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The use of force rather than a political or diplomatic solution in any government situation is referred to as a [force majeure] literally meaning to force the implementation of a plan or to interfere in a situation without first attempting to secure a resolution by other means.


In this case, [force majeure] would be a declaration by the treasury and the administration that [The United States] could not, and would not honor its debts.


The recent collapse of the financial markets not only here, but also around the world in every major country (excluding Israel which seemed not to be affected) was no accident.  Not only did we suffer the indignity of being held responsible to bailout the corrupt corporate robber barons, so did the working classes around the globe.  In each and every country, including ours, billions were paid in the bailouts to the very same individuals who ran these companies and markets into the ground.  Only Iceland refused to force its citizenry to finance the corruption.


It isn’t over yet.  Two more things are about to happen although probably not until after the new president here is sworn in January of 2009.


Russian President Putin is supporting British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in his call for a new Bretton Woods II summit.  The focus of this meeting would be international finance with the intent of establishing a world currency.  Leaders of several dozens of countries have been contacted and asked to attend this meeting.

To facilitate this conversion to yet another fiat currency, replacing the dollar, Russia and China are contemplating ending their use of the US dollar, but have yet to decide on a replacement currency acceptable to both.  Although on the surface this may seem to be a political move by both countries to devalue the dollar and remove it as the leading currency of the world, I believe it highly more likely that this is a publicity move designed to prepare the US for a planned to conversion to the global currency. 

As always, we have to be put into the mindset that we are in a crisis so that we respond in a crisis manner.  What better way to facilitate the conversion than to create a scenario where the dollar is under attack, and now we must convert to this new currency to survive.  And what better way to create the crisis than having two of the most threatening countries in the world arrange a publicity stunt indicating they [might] dump all their US securities? Cash and all.

At this point, the Treasury will announce a [force mejeure] as planned.

That brings us to the final stage of the coup.

De-monitizing the dollar.  Simply put, a declaration by the Treasury, Federal Reserve and the federal government that, the fiat currency known as the US dollar, is now worth nothing ( it never was other than a debtors note) and no longer can be used as legal tender for all debts, public and private.  In other words, YOU’RE BROKE….permanently.  But those same corrupt CEO’s, the Cheneys, the Bush’s,  and other neo-con advocates will have already converted all their ill gotten gains into foreign markets and currencies to preserve the wealth they have accumulated. 

These global crooks and thieves aren’t done with us yet.  The object to all of this is world dominance by the global elite, and this will be achieved through a controlled currency, a controlled food supply and re-designating water as a commodity rather than a human right.  In fact, a currency will not likely be issued….this is where the [cashless society] will rear its ugly head. 

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