Put an end to No Child Left Behind

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In every instance where the federal government steps in and takes control of any issue, the costs skyrocket, efficiency nosedives, and in the end what we realize is….. what we think should be the focus, and what the true focus is, are two entirely different things. 

Never has this been more evident than with the miserable program known as [No Child Left Behind.] 


And didn’t that name just tug at your heartstrings?  Didn’t it evoke visions of every child in America having a chance at a real and useful education?  Didn’t you believe this program was going to raise the education level of every student across the board and help to make the country the standard for education in every area?  Couldn’t you just slap yourself for being so gullible?


Take a look at the chart below taken from:




In case you are not able to read the totals clearly, the budgeted amount the federal government is allocating to the [No Child Left Behind] program for 2009 is staggering; $59.21 BILLION. 


Although NCLB is touted as the way to create better schools, increase all levels of education and to increase the comparative education of our students in the world, the fact is, NCLB exists to do none of these things.  The intent of NCLB is to eradicate public education to facilitate the privatizing of education.  Once this is accomplished, quality education will be provided only to those who qualify to pay via vouchers provided courtesy of taxpayers.     


Wherever the potential for making a buck appears, there you will find the privatizer’s hard at work manipulating information and recreating it to benefit their objectives.  In this case, students are intentionally limited in their endeavors and instead of actually learning, are instead subjected to rote memorization of selected and limited information.  This of course, limits their overall education and ends with these students entering the workforce as low-level, low-wage employees.  But, those seeking to privatize what is, potentially the biggest taxpayer bankrolling of private interests see this as a boon to their end objectives.


As a means of labeling a school [needs improvement] which is indicative of nothing, special ed students and those who are learning English as a second or third language are required to be tested and those test scores are included in the school rating.  If there are less than 20 English learners, their scores are not counted. 


But who was the idiot that determined the test scores of impaired and challenged children should be included in the overall test scores of a school?  This is nothing more than a means to reduce the overall educational standing of the school allowing more federal interference and intrusion.


What is a highly qualified teacher….and what standards?


Under NCLB, teachers with college degrees, many of them with masters degrees are deemed [not highly qualified] and are forced to take additional college classes in order to keep their jobs.  No one seems to be quite clear on what the criteria is for this coercion and this labeling of [not highly qualified]. 


At the same time, any individual can become a teacher and be labeled [highly qualified] simply by demonstrating some kind of expertise in any given subject and they don’t even need a college education or degree to do so.  This seems to be limited to those expressing a neo-conservative mind-set, a willingness to promote global rather than sovereign citizenship, and those who think religion should be taught in public schools.


The objective of NCLB was never to better educate our children.  It was the latest attempt to de-educate them, limit them in their future prospects for employment and wages and to promote a global rather than sovereign view of the world.  Thanks to NCLB we are raising successive generations of students who lack any real education and who have been incrementally subjected to globalism. 


Although there are billions and billions allocated and authorized for this disgusting program, the fact is the federal government will actually pay only a fraction of the money allocated to the states.  Any state can opt out of NCLB and no state is forced to comply with an unfunded mandate, regardless.


Every state should opt out and end the program entirely.  The fact is, the funding allocated is your tax dollars that you paid.  Keeping those funds in state and managing educational needs would be far more efficient and effective without federal interference.  At the very least, we could begin actually teaching our children again, rather than subjecting them to memorization of limited information and setting them up for future failures.


© 2008 Marti Oakley



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Al Martin

2-23-8 (note the date of this article)

And this is how the U.S. Treasury would handle an economic collapse.  It’s called the 6900 series of protocols. It would start with

·         Declaring a force majeure, which would immediately be interpreted by the marketplaces as a de facto repudiation of debt.

·         Then the SEC and the various regulatory exchanges would anticipate the market’s decline, hour by hour — when Japan’s markets opened the next day,

·         What would happen when the European markets, and all the inter- linkages of the global markets.

·         On the second day, US Special Forces would be dropped in by parachute in the cities where the twelve Federal Reserve district banks are located.

