By David Michael Green  

November 01, 2008 “Information Clearinghouse

(excerpted from the full article)

“Which, of course, is exactly what we’re talking about.  Only regressives don’t know it.  They think their policies and attitudes are popular in America.  They think George W. Bush’s problem was that he wasn’t regressive enough. 

If only he had invaded Iran as well as Iraq! 

If only he had deregulated Wall Street even more. 

If only he had encouraged more oil consumption and more carbon emissions. 

If only he had eliminated abortion rights. 

If only he had cut wealthy Americans’ tax liabilities down to zero, shifting those burdens to the middle class. 

If only he had done to all of us what he did to Terri Schiavo’s family. 

If only he had eliminated all government spending on popular programs. 

If only he had privatized Social Security and let Wall Street handle it.  If only he had wasted even more Iraqis and more American GIs. 

If only he had let Osama bin Laden roam even freer, even longer. 

If only he had quadrupled the national debt, instead of merely doubling it. 

If only Exxon/Mobil had made even more than their all-time corporate record-breaking earnings, while the rest of us were unable to buy enough gas to get to work. 

If only Bush could have appointed more regressive justices to the federal bench, where they could find that we have no constitutional right to privacy, and who would make sure that corporate and presidential power trump the people’s and the people’s representatives’ at every turn. 

If only there could have been more jobs lost on his watch. 

If only we could have seen wages fall lower. 

If only the country could have had its wealth more polarized so we could better emulate rotten banana republics. 

If only we could have been more divided politically. 

If only we could have made the world hate us more. 

If only more of our cities could have drowned. 

If only we could have hurtled toward planetary destruction even faster. 

Hah-hah, right?  Guess, what?  It’s only partly a joke.  Most regressives earnestly believe in most of the items on the above wish list, and earnestly believe that they represent majority opinion in America.  Seriously.  I’m.  Not.  Kidding.” (end excerpt)