29, 2007 – Commissioner Mandernach withdraws the proposed revision to the newborn screening rule.
  • February 25, 2008 – Legislation introduced in the Minnesota legislature to exempt the newborn screening program (collection, storage, use, and dissemination) from the genetic privacy law’s requirements for informed, written consent.
  • May 19, 2008 – Governor vetoes S.F. 3138, prohibiting an exemption to the genetic privacy law’s consent requirements. He mentions ALJ ruling in his veto letter.
  • November 18, 2008 – David Orren, MDH Chief Legal Counsel, confirms to CCHC that MDH continues to store newborn blood without consent.

Ms. Brase called on Governor Pawlenty to act, saying, “We call on Governor Pawlenty to take immediate steps to assure the public that he supports the rule of law, and holds his administration accountable to follow the law. Let me suggest that he issue a statement today guaranteeing the health department’s compliance with the written informed consent requirements of the genetic privacy law. He could decree that no newborn blood be warehoused, used for research, or shared with others without informed written parent consent. He could order the health department to release public documents in compliance with the Government Data Practices Act. And he could also promise to dismantle the state’s DNA warehouse, protecting the genetic privacy rights of the more than 780,000 children whose DNA has been claimed by state government and warehoused without consent.”


Links to the Governor’s veto letter, the Administrative Law Judge’s decision, the Minnesota Department of Health and CCHC documents can be found at http://www.itsmydna.org

Citizens’ Council on Health Care supports freedom for patients and doctors, medical
innovation, and the right to a confidential patient-doctor relationship.

Why the Queen is on Canadian money …BRASSCHECK TV/video

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Why the Queen is on Canadian money

The federal police force in Canada is called the ROYAL Canadian Mounties…

Public lands are called CROWN lands…

Before a bill can become a law in Canada it must receive what’s called a ROYAL Assent…

This language is not a quaint historical remnant.

When it really counts and the people behind the Queen of England don’t like like what’s going on in Canada (or in any other Commonwealth Realm), they can suspend Parliament and veto laws by simple decree of the Queen-appointed Governor General.

Welcome to the Commonwealth Realm, a group of “former” British colonies that think they are independent countries…until they do something that ruffles feathers back in London.

Does all this sound to far-fetched to be true in the 21st century?

Go to wikipedia and research terms like “Commonwealth realms””monarchy of Canada” and “Governor General of Canada.”

Hint: The real owners of Canada – and the other Commonwealth realms – are not the citizens of those countries, a reality that it obscurred 99.9% of the time…unless of course, you look at a $20 bill.

Queen Elizabeth is not on there for “sentimental” reasons.

Last week, the Queen of England’s representative in Canada suspended Canada’s Parliament.

Yes, you read that right.

Canada is an independent country, isn’t it?  Yes, most of the time…unless it counts.

In this wide-ranging discussion with Webster Tarpley, learn how the royal control system works, what it means for the future, and why they get away with it.




FAN Bulletin 1012: The Great Annual Fundraiser begins. Fluoride Alert!

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FAN Bulletin 1012: The Great Annual Fundraiser begins.

December 9,  2008

Dear Marti,

2008 has been a fantastic year for those fighting fluoridation around the world and with your help FAN will continue the momentum into 2009. Today we begin our fund-raising for next year’s important work. Please give as generously as you can to this.

Donate online or send a check. Making a secure, tax-deductible donation online is very easy and quick to do.  Simply click here.  However, we pay a commission on each donation for this excellent service, so if you wish to make sure we get every cent of your donation please send us a check made out to FAN and send to Paul Connett, 82 Judson Street, Canton, NY 13617.

Here are some of the highlights from 2008:

• Nearly 1000 new professionals signed the Professionals’ Statement that calls for an end to fluoridation worldwide.  The total is now 1,994.  Italian and French translations of the Statement are online thanks to Stefano Montanari of Modena, Italy, and Jimmy Siles of Quebec City.

• Over 10,000 signers to Online Petition to Congress – for a total of over 16,700.

• 74 communities said no to fluoridation in 2008.  53 of these communities voted in referendums held on November 4th.  

