We all know Google is constantly data mining and selling information it gathers about online users to any one and everyone.  You can’t use Google and not expect to be inundated by adware, spyware and all sorts of uninvited and invisible guests while online with Google as your search engine.  Switching to stacked search engines that pull from various other sources will provide you no relief.  Here’s something you can do to seriously reduce online intrusions into your web browsing. 

Enter    http://www.scroogle.org/cgi-bin/scraper.htm   into your search…..then make this your home page.

The browsing and searching is far faster as this engine is not bogged down with hidden adware, spyware or data mining applications. 

no cookies   |   no search-term records   |   access log deleted within 48 hours

We highly recommend using scroogle for all your internet searches.


Google now wants to access all of your medical records and store the info on line in a so-called vault.  I guess it isn’t enough that they scan all your email before you get it, collect personal financial information whenever they can and sell every piece of info about you, where you went on line, who you talked to, what you said, what you may have written and were the most compliant in handing over mined personal information to the government, illegally violating the privacy of millions of people. 

We recommend dumping all gmail and google accounts as they are not secure.