Instructions for Protect the Count from Bev Harris

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The Count starts in 48 hours: Instructions for Protect the Count

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The Count starts in 48 hours: Instructions for Protect the Count


Posted by Bev Harris  on Sunday, November 2, 2008 – 3:14 pm

Black Box Voting was asked by YouTube to prepare an easy to follow
public education program for Protecting the Count on ELECTION NIGHT
and the days that follow. We also collaborated with Videothevote.org
and Election Defense Alliance. YouTube has created a Channel called
Video Your Vote. The Black Box Voting Protect the Count series
contains important information and several video clips never before
made public.

Please distribute immediately and as widely as you can. EASY
INSTRUCTIONS: View the videos that best fit your location, find a
buddy, pick an action, do it!

1. Protect the Count – most locations in America(4 min)
Takes 90 minutes on Election Night. You can even go out after polls
have closed. Please also view video # 3, because it shows what to look
for to identify tampered poll tapes and the kinds of small errors on
tapes that can appear with memory card tampering. Upload any video you
take to http://www.videothevote.org – Post link or comments for what
you found in the state and jurisdiction at

2. Protect the Count – Absentee / Central Count (8 min)
(Applies to 13 states with CENTRALLY COUNTED ballots and/or HEAVY
These are the most challenging Protect the Count locations.

3. Protect the Count – New England / New Hampshire(5 min)
If you live anywhere in New England and can drive to any voting
machine location in New Hampshire to observe and video poll closing,
please do so. If you live anywhere in America that has polling place
results tapes, please look at this video to see what tampered tapes
look like.
Contact Protect the Count – New Hampshire organizers at
You can view the list for which New Hampshire locations use voting
machines here:

4. Protect the Count – New York (9 min)
New Yorkers are probably in the best shape for Election 2008, but not
for long. This shows the details of how the counting of the lever
machines proceeds after polls close, and gives you the details of the
fight New Yorkers will have on your hands in 2009.

We’re counting on you to be as proactive as possible to fight for your
voting rights. The actions in the Protect the Count series are
self-serve, simple to do, and designed for just grabbing a neighbor or
a buddy and taking action. Don’t worry about blanketing every area or
organizing the whole state. Don’t worry about redundant efforts — the
more the merrier! Just pick a place and DO it. I guarantee it will be
a fascinating and important experience, and could provide THE crucial
evidence in the very undesirable event that the election turns out not
to be fair.

Bev Harris
Founder – Black Box Voting

From Robert Wexler

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This is the moment.
We hold in our hands the power to change the course of our nation and our world.
This is the moment we vanquish the legacy of wrongheaded, special-interest driven politics in Washington DC that has tarnished our Constitution, given hand-outs to those who don’t need it, and divided America for partisan gain.
For my entire congressional career, I have seen so many critical needs squashed – first by the Gingrich/Delay GOP Congress, and then through Bush’s stubborn vetoes:
Healthcare for children. 
Mental health funding.
Alternative energy initiatives. 
True Medicare and Social Security protection. 
All blocked.
Bush’s foreign policy led to an unnecessary war, a stronger Iran, and our global credibility – among even our allies – at an all time low.  (Not to mention our failure to keep the fight focused on those who actually attacked us on 9/11.)
We abandoned global efforts on climate change and walked away from our human rights obligations under US and International law.
During it all, this Administration effectively sat idle as hundreds of thousands were killed in Northern Africa, and millions more displaced.
This is the moment when we finally change course.
This is the moment we build a stronger America –  that lives up to our greatest ideals.
The America that we all believe in.
A country that can offer security without undue government intrusion.
A country that can combat terrorism and yet hold true to our principles and our humanity.
A country that holds our leaders accountable when they break the law and abuse the Constitution.
A country that takes care of its sick and elderly, and provides an education for our children that rivals any in the modern world.
With your vote, we move closer to that America with Barack Obama as President.
We don’t need to imagine what a McCain or Palin Presidency would be like.  We’ve already lived it for the last 8 years.
I am also up for re-election this year and I look forward to returning to Washington under President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden in order to initiate genuine positive change in the lives of all Americans.
Please vote for change.  Let’s not let this moment pass us by.
– Robert Wexler


Paid for by “Wexler for Congress”

PO Box 810669
Boca Raton, FL 33481 

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Why neither party wants those voting machines secured…BRASSCHECK TV/video

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Did you know what one simple change would make electronic voting machines 100% safe by providing a paper trail that can be audited?

Obviously neither political party wants this, the news media doesn’t care, and corporate America isn’t interested either.

Though this technology is widely known and offers a completely logical solution, not one single state has adopted it.



http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/466.html– Brasscheck

About Facebook, CAP, and violation of Canadian privacy laws

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About Facebook, CAP, and violation of Canadian privacy laws


This note was part of an email from the Canadian Action Party, in response to a question posed to them.  Americans should take note of this also.  As we have advised you in the past, google, gmail, facebook, myspace and other sites of this nature, routinely data mine all of your info and sell it to any of the 15 spy agencies working for the federal government, including Homeland Security.  We thought you might find this email interesting.



The commissioner has ruled amongst other things that facebook has violated our Canadian laws. You should be able to google that judgement.


The Patriot Act gives the US Government access to any data stored on servers in the US if they so desire. There is no requirement to reveal to individuals that their data has been accessed. When the Government of BC decided to out source the medical records of British Colombians to a US firm there was a brief bruhaha  which quickly was relegated to the back pages. Reality is, if you are HIV + or have Hep C there is absolutely no guarantee that the US can not access your records and use them against you.


In fact the servers don’t have to be in the US, if the company operating them is US owned they must divulge info on request, again without even reporting the access/breach.


In Canada if the security of your private info is breached the company or organization that is breached must divulge. I have been advised by both CIBC Visa and Credential Direct (Brokers) when my private info was breached. They provided syrupy “we’re sorry” letters.


IT trade journals routinely report the risks to Canadians.


If you wish specific examples and have no luck with the Privacy Commissioner’s site let me know and I will email examples. I routinely hand the references out to my students advising them that they should be fully aware of the risks of using facebook, myspace, and especially gmail and google applications.

For information on the Canadian Action Party (CAP):

Constance Fogal   conniefogal@telus.net


A [Force Majeure] and De-monitizing the dollar


Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2008  All Rights Resevered



The use of force rather than a political or diplomatic solution in any government situation is referred to as a [force majeure] literally meaning to force the implementation of a plan or to interfere in a situation without first attempting to secure a resolution by other means.


In this case, [force majeure] would be a declaration by the treasury and the administration that [The United States] could not, and would not honor its debts.


The recent collapse of the financial markets not only here, but also around the world in every major country (excluding Israel which seemed not to be affected) was no accident.  Not only did we suffer the indignity of being held responsible to bailout the corrupt corporate robber barons, so did the working classes around the globe.  In each and every country, including ours, billions were paid in the bailouts to the very same individuals who ran these companies and markets into the ground.  Only Iceland refused to force its citizenry to finance the corruption.


It isn’t over yet.  Two more things are about to happen although probably not until after the new president here is sworn in January of 2009.


Russian President Putin is supporting British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in his call for a new Bretton Woods II summit.  The focus of this meeting would be international finance with the intent of establishing a world currency.  Leaders of several dozens of countries have been contacted and asked to attend this meeting. More

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