opencongress.org launches “My political notebook”

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As Congress returns today for its last session of the year, we are excited to announce my Political Notebook.

It’s a new way to save and share your favorite political content, from OpenCongress and around the web.”My Political Notebook” allows you to create a personal page of everything you’re following in politics: news articles, blog posts, web videos, important files, and more. You can add content with one click using a handy bookmarklet for your web browser, or directly from pages on OpenCongress.

For example, one of the biggest issues in the news is whether Congress will include a bailout of the Big Three Automakers in a new economic stimulus package. “My Political Notebook” gives you a way to collect the best info about this developing story in one place, add your own notes & tags, and share it all with your friends.

To read more about “My Political Notebook”, visit our blog announcement today ::

To jump right in and see it in action, check out the notebook of our lead blogger, Donny Shaw ::

Finally, our friends Jay & Ryanne of RyanIsHungry.com recently made a great video tutorial on how to use OpenCongress to track all the bills and issues you care about ::
This week is Congress’ last chance until January to take action on the economy, so there’s a lot at stake. On this story and others, “My Political Notebook” gives you a new place to save and share what’s really happening in Congress. Let us know what you think!


-David + the OC Tea





One Subject At a Time Act……DownsizeDC.org

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D o w n s i z e r – D i s p a t c h

Quote of the Day: “The practice of combining into one Bill Subjects diverse in their nature and having no necessary connection, thereby to secure the passage of several measures, no one of which could succeed on its own merits, both corrupts Congress and endangers the American constitutional republic.” — One Subject At A Time Act, Section 2(f)

Subject: OSTA would prevent monstrosities like the Big Bailout bill

Last week we described how the bailout bill (H.R. 1424) empowered the IRS to do undercover entrapments and reveal your tax information.

What does that have to do with “rescuing the economy?” Nothing.

The bailout bill was stuffed with unrelated provisions to win the votes of pork-minded Congresspeople, and passed quickly before anyone could read it. This made it easy to add provisions that couldn’t have passed by themselves in the full light of day.

The original bailout bill was bad. The final bill was worse. This wouldn’t have happened had the “One Subject At A Time Act” (OSTA) been in force. Here are three examples of how OSTA would have stopped the Big Bailout bill . . .

OSTA says: “No Bill or Joint Resolution shall embrace more than one subject at a time, and that shall be clearly and descriptively expressed in the Title.”

The Big Bailout bill had at least 5 “subjects,” and not all of them were mentioned in the bill’s title.

OSTA says: “An Appropriations Bill shall not contain any general legislation or change of existing law provision, the subject of which is not germane to the subject matter of each such Appropriations Bill…”

The Big Bailout bill combined appropriations (buying troubled assets) with general legislation (such as the Wellstone Mental Health Equity Act).

OSTA says: “A Bill amending or revising a statute shall identify the statute to be amended by its Title or Number of Public Law, or Chapter or Section of the United States Code, and shall set forth completely each section or subsection as it would read if the amendment or revision to that section or subsection were adopted, noting clearly the proposed insertions or deletions to the existing statutory text.”

The Big Bailout bill makes at least 200 amendments to existing laws without revealing the full meaning of the changes. Here’s an example . . .

“Section 257 of the National Housing Act (12 U.S.C. 1715z-23) is amended–(1) in subsection (e)–(A) in paragraph (1)(B), by inserting before `a ratio’ the following: `, or thereafter is likely to have, due to the terms of the mortgage being reset,’;”

What does that mean? We don’t have a clue, and neither did those who voted for the bill. They would have had to research each of the 200 original provisions to really understand what they were voting to pass. OSTA would have helped them by requiring the original provision to be printed next to the amendment. OSTA would make bills understandable.

Use our Educate the Powerful System to tell Congress to introduce and pass the One Subject At A Time Act (OSTA).

Use your personal comments in your message to Congress to tell your elected representatives . . .

* It was wrong to include unrelated provisions in the bailout bill — OSTA would have prevented that!
* OSTA will help members of Congress by printing amended provisions of the U.S. Code in the bill next to the amendments
* They are failing in their duty to represent you if they do not introduce the One Subject At A Time Act

Help spread the word about OSTA by sending this Dispatch to others, by reprinting it on your blog, and by “Digging” it on our blog.

Thank you for being a part of the growing Downsize DC Army.

James Wilson
Assistant to the President


Cheney & Gonzales indicted in Texas…….BRASSCHECK TV/video

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I’m not sure anyone can fix the trashed

world financial system…but I’ll personally feel a whole lot better when Dick Cheney and George Bush are in jail.


Half of that ideal may be on the verge of being achieved.


A Texas prosecutor has just filed a formal indictment against Cheney for being part of a criminal conspiracy.


Interesting case…


Privately owned prisons abused prisoners…

Cheney was an investor in these prisoners…

he and former crooked Attorney General Alberto Gonzales actively interfered with the investigation of abuses, including murder, in these prisons.


It’s a RICO charge – the operation of an organized criminal enterprise.


And the indictments are real.


Will Mr. Cheney soon be a guest at the Graybar Hotel?


I certainly hope so. It would be good for America’s soul.







Let me issue and control a nation’s currency………….

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In Pursuit of Freedom

From A Totalitarian Government

Let me issue and control a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws.” Nathan Rothschild

My objective is to expose the truth that America never was the free country we were told, locate the relevant starting point, and present a sequential list of study material, so you can arrive at your own logical conclusions with much less time consuming research and personal study. Not realizing the leviathan of information I would encounter, and having invested in years of research that authenticate my own conclusions, I promise, you will appreciate the time this blog will save you.

(Letters from) Olddog



We will be adding this site to our blogroll for easy reference.  Olddog is compiling as much research info as he can on various subjects….all with references and resourrces. 

Constitution Forum Updates

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(You can use the live links to Constitution Forum in our blogroll) 

November 2008 – What’s New


Home Page:  Three new selections have been added to the blue menu on the left side of the home page.  These are:

GOD & GOVERNMENT – There is a serious movement afoot in this Nation to breech the wall of separation between church and state.  This series exposes who’s behind this movement, what’s at stake, and why the people involved are anything but Christian.

THE NEW WORLD ORDER – The New World Order lays claim to the right to rule the world.  This series of articles tells you what these sick people are all about, why they are the worst people to have ruling anything, and why their rule is a curse upon us all.    

OUR ENVIRONMENT – The New World Order is hard at work doing everything it can to destroy our environment and make life as we know it impossible on this planet.  This series of articles tell us how they are going about doing this and why they will succeed.

Articles & Essays:  Two new articles have been added to this area of the site entitled “Gay Marriage” and “What Barack Obama Will Not Do as President”  “Gay Marriage” demonstrates why the movement to keep gays from calling their union a marriage boils down to nothing more than the majority tyrannizing the minority.  “What Barack Obama Will Not Do as President” demonstrates that when it comes to real change, Barack Obama is just more of the same because being a Democrat, he pays homage to the international criminals of the New World Order. 

Click here to go to:  Gay Marriage

Click here to go to:  What Barack Obama Will Not Do as President

Blast From the Past:  This site contains many articles and essays most of which go unread because they are old.  However, some of them are really good, well worth reading, and say a lot about what is happening to us today.  Each month What’s New will bring one of these articles to your attention.  This month’s article is “We Were Warned” which is a compilation of quotes by famous people warning us to look for to avoid was has happened to us.

Click here to go to:  We Were Warned


Constitution Forum contains some of the best essays and articles on government and other topics, on the web. 


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