• 4 FAN videos in the new series Professional Perspectives (approx length 4-5 minutes each).  Interviews with

Bill Osmunson DDS, MPH:  Over 87,000 people have watched this powerful 5 minute video.
Dr. Vyvyan Howard, President, International Society of Doctors for the Environment, addresses fluoride’s adverse effect on the brain.
Brent Foster, JD, Conservation Chair for the Oregon Sierra Club, on fluoride’s effect on salmon.
— Risks to kidney patients with Kathy Thiessen, Phyllis Mullenix, and Paul Connett

• An exciting video compilation of statements from over a dozen professionals will be released at the end of December (see A special thank you gift below).

• FAN paid for the translation of 19 Chinese published studies on fluoride’s effect on the brain and IQ.  11 of these studies have been published in the journal Fluoride (April-June 2008 issue), with more in the works. There are now 23 studies from 4 countries which indicate an association between high fluoride intake and lowering of IQ in children.  Note: there is no adequate margin of safety to protect all children in a fluoridated community.

• FAN provided information to reporters, local officials, researchers, and the groups and individuals fighting fluoridation in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, UK, and the US.  

• In August, FAN held its third Citizens’ Conference on Fluoride in Toronto.  It was an enormous success and generated a great deal of attention in the Canadian national media. By linking our conference with that of the International Society for Fluoride Research we armed our activists from several countries with some of the best science on this issue available.

• Following in the wake of the Toronto presentations on fluoride and the brain by Dr. Vyvyan Howard, the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment produced a statement opposing fluoridation in September. In 2009 we hope to get more national organizations to do likewise.

• FAN has worked this year to get a US Congressional hearing. It is too soon to give any details at this point.

• FAN continues to fight EPA’s outrageously unscientific and illegitimate approval of DOW’s use of sulfuryl fluoride as a food fumigant in mills, warehouses and processing plants (this will greatly increase fluoride exposure). We agreed to a mediation effort and have had two meetings with EPA officials.  Our efforts (along with the Environmental Working Group and Beyond Pesticides) have been greatly assisted by the availability of a pro bono lawyer. We might well be in court on this in 2009.

But we do need your financial help to keep ALL our battles raging. Compared to the giants we are fighting, who have multi-million dollar budgets of taxpayers’ money at their disposal, our budget requirements are relatively modest. Our estimated expenditures for 2008 to date are approximately $76,000.  This is so low because we only offer token salaries and we receive a great deal of pro bono support from many of our supporters.

So one way and another, we get a great deal out of a small budget.  Nevertheless each year we still have the task of raising that budget and we  realize with the current economic crisis that this year, this is going to be tougher than ever. So please give what you can.

Our goal: $80,000 by midnight EST on Dec 31, 2008.
Raised to date: $600.00

Donations are tax-deductible.
FAN is a project of the American Environmental Health Studies Project, which has 501(c)(3) non-profit status, so your donations are tax deductible. Make sure FAN gets some of your hard earned money not Uncle Sam!  If you can’t help us financially this year, we know many of you are helping us in many other ways in your local communities and we are grateful for all that you are doing for this important cause. 

Donate online or send a check. Making a secure donation online is very easy and quick to do.  Simply click here.  However, we pay a commission on each donation for this excellent service, so if you wish to make sure we get every cent of your donation please send us a check made out to FAN and send to Paul Connett, 82 Judson Street, Canton, NY 13617.

A special thank you gift. A brand new 28 minute DVD, consisting of a compilation of comments by over a dozen distinguished professionals explaining why they oppose fluoridation, has been produced by Kevin Hurley and edited by Michael Connett.  We believe that this video will be a tremendous help in convincing academics, doctors and local officials that fluoridation must be halted.  According to Michael, this will be FAN’s best video yet.  The DVD will be ready at the end of December and we will be sending it as a thank you gift to all those who donate over $100 to our 2009 fundraising campaign.

Meanwhile, please make as generous donation as you can afford.  And if your budget is very low please do not feel bad if you can’t help us financially this year as we know many of you are helping this fight in many other ways.

As we report back on the progress of this fundraising effort over the next few weeks we will attempt to summarize our many achievements and efforts in 2008 and reveal some of our plans for 2009.

Paul Connett


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