The origin of these protocols comes from the Department of Defense. This is contingency planning for a variety of post-collapse scenarios. Those scenarios would include,  obviously,

·         military collapse, World War III, in other words, and its aftermath.

·         What we’re talking about now is aftermath — how the aftermath would be handled.

One does not necessarily know how the events would transpire that would cause the collapse, whether it’s military collapse or economic collapse. In World War III, it would become obvious — when the mushroom cloud started to appear over cities.

Economic collapse scenarios were always premised on the basis of a US declaration of force majeure on debt service. It’s a very extensive scenario. The scenarios are all together, i.e., military, economic, political and social complete destabilization leading to collapse.

Then they break down individual scenarios. In the economic collapse scenario, the starting point would be the United States Treasury declaring a force majeure on debt service, which is de facto repudiation, and that’s how it would be interpreted by the world’s capital marketplaces. Then the scenario goes on from there.

The US Treasury would obviously declare a force majeure sometime after the European markets had settled down. In other words, they had gone out on the day, which means 11:38 a.m. EDT, our time. They’d wait until the European markets closed, and the US markets had been open for a couple of hours. That’s when they’d determine how to begin the process of unwinding or controlling the collapse to the best extent possible, mainly because they know that the greatest hedge pressure would be people seeking to use other markets to hedge their long exposure in the United States and that the US would be the biggest seller in all the rest of the world’s markets. Therefore you would want to declare the force majeure when the rest of the world’s markets closed.

The declaration of force majeure would be precipitated by the declaration that the United States is no longer able to service its debt. That’s pretty simple. Who makes that decision? The Treasury Department. The President does not make that decision. The Secretary of the Treasury does. He has that authority. You might ask — wouldn’t he have his arm twisted not to do that?

The answer is that if there isn’t any money left to service the debt, it doesn’t make any difference what the current regime might want to do.

The day of reckoning is now coming. What has happened in the interim, from 2001 to present, is dynamic, global economic deterioration. The economic deterioration visited upon the United States by Bushonomics is not a localized event.  It is, in fact, global. We have a planet now that is sinking into a sea of red ink.

The United States is consuming 80% of the planet’s savings rate to finance its debt. The central banks of Germany, Japan and Saudi Arabia are no longer the powerhouses they used to be. Their reserves have now been substantially depleted. They can, therefore, no longer hide the fact that they own a certain number, likely in the trillions of dollars, of U.S. Treasury debt that isn’t being serviced, because they can’t hide it through bookkeeping tricks anymore because their reserves are so depleted.

Therefore somebody has covertly been putting demands on the Bush- Cheney regime for payment. Why do you think 2900 metric tons of gold is depleted from U.S. inventory since March of `01?

Why do you think that $2 billion in currency seized from Iraq last May is now unaccounted for?

Someone is putting demands on the Bush-Cheney regime. Someone is saying to the Bushonian Cabal that — You’ve got to start servicing this debt because we, foreign central banks, are in nations – European and Asian – whose reserves are now nearly exhausted.

Who could be putting that kind of pressure on them?

It has to be coming from whoever is organizing this thing at the very top, which I would tend to think has got to be most likely a cabal of people that would involve Henry Kissinger, James Baker, George Schultz, possibly William Simon. It would be somebody at the very top that is familiar with how to do this. It would have to be someone
familiar with finances.

So would this be one faction of a cabal blackmailing or forcing another faction? No, it’s not really blackmailing. It’s being done out of desperation. The German, Japanese and Saudi central banks are saying to the Bushonian cabal, You’ve got to start servicing this debt because we don’t have the reserves to cover you anymore. We can no longer make it appear that the debt is being serviced because our own reserves are so substantively depleted. Therefore you must begin to cover this debt. If you don’t, then, at some point, we will have to publicly admit in order to save our own necks — that we were the end
buyers of a lot of stealth debt, a lot of debt that your Treasury issued illegally and has never serviced. That would then expose the whole cabal.

The Kissinger-Baker faction are at the top of how this was done on the economic side of the equation. They were not the original insiders so much, but the managers of the conspiracy from the U.S. Treasury, to wit, the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve role-play the part.

Take Henry Kissinger. It may not have occurred to anyone why in the last 3 years Henry Kissinger has been back in Washington more than he has in the last 30 years. And why are all these quiet meetings in Washington with alleged senior Bush-Cheney regime officials, as foreign news services endlessly put it. It’s because Kissinger is the point man. He’s the one that is telling them the disposition of other foreign central banks.

Kissinger would probably also be involved in transfer or hypothecation of any assets from the cabal. In other words, they’re being stolen from the American people by the Bush-Cheney regime and the Bushonian Cabal, and they are being used to hypothecate, transfer, service, or otherwise carry this debt held by certain foreign central banks.

The process of unraveling has already begun because of ever-spiraling Bushonian budget deficits. The Bush-Cheney regime, even in its overt policies (now they’re overt political, economic, social and military policies) is generating $600-billion-plus deficit per year, which is consuming 80% of the planet’s net savings rate.

It doesn’t have the slack. In other words, it can’t refinance stealth debt by issuing more stealth debt anymore. Nor can they bleed money out of the system like they could in the 1980s by hiding it when the overt policies of the Bush-Cheney regime are already producing a budget deficit of 6% of Gross Domestic Product. There is no other mechanism that they could use anymore to hide expansion of debt that could be used to service said stealth debt, and they are, frankly, running out of assets that they can steal from the American people.

So the proverbial day of reckoning is coming. The Bush-Cheney regime (and I give them credit for this) are telling the American people what’s coming, knowing the American people are too stupid to understand. They are telling the American people about the re-
institution of the Gold Confiscation Act and the sudden scrapping of the Treasury’s emergency post-collapse gold note scheme to maintain domestic liquidity.

David Walker, US Comptroller General and chief of the GAO has said that should the Bush-Cheney regime be re-ensconced into power and, hence, the scourge of Bushonomics persist, that the United States could no longer service its debt beyond 2009. They’re not hiding it from anybody anymore. They are telling you what’s happening. Now, what does that mean?

The key is in what Walker is saying when he says the debt can no longer be serviced. I’ve been asked this on the radio shows. People have noticed what Walker said because he’s out in the news more often than he used to be. It’s unusual for the Comptroller
General of the United States, which is a rather arcane position, to be out in the news so much.

Who ran the government on 9/11? BRASSCHECK TV/video

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The man in charge during 9/11? Clearly it wasn’t George Bush.


He was too busy reading a story book to school children, and then flying aimlessly from one part of the country to another.


Back in Washington DC, the contingency government was operating smoothly and according to plan.


Whose plan?


You’ll never guess.


Hint: It was a Bush, but not “W”



The body language says it all

By the turn of the last century, the Rockefeller family and its associates had a virtual monopoly over the oil and mineral resources of the world.

Not much has changed since.

Over the years, the group has created and/or taken control of a dizzying array of politicians, news media, academic institutions, think tanks and foundations to further its aims.

No one gets to be a serious candidate for President of the United States without being under their control and domination and all White Houses pick Rockefeller employees for its top slots.

Nixon had Henry Kissinger (a Rockefeller agent), Reagan had Bush Sr, and Bush Jr. has Dick Cheney. And on it goes.

Two noteworthy quotes from this video:

* “The (Rockefeller) family has a long history of strengthening the bonds of friendship throughout the Americas.”

In fact, the Rockefellers are despised by the people of Latin America.

There’s not a Latin American dictator that the family did not have friendly relations with.

If a dictator didn’t exist, the family provided one. Under the direction of Rockefeller employee Henry Kissinger, the US initiated and then supported a reign of terror in Chile after organizing the violent overthrow of its democratically elected president.

* “We are able to go about our business here in the Americas and throughout the world with confidence and security because we know the strength of this government stands behind us.”

Our business? What business exactly is that? And why should the strength of this or any government stand behind a private commercial enterprise?

To the public and the press, Cheney is a sneering, snarling mad dog.

In front of Rockefeller, he’s groveling and obsequious and Rockefeller rewards him accordingly with a pat on the head: “Good boy!”

Here’s the real power in the US. Just look at the body language. It could not be any plainer.





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